Spending a delightful Saturday afternoon together, Chloe and Lana where lying in bed discussing the nature of the universe and most importantly, their relationship. All around were reminders that Lana was the perfect lady, mementos, plaques, trophies, and awards of every type. Raised to be the perfect lady, destined for the perfect life. Nothing is ever as it seems.

"That was incredible. Who knew the school princess could be so... delicious in bed?"

"Chloe! I am not a princess. Besides there is more from where that came from."

"Actually Lana, we've been going out for three weeks now and you're still dating Whitney! I want you to myself. No time-sharing, no I'll call you back once I'm done talking to my BOYFRIEND!"

"I'm sorry, Chloe, but I really don't want to hurt Whitney. It is not a good time to breakup -- he needs my support with his father's illness."

"Lana, I really like you, but this feels dishonest and I don't want to be the 'other' person in your life. What? Why are you laughing at me!"

"I'm not laughing at you -- more at the absurdity of the situation. Whitney and I have not been 'together' in any real sense for a while. He has issues and I'm just a useful cover at the moment."

Chloe propped herself on one arm. Lana's black hair fanned across the pillow and Chloe couldn't resist twirling a strand around her finger. "What are you talking about? What issues?"

"Whitney is keeping me around right now to deflect questions. It's okay, though. I have an idea that could solve a few problems."

"What are you talking about? You lost me."

"Have you seen the way Clark and Lex look at each other?"

Chloe flopped back onto her own pillow. "Duh, I'd have to be dead. They have all the subtlety of pink elephants on parade. The world ceases to exist around them."

"That's right. And Clark has been moping about ever since Victoria came to town. Correct?"

"Yeah. He's been hanging around Pete and me a lot more now that Lex is occupied. He doesn't say much, just mopes around. He refuses to say what's bothering him, so Pete and I ignore him. It is much worse than when he thought you where the one for him."

"I think that Clark has a thing for Lex and he's jealous because Victoria is at Luthor Castle. So Clark needs right now is to get a life, right?"

"Lana, you know normally I'm all for teasing Clark, but if he's having problems with Lex, it's none of our business."

"Chloe, think about it! Clark needs something to distract him from Lex and Victoria, and I need a reason to dump Whitney!"

Chloe shook her head. "I'm still not seeing what one has to do with the other."

"Whitney needs to finish his community service hours in order to graduate."

 "So you're suggesting... what? That Clark become Whitney's service project?"

"NO!" Exasperated, Lana levered herself up onto both elbows. The pink poplin sheet that had barely been covering her breasts fell down around her waist, but if she noticed how she'd exposed herself she gave no indication of caring. Chloe definitely noticed and it took effort to concentrate on Lana's explanation. "Aunt Nell has a friend who runs a river restoration program along the Arkansas River. They are trying to restore the flood plain on some abandoned farmland. Now if I can get Whitney to go and you get Clark to go, then..."

"Lana, Whitney hates Clark and Clark has MAJOR issues about Whitney! BAD IDEA! And even if they could stand each other, how would we get them to go?"

"Easy. I just have to frighten Whitney about not graduating and remind him that the restoration project will allow him to complete his requirements. Clark's always going on and on about learning new stuff that will help around the farm--you just convince him that this project is a gold mine of horticultural experience."

"Okay, that could work. But how does that solve my problem with Whitney? Namely that you are still dating him?"

"I read Whitney's journal about two months ago and found out that Clark is now the star of his fantasies. Some very HOT fantasies. But he's also racked by guilt over the scarecrow incident and his general treatment of Clark. He knows he acts like a jerk around Clark, but is scared that if he lets his guard down he'll say something revealing."

Chloe was shocked. "The jock football star is hot for some boy-on-boy action? My, my. What would the lockerroom say?"

"Ah-ah. Be nice. Whitney's confused," Lana cautioned, pouting prettily. Then she seemed to think better of it and the pout faded. "Of course, he's also using me to cover up the fact that he wants to get into Clark Kent's pants, so don't worry about being too nice."

A gleeful smile blossomed across Chloe's face and she wiggled a little closer to Lana. "You know, I think I'm catching on. You are positively diabolical!"
"Thank you. I think it will work. By sticking those two together--"

"So they can stick it to each other--"

Lana giggled. "--we set in motion events to free me from Whitney. Not only will it resolve the issues between them, Clark can use Whitney as a way to make Lex jealous. Whitney can be honest and acknowledge his sexuality, and when I 'find out,' not a soul in Smallville will blame me for dumping Whitney flat. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved."

"If it works."

"Well no plan ever survives its first encounter. Still I get to have Whitney break it off leaving me a damsel in distress. Along comes the spunky town investigative journalist who rescues me. I am so hopelessly smitten with you that I never look for love again."

"A princess to the end! How are you going to get Kwan to let them go?"

"Simple, this Friday is a student holiday. Just ask for an excused absence for extracurricular activities and bingo... four day weekend."

"You sound way too confident!"

Four days later...

Whitney could still not believe that Lana had talked him into going with Clark Kent to some fucking restoration project. Four days with Clark was a torture too great to stomach.

'What the hell am I going to do?'

It was getting far too difficult to stay calm around Kent. Whitney was jerking off as often as he could, which was plenty, but it only seemed to make matters worse. He was in love with Clark. He ached with passion and cringed at the knowledge that Clark was far beyond him. Too much history, too much pain; and his culpability in Clark's humiliation offered nightly torment. On top of that, his girlfriend was adding salt to the wounds by offering a solution to his graduation problem that was going to put him into a dozen different kinds of torment.

'I have a fucking 3.6 GPA and made 1250 on the SAT but noooooooo that is not enough to graduate. Have to finish the community service requirement! God, how pathetic can I get? Damn Lana! Why'd she have to think of this particular solution? Why does she have to be so sweet, so innocent, so oblivious to the fact that I can't be the person she needs me to be? Why can't I love her the way she deserves to be loved?'

Failure hovered over Whitney like buzzards circling road-kill. In his family, failure was the first of the seven deadly sins. He was dating the 'hometown sweetheart personified, but it was in name only. A sham, a ruse, a cover for the real love that was burning a hole in his heart.

Whitney recognized that the past few months had been made up of defining moments. His father's illness had forced him out of the routine of his life, making him stop and evaluate the anger inside of him. He had confronted his demons and the fact that he hated his life and who he was. He had acknowledged what he really wanted, even if he couldn't have it.

The sad truth was, the person Whitney was inside did not match the person he presented to the world. How much longer did he have to pretend? How many more traumas would he endure before he could no longer see any hope?

He sighed, "I just want to survive this weekend, please God, please." Hot tears streamed down his cheeks as he continued preparing for this trip.

Clark was disgusted with his life at the moment. Somehow Lana had persuaded him to accompany Whitney on a community service project for a river/floodplain restoration project.

'I thought the point of community service was to serve the LOCAL community. Can't believe I am going to spend four days with Whitney. I must be ill to let Lana do this to me. I don't even have a crush on her anymore! What am I thinking?'

What he was thinking, of course, was that time away from Smallville could be good for him. He thoroughly hated Lex at the moment, and spending all his time trying to figure out how to make him hurt in exchange wasn't making Clark any less crushed or betrayed.

'His ex shows up and it's "Good-bye Clark! Thanks for hanging out, but business calls." Business my ass. Fucking prick!'

Clark could not believe his bad luck. 'Just say no' must not be in my vocabulary.' The worst part was his suspicion that Lana had ulterior motives about this trip, though what they were, Clark couldn't imagine. He didn't graduate for three more years and he already had plenty of Community Service hours. Lana had been acting strange for the past couple of months. He had almost kissed her until her Aunt Nell practically threw him out. In retrospect, it was a good thing because hanging around Lex had clued him in to his own sexuality. He dreamed of Lex, and the Internet had provided fuel for his imagination. He also had dreams about other guys and he always woke up to sticky boxers.

Thinking of Lana had NEVER produced such intense passion. 'Now I no longer dream about her. Why am I doing this for her? I must be insane because Whitney hates me!'

Of course, despite all of his inner protests, part of Clark knew exactly why he'd said yes, and it had nothing to do with community service, course credits, environmental preservation, or helping humanity. He was going because some of those dreams included the Scarecrow hazing. As much as he hated to admit it, Clark had liked being tied up. He could definitely do without the nausea and weakness brought on by Lana's necklace, but being dominated? Yeah. That had been hot. He had felt Whitney's hand ever-so-slightly caress his inner thigh and place feather touches on his nipples. It had haunted Clark for days that he wanted it to happen again, only not in public. Not with witnesses. With Lex.

He wanted Lex to tie him up and leave him helpless with pleasure, and up until last week, he'd thought he had a chance. He had let their friendship develop at an easy pace. He knew Lex genuinely liked him, and he was pretty sure that Lex wanted him; so sure, in fact, that Clark had made the first move. He had kissed Lex. It might not have been a skilled, experienced kiss, but it couldn't have left any doubts about what Clark wanted.

And then Victoria had waltzed back into Lex's life.

'I want to strangle her. She is so beautiful and it kills me because he turned away from me so fast.'

Lex no longer had time for Clark. Sure they still saw each other, but only briefly, in passing. Their easy companionship had been totally disrupted. Lex seemed distant and that bothered Clark. Before Victoria, Lex had always made Clark feel really special. Now it was as if the sun no longer shone upon him and his soul was bereft of light.

Clark recognized that he had been very moody since that tramp had oozed her way into town. It was just difficult adjusting to losing Lex because Clark had started to think of Lex as his.

He had to get over that pain and move on. Maybe, just maybe, the time away would grant much needed perspective on the situation. And it might answer a question, too.

Clark was not nearly as naive as people thought. Behind all of Whitney's public shows of animosity, Clark had seen flashes of desire in the handsome jock's eyes. If Lex didn't want what Clark had to give, maybe there was someone else who did.

'My life is my own to live. There is no road map that can aid me. All anyone can do is be true to himself. So I will listen to wisdom of the Greeks at Delphi.' With new resolve, Clark finished up his preparations for his trip and a mental note to erase the temporary Internet files off the computer.

Chloe and Lana were hanging out in study hall when an anxious Clark pass by on his way home for his trip this afternoon.

"Well, Lana, I have to hand it to you," Chloe said on a thoroughly wicked laugh.

"The boys are off on a project that I would never have seen them go for."

"See, Chloe, you just have to trust me. Whitney is picking up Clark this afternoon. Of course, I did fail to mention one small, relatively minor detail to them."

"Why do I having a feeling of dread?" Chloe remarked sarcastically.

"Have a little faith, love. To expedite matters, I made sure the sleeping arrangements were...appropriate," Lana smirked as she picked up her latte.

"I hope you did not mention me while convincing Clark of this 'idea' of yours. Are you sure you're Lana Lang and not some creepy mutant from my Wall of Weird?"

"Why Chloe! Of course I'm not a mutant. I just want things to go my way. Since everyone thinks I'm a princess I feel entitled to make sure I get what I want."


"Hey, Clark, are you ready?"

Clark looked at Whitney, frowning. "Yeah I'm ready. Let’s get this over with."

Whitney got out of his truck and helped Clark load his stuff. "Hey Kent, we are only going to be gone for four days. How much stuff did you bring?"

Clark sighed, "Well you never know how filthy you can get, so I brought enough clothes for six days."

"Got it. So off we go."

Clark settled back in his seat, feeling very nervous. Whitney had just pulled out and was on his way to the highway when Clark noticed a CD case on the floor. "Can I look at what you have here?"

"Sure, go right ahead. Put on whatever you like, doesn't bother me."


Clark looked through the case and was very surprised by the music choices. He had been expecting some Country/Western music, maybe some hard-core rock. "You have Phantom of the Opera?"

"Hey don't knock it. I got to see the traveling show in Metropolis four years ago. I never admitted it to my mother, but I really liked it. I also got to see the Lion King on Broadway and Aida in Houston."

"I didn't know you traveled so much."

"I have three older brothers. Tristan is the oldest. He lives in New York and is an Investment Banker. He's 33. Sebastian lives in Houston -- works for NASA. He's 28 and last but not least, at least in his mind, is Jefferson. He's 24 and out at Stanford. Me, I'm just Whitney. The youngest and dumbest."

"I'm sure that's not true," Clark said politely.

"Oh, it's true. They cast three really long shadows. Tristan ran track, won All-state two years in a row. Bastian graduated at 16 and has two PhDs. Jeff used to swim for Stanford, even tried out for the Olympic team; he was an alternate. My parents wanted me to know my brothers, I mean Tristan was 16 when I was born and Bastian was 11; so I go visit them as often as possible and they come home every Christmas. They all came home for Dad's illness, but he was in Metropolis so I didn't get to see them that often. I'm sorry I must be boring you."
"Not at all. I had no idea about your brothers. It must be nice to come from a large family."

"Maybe, but I don't see it yet. I feel like an afterthought. Nothing I do stands out from what they’ve done. I know my parents love me but I'm the nobody of the family. It's depressing actually when I think about it."

"Well that explains some of the opera in here but look at all this Eighties music. Depeche Mode, New Order, Dead Can Dance, Vicious Pink? I would never have expected such an ahh...eclectic collection of music. Japanese Mysteries, Mozart, Jean Michel Jarre? "

Whitney was blushing, Clark could tell. He also noticed that Whitney's breathing increased a little. Whitney glanced quickly at Clark.

"Well, I found some of Tristan and Bastian's things when I was twelve and listened to some of it. They found out and bought me a ton of CDs for Christmas two years ago. What can I say, I like it. But I also like a lot of modern stuff."

"Pet Shop Boys!"

Whitney moaned under his breath. "Oh, God!"

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me," said Clark gleefully. "But it is going to cost you big time!"

"Actually, Clark…I already owe you big time." Whitney took a deep breath; his bottom lip was quivering as he continued, "I never apologized for hurting and humiliating you with the Scarecrow thing. For that I am deeply sorry. I can never make that up to you."

"Whitney, you..."

"Clark, please don't say anything, I need to say this and I don't think there will ever be a good time." Clark nodded his head when Whitney glanced at him. "I also need to thank you for saving my life. You could have left me but you didn't. I called you a coward at the plant and I didn't mean it. I’ve acted rashly and stupidly where you are concerned and you have done nothing to deserve it. I do respect and admire you, Clark, but all I've done is lash out. You have every right to hate me."

The emotion was so genuine that Clark was left speechless as Whitney pulled over on the side of the highway, opened the door and jumped out. Clark got out, coming around the truck and saw Whitney heaving his guts out a few feet away. Clark called out in a quiet voice, "Are you okay?"

Whitney responded in the affirmative and asked, "Do you mind driving for awhile?"
"Not a problem." They got back in with Clark assuming command of the truck.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Clark asked again. He received another nod in confirmation.

"Yeah... Sorry. It's just..." Whitney grabbed a water bottle and rinsed his mouth out. 

"It's okay, Whitney."

"Thanks. I can't believe what a total asshole I've been to you and yet you were the only one to really ask about how I was doing and how Dad was. I really appreciated that. Clark anything I can ever do, anything at all, and I will do my best for you."

"Just love Lana like she deserves to be loved," Clark countered. "I realized she is not the... Whitney?" The jock's breathing was coming in short bursts and he had visibly paled. "Whitney, what's wrong?" Clark asked, genuinely concerned.

"Why did you have to ask for the one thing..." Whitney averted his face, looking out the window. "I can't do that Clark, I'm sorry. Lana deserves better than I could ever give her. Please can we just drop it for now, please?"

Clark had never expected to hear that tone or those words issue from Whitney's mouth. But he never really knew Whitney come to think of it. "Sure, Whit. Why don't you introduce me to the wonders of classic Eighties music?"

A brilliant genuine smile graced Whitney's handsome face when he looked at Clark. "Sure. Anything you want, Clark."

Whitney grabbed a mix CD and played it, paying no attention to what he placed in the player.

Clark cocked his head for a moment, listening to the lyrics. "Uh Whitney, what are we listening to?"

Whitney listened and blushed scarlet.

"Strip for me babe, I'll strip for you, strip for me cause I want you too."

"That's 'Male Stripper' by Man to Man, I'll go to the next song..."

"Boy, ah unh, Boy ah unh... I want to be where the Boys are, but I'm not allowed, I wait outside the Boy's bar, I will them to all come out... I'm not a ..."

Whitney abruptly hit eject and Clark did everything he could not to smile as he thought, 'Well there is far more to Mr. Fordman than meets the eye.' Whitney quickly slid Supernatural by Santana into the CD player. "How about this, a little bit more modern."

"Cool, but the other stuff was great, don't change on account of me," said Clark.
Whitney had a thought he wanted to express, but it died when he saw the blindingly beautiful smile Clark was directing at him.

'Holy shit. This weekend is going to be the end of me if he keeps that up!'

"Good evening, Mrs. Kent. This is Lex. How are you?" Lex shifted the cell phone from one hand to the other so he could downshift as the Main and Freemont traffic unexpectedly turned red.

"I'm very well, Lex. If you're looking for Clark, I'm afraid he isn't here. He's away for a few days working on a school project. We expect him back Sunday afternoon."

"Really? Well... Thank you. Have a lovely evening." He closed the line and tossed the phone into the passenger seat.

'Damn.' Lex's normally smooth brow furrowed in frustration. He'd made some decisions this last week in Metropolis and he was ready to act on them. But this changes everything. 'I wonder where he went and what it would take to get him back this weekend.' When Lex was ready to move, he didn't enjoy waiting.

Lex pulled up outside the Beanery and strode in like an Emperor surveying conquered lands. He spotted the curious site of Lana and Chloe sitting closely together and noted a small idiosyncratic behavior that was very out of place between those two.

"Hello, Ladies. How are you doing on this wonderful evening?" Lex asked them.

"Hi Lex" they chimed together. Chloe leaned over and blatantly asked, "How is life treating you?"

Slightly taken aback by Chloe’s near leer, Lex responded, "Very well, Chloe, thank you. Have either of you seen Clark?"

Lana grinned at him. "He and Whitney are doing a community service project this weekend. They'll be back on Sunday."

Whitney?  That news rattled Lex's cool demeanor just a bit. "Thank you ladies. I'll let you get back to whatever it was that you were doing."

"Bye," they said together.

Clark out of town, and with Whitney Fordman, no less. That furrow on Lex's brow deepened as he slid back into his Porsche. Clark may have been too naive to realize that there was a lot of desire at the root of the Quarterback's so-called animosity toward Clark, but Lex wasn't blind to its real root.

Just who engineered this little weekend "project?" Lex wondered sourly. Well, his world had certainly turned inside-out since Victoria arrived in Smallville. 'I need a drink!'

Clark and Whitney arrived at the house that was home to the restoration project. They noticed a number of greenhouses and two storage sheds on the grounds. The house was a beautiful three story Victorian affair. It looked very out of place amid all the materials and buildings for the project. A man who matched the description of the project leader greeted them moments after they pulled up.

"Hi, welcome to the Arkansas River Floodplain Project! I'm Jason, the project director." He walked over to Clark. "You must be Clark by Nell's description, and you must be Whitney." He shook both their hands. “Come on. Let's get you're stuff unloaded and get some food in you. I'll give you a tour in the morning. There's a snowstorm that will be arriving in a few hours. Sleep in tomorrow and we'll get moving by 10:00, okay?"

Whitney and Clark nodded and grabbed their bags. Jason led them up two flights of stairs to a loft. "Sorry, but this is the only place available this weekend. It's comfortable and has a private shower, fireplace, and a full log pile." Clark and Whitney exchanged glances as they noticed there was only one queen-sized bed in the room. Jason continued, "The permanent staff all have rooms, and the other two spare rooms are being used as storage for winter. Oh well, drop your bags and lets get dinner."

Panic set in for both Clark and Whitney, neither looked at each other as they descended to grab a communal meal.

Lex was pissed off. 'Victoria shows up at precisely the wrong time. Clark was beginning to initiate contact and that KISS! It took every once of control I had to keep from taking him. Damn legal issues! He may be fifteen, but oh, God, he looks like Adonis in the flesh. DAMN! I have not had any time to spend with him since the kiss. He completely blew me off over the Phelan thing. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! She's gone for a few days and so is he.'


Lex walked over and started his laptop up. He opened his ultra encrypted journal and reviewed his thoughts about the intriguing Mr. Kent. 'Too young to have, too mature to ignore; what deity did I piss off to be placed in this elegant conundrum?' Lex quickly downed a Scotch he did not remember pouring.

The boys were busy unpacking and getting ready for bed. The tension had simmered steadily increased through dinner, percolated vigorously as they climbed up to the loft, and by the time the last of the bags were unpacked, it had become a churning cauldron.

Clark tossed his empty bag into a corner just as Whitney closed the drawer of the bureau.  "Do you mind if I take a shower? I'm feeling a little grimy."

"Go right ahead. I'll take one after you."

Clark stripped to his boxers and walked into the bathroom. He heard the small, sharp intake of breath that betrayed Whitney. 'Well, it appears that Whitney just saw something he likes. Play it cool and let him make the first move. Patience is a virtue, after all.' Clark closed the door and started the water running.

All Whitney could think was that he was so screwed. 'What have I done to deserve this? Great, just great. The object of my inner most desires is eight feet away, wet and naked.' Whitney's body betrayed him as well. He was sporting major wood. 'Fuck! If Clark sees this, he'll kick my ass. But I don't have the time to take care of it. Okay, Mrs. Kiley naked, Mrs. Kiley naked, Mr. Dorgan and his wife. Wait! I want my body under control, not to make me sick again.'

Clark wasn’t going to play fair. Right after he popped into the shower, he decided to see what Whitney was doing and received all the confirmation he needed. 'Whitney wants me! Good, I'm not imagining anything.' He took time to actually look at his roommate, and admitted that while he was not exotic like Lex, Whitney was handsome, ripped, and nicely hung. 'What's the Internet for if not comparative information on anatomy. He is a bit shorter, but ripped, but not quite hung like me but he is striking. Actually, I had no idea half of what I learned on the drive up here. He is far more complex than I gave him credit. Well, let's fluster him a little more and see what happens. We may end up cuddling if only for the body heat once this storm blows through.'

Whitney's erection had only fallen to half-mast when Clark walked out with nothing but a towel draped low on his hips. It was everything he could do to keep from groaning. 'What did I do in a past life to deserve such torture?'

With deliberate nonchalance, Clark dropped his towel, giving Whitney a full frontal view as he stepped into his boxers. As he bent to pull up the boxers, Clark observed Whitney through his damp hair as the jock stood abruptly and all but ran into the bathroom. It was a quick departure, but not quick enough to keep Clark from seeing the noticeable bulge as he passed. Clark silently giggled to himself. 'Oh Whitney you had best be glad that I'm horny and very ready to use all the knowledge I've accumulated since I met Lex. I want to practice what I've read. Otherwise I would torment, tease, and make you beg. Unfortunately -- or fortunately -- there is no way I could survive this weekend without touching you. So we'll make EVERY night enjoyable.'

Whitney was beginning to wonder if he was too young to have a panic attack. Clark being naked around him may prove to be fatal. 'I have to get rid of this rod I'm sporting. I've never been so horny in all my life.' Whitney grabbed his cock and began to jack-off.

Clark chose that moment to knock on the door.

"Hey, Whitney can I brush my teeth while you're in there?"

Damn Clark! "Sure, why not." Whitney turned to face the wall and just gave up on getting off right then. 'Have to wait for Clark to fall asleep and try then and PRAY I don't wake him up.'

"Thanks, Whit. You ran in here so quick that I did not get a chance to finish up. Bet the hot water runs out fast here." Clark quickly brushed his teeth and exited. The water had begun to cool so Whitney finished his shower rapidly and noticed that his cock was at half-mast. 'Well at least I'm no longer erect.'

Whitney walked out in a towel and heard music. He looked around saw Clark fiddling with a laptop. "Where did that come from?"

"Lex gave it to me. I haven't told my parents so what they don't know, I don't have to return."

"Cool. What are you playing?" Whitney noticed that Clark was dressed in boxers only.

"Propaganda, A Secret Wish. Never heard it before." Clark looked at Whitney with a smoldering gaze that caused Whitney's heart to skip a beat. "I've set the program to shut down once the CD finishes." Clark walked over to the bed and calmly inquired, "Which side of the bed do you want?" Clark yawned and stretched, reaching for the ceiling, affording Whitney a total and unobstructed view of his body. Clark looked over at Whitney and saw an expression of such pain that Clark was physically stunned.

"What ever side you want, it doesn't matter." Whitney dropped his towel facing away from Clark and put on some boxer-briefs. He staggered into the bathroom to brush his teeth, looked in mirror, and could barely look at his reflection. He was in Hell. 'What was it that Tristan told me, Hell is what you make of it. It's not fire and brimstone but pain and suffering of an intensely personal nature. Well I'm in Hell!'

With the bathroom door open, Clark could see Whitney's back, could feel the anguish rolling off him in waves. He thought about this afternoon -- Whitney puking his guts out after that apology -- and realized what a total shit he was being. Swallowing his guilt, Clark got up and walked into the bathroom. Whitney looked at him the mirror and their eyes locked. Clark gave him a soft sweet smile placed his hand on Whitney's shoulder leaned forward and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"Please don't," Whitney sadly stated. "I don't want your pity Clark. Okay?"

Clark turned Whitney around looked directly in his eyes. "You don't have it, Whit." He then lifted his thumb to brush the tear that had fallen on Whitney's cheek. Clark leaned down and gently kissed Whitney on the lips. Whitney just looked at Clark with the wonder of a man who'd been given a new lease on life. Clark ran a hand lightly over Whitney's chest and in a voice that could have melted all the ice in the world, said, "Hurry and come to bed."

Whitney watched as Clark turned, walked to the bed, dropped his boxers, and got in. Whitney was in bed less than five seconds later.

Lana and Chloe were instant messaging each other, a nightly ritual between them. The conversation was stilted because the girls were trying to figure out how to make sure that Clark and Whitney did not know this was a set up.

"Lana, I think you should just tell Whitney the truth. I'll tell Clark."

"Chloe, just be patient. We have until Sunday to figure this out. It is only Wednesday night."

"Okay fine! But if Clark hates me for life, I'm going to tell Nell YOU were the one who took the Vodka, not Whitney!"

"Chloe, sweetie, you worry too much. It's all good."

Lex could not believe his luck. Clark was gone right at the moment Lex decided that he would give up everything to be Clark's beloved. Lex was willing to defy his father and renounce his right to the Luthor fortune. All he wanted was Clark. 'Clark, oh God, Clark, I need you more than anything. You returned my humanity to me and options. I'm in love, honest to God love. I can live off my grandmother's trust fund and give up billions to hold you daily. Hell, I'd become a farmer if you asked it of me. Maybe not that that far...  I'd own a farm if you asked it of me.'

Whitney took off his boxer-briefs and climbed into bed. Clark had lust radiating from his eyes. Clark reached his hand out and grabbed one on Whitney's and pulled him over to his side. "Hi handsome," Clark said looking deeply into Whitney's blue eyes. Clark lowered his mouth and kissed Whitney deeply. Fireworks went off like the Fourth of July. Hands began caressing each other while the kisses and embraces grew more passionate. Clark rolled on top of Whitney, began to nuzzle on his neck and licked Whitney's collarbone.

"Clark, oh, Clark! Have you done this before?" Whitney was almost breathless as Clark continued to lick and suck his way down the older boy's chest.

"No, but there is a first time for everything. I've read and seen a great deal on the Internet." Clark returned to the jock's hard nipples, instructing Whitney on various pleasure points the male body had to offer.

"Clark, please I...I want to see you. Please?" Whitney begged as Clark continued to lick and bite on his nipples.

Clark grinned at him, rolled off and onto the other side of the bed. Whitney looked at the perfect male form lain out like a buffet table. He looked from the strong feet, up the graceful calves, to the powerful thighs, and got stuck when he saw Clark's groin. He was in awe. He knew Clark was hung, but reality and fantasy were as different as night and day. "You are so beautiful, Clark Kent. Wars would be fought over you, ransoms paid, and quests achieved to be where I am right now. Can I touch you?"

"Whitney, if you don't touch me your life will be over in minutes." Clark decided to retake control. He quickly leaned up and kissed the handsome quarterback. Clark resumed his journey down Whitney's chest. Whitney was writhing in pleasure trying to get some friction on his cock. Clark lowered his mouth and kissed the tip of Whit's cock. He ran his tongue around the enflamed glans before engulfing the shaft as well.

Whitney hands tightened into fists and Clark provided a blowjob extraordinaire. Clark has massaging his balls and gripping his cock when Whitney felt the warm wetness withdraw. "Roll over," was all he heard and complied. His ass was now in the air and felt his dick being pulled back between his legs. Clark resumed sucking but was now fingering his opening. 'Oh God! He wants to fuck me!' was all he could think. Clark slipped a finger inside and search for the pleasure point. Whitney moaned with delight and, without warning, filled Clark's mouth with his juice.

Clark pulled off the now softening dick, turned Whitney over and kissed him. Whitney did not resist. "Clark, that was great... do you want me to return the favor?"

"No, just relax. I want to fuck you, okay?" Whitney hesitated, but nodded in agreement. Clark ran his fingers through Whitney's hair and returned to kissing the older boy. "Relax, we can stop whenever you want, trust me."

Clark moved toward the end of the bed and grabbed a bottle he’d conveniently left on the floor. He poured some of the lotion into his hand and brought it to Whitney's opening. He began to spread the lotion around and moved on finger back and forth inside his soon-to-be lover. Whitney moaned again as Clark continued to hit his prostate. Clark added a second and third finger. Whitney's breaths were coming in rapid succession.

"Clark! You better hurry or the train is leaving without you!" Clark smiled at Whitney. He looked at the sweaty, naked, moaning young man and was very happy and desperately hard as well.

"Its okay, this may hurt a bit." Clark grabbed Whitney's ankles and placed them on his broad shoulders. He lubed his cock and placed the head directly in front of the target. He guided his head into Whitney's opening and felt heat!

"Oh God!" both teens cried at the same time, but for different reasons. Clark leaned down and kissed Whitney while Whit tried to calm the inferno that was searing his ass. After a moment Clark managed to get all the way inside.

"Clark, wow!" Clark began to move his hips back and forth, knowing this was going to be a quick ride. He heard Whitney's grunts and felt the tightening of muscles around his cock as Whitney unloaded again. Clark pulled out and added to the mixture on Whitney's stomach. Clark looked into Whitney's eyes and saw pure joy and contentment. "Hi," was all Whitney can manage to say. He had been sucked and fucked by the star of his fantasy world. 'Maybe dreams do come true after all.' Whitney grabbed the towel he'd used earlier and cleaned up the mess on his stomach. Clark kissed him and wrapped his arms around his torso once he finished. The CD ended, the wind howling outside, and all Whitney could think about was the incredible man holding him.

"Whitney, turn off the light so we can sleep." Whitney complied. He said he would do anything for Clark, anything at all.

The boys come down for breakfast. Whitney was sore because Clark fucked him twice more during the night. Both were wearing the goofy grins of the recently laid.

Jason walked over, looked at them, smiled and said, "Looks like you two had quite an evening." All either of the guys could do was blush a very deep shade of scarlet. "Come grab some breakfast and I'll give you the tour. With all the snow, you'll probably just work in the greenhouses this weekend. But I want to show you what the project is all about and see if either of you want to spend the summer helping out."

Over the course of the extended weekend, Lex saw Lana and Chloe together everywhere. He found it strange, both the way they acted and the way they regarded him, as though they were privy to a joke that no one else knew. 'Another mystery to solve in this strange town.' That was all Lex could think at the time.

The four days went by amazingly quick. Whitney and Clark were both scared as they left the Project to head home. The sex got better and better each night, and while Whitney did not think he would ever recover from the soreness in his ass, he never thought Clark would fulfill his dreams so perfectly. Whitney got to screw Clark twice, but in all honesty Whitney preferred Clark in him. He felt whole, complete, and loved.

They finished loading all their crap back in the truck and Whitney let Clark drive home.

"Whit, what happens now? I mean you are dating Lana and ... well... I just wanted to know where I stand," Clark said hesitantly.

Whitney looked at the driver and sighed. "Clark, I'm going to have to be honest with you. I think Lana knows that I love you. I saw her reading my journal, but I never said anything, even when she started to act very weird towards me. My journal has a few references to you."

Clark kept his eyes on the road but was curious. "What kind of references?"

"Sexual fantasy, masturbatory-type references," Whitney replied in a hesitant, weak voice.

"So, you think Lana knows that you like me? Okay. But where does that leave us? Because to tell you the truth, I liked this weekend. I learned a lot about you and it was all good. Besides," Clark reached over and slipped his hand into Whitney's, "I like YOU. I like the person you are, not the person you pretend to be. I also like the sex. I can't give that up."

Whitney squeezed Clark's hand. "Yeah, I like the sex also. So do you want to actually be boyfriends, do the actual dating thing?"

Clark looked over and saw Whitney’s hopeful look. "Why not? But you have to break it off with Lana. It's not fair to her and I REFUSE come in second. We date, then it’s us period!"

Whitney smiled again, broad and brilliant. "Okay, Clark, we date. I'll go see Lana tomorrow, but can we use that loft of yours when I drop you off? I'm afraid I've got an itch only you can scratch."

Clark laughed and squeezed Whit’s hand again. "Not a problem. I'd love to help you with that. Consider me the solution to that problem anytime."

Whitney saw the smile and melted inside. “Great!”

When they arrived at the farm, Clark found a note from his parents telling him they had gone to visit friends in Carterville and would be back late Sunday. Clark figured he and Whitney had an hour or two, so they put the time to good use. Clark was fucking Whitney on the couch in his loft. With the farm deserted, they felt no need to hide their mutual pleasure. Their moans echoed off the rafters, and the squeaking of springs marking the timing of their pleasure.

Lex Luthor pulled his smooth-running Astin-Martin up to the farm house and had started automatically for the back porch when he heard noises coming from the barn. He changed directions and with sickening dread realized that the red pickup parked next to the barn was Whitney Fordman's not the Kent's, and the noises began to make more sense. Indistinguishable at first, by the time he stepped inside the barn, Lex knew exactly what he was hearing. The pants and sighs of pleasure stabbed at him like knives. Hating his need to know, to see, he slowly climbed the stairs and saw his Clark pounding into Whitney, both of them naked and sweaty. Lex dropped the present he had been carrying as the famous Luthor control crumbled.

Startled, Clark and Whitney looked over and saw Lex watching them. Lex turned and fled.

"Lex! Wait!" Clark cried out. He pulled out of Whitney abruptly, flinging some clothes on and chased after Lex. "Lex! Stop! I want to talk to you!"

Whitney was stunned. He was caught, legs in the air, getting fucked senseless by Clark. 'Caught having sex by Lex Luthor of all people!' Whit panicked because Clark ran off after Lex leaving him frustrated and alone. Getting up, he dressed quickly and stumbled down the stairs. From the deep shadows framing the door, he saw Clark and Lex at the silver Astin, Clark reaching a hand out to Lex, Lex pulling back, but not retreating. They looked like lovers quarrelling.

Whitney wanted to die. Should he interrupt? Stake his claim and fight for what was his, or face the fact that Clark had wanted Lex Luthor long before he ever turned to Whitney. And based on the look of pain and betrayal he'd seen on Lex's face, the poor little rich boy loved Clark every bit as much as Whitney did.

What possible chance did he stand against that? His truck was only a few steps away. He climbed in, started the engine, and sped away. Unable to stop himself, he looked back at Clark and Lex. They didn't even notice his departure. Whitney just wanted to be home now; where he could crawl into a hole and never come out.

Clark finally managed to catch up to Lex, who had totally lost any semblance of his cool, calm self.

"Lex! Stop, please!" Clark called again.

Lex stopped and turned. The look he gave Clark was filled with utter contempt. "Why? I would think you have MUCH better things to do than talk to me. You WERE in the middle of something -- or should I say someone!"

Clark was stunned by that level of venom. "Why are you mad?"

"Why Clark? Because you kiss me, then go running off with the first boy you can find who will let you fuck him!" Acid dripped from Lex’s response.

"Excuse me, but I believe that you are the one who had his EX-GIRLFRIEND sleeping with him for the past two weeks! Yeah, I have a boyfriend now, but YOU FUCKING STARTED IT LEX! YOU! I kissed you and then you blew me off for your English whore! My calls went unreturned. I dropped off your supplies and was told you're too busy to see me. I got the message!"

"What message?" Lex demanded to know.

"That you didn't want me. That you wanted her! WHAT THE FUCK ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO THINK, LEX?"

"Clark, Victoria’s business. Nothing else." Noticing Clark's eyes narrow and his nostrils flair, Lex knew he said exactly the wrong thing. He needed a moment to think. "Calm down, Clark. Okay? Calm down. Damage control. Whitney just left and I think you have some fences to mend there. I need to think about this, but I'm upset because... well, I wanted you to myself and was selfish. I didn't think about it -- I've never really thought about my actions. So Clark, I'll call you tomorrow." Lex slid into the Astin and roared off, leaving Clark stunned and more confused than ever. He looked around and realized that Whitney had left and most importantly that his parents are standing ten feet away staring at him. 'Oh when it rains, it pours!' He looked down at himself and saw himself as his folks must have seen him. No shirt, shoes, socks, or boxers, just an unbuttoned, barely zipped pair of jeans. 'Great!'

"Um…hi?” Clark said to his parents with a bewildered look in his eye.

Whitney noticed the Kent truck pulling in just as he was fleeing. 'Now I know what a broken heart feels like.' He could not stop the tears from falling, not that he cared. 'From the highest high to the lowest low would describe the last fifteen minutes.' Whitney did not remember much of the drive home or how he got to his room. He just threw his bags in the corner, stripped the clothes he was wearing, and climbed into bed. He did not know he was sobbing until he felt a hand on his shoulder turning him over.

"Whitney, what's wrong?" asked Bastian, his older brother. "What happened? Mom told me you were away for a service project."

Whitney blinked to clear his eyes. "I didn't know you were here."

"Came up for two weeks, check on Dad and present a paper at a conference hosted by Metropolis University. Now, why are you upset?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

Bastian was concerned at the despair in Whit’s voice. "Whit, talk to me. I've never seen you in such pain. Please tell me, it might make you feel better."

"Have you ever been in love? I mean total 100% love. All your thoughts and dreams centering on one special person? Have you?"

"Whit, I've been married twice and have never felt like that. Do you feel like that with Lana?"

"IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER! Please just go away, please."

Bastian pulled Whitney into a strong embrace and whispered, "No, I won't. Not until you tell me what happened that set you off like this?"

" what I wanted...I lived my dream. Only to have reality coming crashing in tonight. It was just what I thought it would be. I've never felt so safe and secure, or loved." Bastian noticed a few bite marks on Whitney's neck and what looked like a handprint on his shoulder.

"Whitney, were...were you with a guy?" asked Bastian softly.

"Yes." Whit turned away as he said that.

"Did he hurt you, hit you?"

"No, just left me to go chasing after someone else, while...while we were..." Whitney blushed and turned away from his older brother again. "I was stupid. I wanted him so much I let myself believe that he loved me, too. I was wrong."

"So, you're gay?"

Whitney looked at Bastian and nodded. Bastian gave his little brother a big smile and a strong hug. "Whitney, do you want to talk about it? I have gay friends and so do Tristan and Jeff. I'd wait to tell Dad for a while, not because he will reject you. But I don't what him worrying about you and hindering his recovery. Mom and dad love you very much. They worry because you have the three of us in front of you, not an easy bunch to follow huh?"

Whitney smirked and then a bittersweet smile broke on his face. "I try not to think about it. It always depresses me. Thanks for understanding. I really just came to terms with myself over the last few months."

"Whit you are a good kid, a little unruly, but good. You deserve better than a boyfriend who bales for someone else. By the way who is the guy?"

"Clark Kent. He went with me to work on that project."

"Of Kent Farms?"

Whitney nodded. "He really is a great guy. He's--" Whit hesitated.

"Go on," Bastian encouraged him.

"--he's the kind of person I want to be. Strong, unselfish, compassionate..."

"Sounds like you have him on a pedestal. I can't say I care for the way he unselfishly and compassionately left you to go chasing someone else."

Whitney shrugged. "The competition showed up and, well, there is NO competition. So it's over as soon as it's begun. In some ways, I wish it had never happened so I would not know how great it is to feel like somebody loves you." Whitney's eyes glistened with tears threatening to spill out when Bastian hugged him hard again.

"Never say that, Whit. It may hurt today and it may hurt tomorrow, but at least you actually tasted your dreams. How many people can claim that? None of your older brothers can," said Bastian with a grin.

There was a small tap at the window, then another and another.

"Clark, would you care to fill your mother and me in on what's going on here?" asked Jonathan with an expression that brooked no disobedience.

'I'm so screwed' thought Clark. "Can I get my, uh, stuff and put some shoes on?" Clark dashed off to the barn without waiting for an answer. Unfortunately, his parents followed. The scene was a disaster; Clark's clothes, including the boxers he was not wearing, were plainly visible, as was a pair of Whitney's boxer-briefs. The bottle of lube was open and a discarded condom on the couch. 'Oh, SHIT!' The laptop was also out in the open and a few of Whitney's CDs sat on the table. 'How can life go so wrong so quickly?' He also noticed a package on the top of the staircase.

Jonathan stopped on the stairs, picked up the package, and flipped open the tiny card attached to the gray satin bow. "'To Clark, With Love, Lex,'" he read with granite in his voice. Then his disdainful gaze swept the room. "Evidence of recent sexual activity. Whitney driving away with tears in his eyes and a lot of hysterical ranting at Lex. Explanations, please."

Martha walked on up the stairs and placed a hand on Clark's arm. Clark looked at his mother, eyes downcast and shoulders slumped, feeling like he'd just been steamrolled. He glanced at his father, "Where do you want me to begin?"

Jonathan sighed, walked over, and placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "How about at the beginning. I'm not mad, just confused and I want to know what's going on. On top of everything else, I see a laptop that I know I did not buy over there." Jonathan raised his eyebrows almost daring Clark to lie.

"Can we go in the house? I really don't want to talk out here?" He picked up his stuff and started walking. He walked into the living room sat down.

"Okay Clark, time to explain," said Martha this time. She was concerned, wanting to fill in the gaps. She knew what she'd heard; the whole county probably heard that conversation.

"Um, the truth is um, well..." Clark was blushing and on the verge of tears. He took a deep breath and looked at his parents, "Lex saw me and Whitney, um, having sex, and well, he was shocked. See, I kissed him about three weeks ago, but then Victoria came to town and it seemed like Lex was brushing me off. I thought it was his way of telling me he wasn't, you know, interested in me. Like that. And then there was Whitney, and he was amazing--not at all the person I thought he was--and I realized he was in love with me and that I had feelings for him, and we agreed to be boyfriends, but now Whitney thinks I'm a jerk because I ran after Lex. Then you guys show up and I think I just lost everything."

"Okay…so the first question is; are you gay?" asked his dad.

Clark looked over those tears still threatening in his eyes. "Yeah, dad, I am. Are you--are you disappointed?"

"Oh, sweetheart! Of course not," Martha said, moving to the sofa to comfort her son. "Your father and I realized a long time ago that your incredible strength and resistance to disease and injury might not be the only legacies of the place where you came from."

That had never occurred to Clark. "You mean maybe everybody on my planet is gay?"

"Or omnisexual," Martha suggested.

"We'll probably never know one way or another, Clark," Jonathan replied. "But your Mom and I agreed to accept you for who you are."

The idea that his parents had spent any time at all pondering various aspects of his sexuality made Clark so uncomfortable that his mind immediately skittered away from the notion. His mother obviously sensed that because she changed the subject. Sort of.

"How do you feel about Whitney, Clark?" she asked. Jonathan just glanced over at his wife with a quizzical stare.

Clark smiled, a warm, genuine smile that came from somewhere down deep. "He's kind of like a Chinese puzzle box, there is always more to discover inside."

"You have feelings for him, then?" Martha countered.


"Then I expect he needs to know that, because there's a young man across town nursing a broken heart right now."

"What about Lex?" Jonathan countered, looking as though he had a distinctly sour taste in his mouth as he continued, "If you have feelings for Lex, it isn't fair--"

"I don't know what I feel for Lex right now, Dad, but I made a commitment to Whitney. Mom's right. I really need to see him."

"And your father and I need time to take all this in. Go over and see Whitney. We'll make an exception for a school night this one time. We’re not mad, other than hiding the laptop." Martha hugged her son and they rose together. Jonathan came over and hugged his son. He also ruffled Clark's hair because he could.

"DAD!" Clark was relieved but nervous -- relieved that his parents knew everything and still accepted him, but nervous because he had no idea what was supposed to happen next. With Whitney or with Lex. "Um, I'm probably pushing my luck, but can I stay the night over at Whitney's?"

Martha and Jonathan looked at each other before agreeing that Clark could but he had to be at school on time, and they wanted to talk to Whitney at some point as well. Clark decided to get out while he could. 'Which is worse? Facing my parents or my boyfriend who has every right to be pissed at me?'

Bastian looked out the window and saw a tall dark haired young man peppering the window with pebbles. "I believe that the young Mr. Kent is here to see you, Whit."

Whit’s shoulders sagged. He'd more or less been expecting Clark to show up. He was the kind of person who would do the honorable thing and dump a boyfriend straight out instead of leaving him hanging. Better to get it over with. "Could you let him in, please?"

"Not a problem." Bastian walked out of Whitney's room and went down to the front door. "You must be Clark; I'm Sebastian, Whitney's brother. He asked me to let you in. His room is up the stairs -- third door on the right. Don't worry; my parents are in Metropolis till Tuesday."

Clark thanked Sebastian and walked up toward Whitney's room. He knocked, entered, and was upset to see Whitney's red-rimmed eyes. "Hi, can I come in?"

"Yeah." Whitney stood and squared his shoulders, but he couldn't quite meet Clark's hazel eyes. "Let's make this quick and easy, okay? It's over, right? You and me."

Clark’s heart sank and his voice cracked slightly. "Actually, I came over to apologize to you. And it is only over if you want it to be over." Clark moved to Whitney and brushed away a tear that had fallen on his boyfriend's cheek. "I know what happened earlier looks bad, and I can't really explain it. I like you, okay? A LOT. Lex is my friend and I love him, but it's complicated. But you..." He hesitated. "You're complex, Whitney, but you're not confusing. I mean, you don't confuse me. With you I know where I stand and what I feel. I don't want that to go away."

Whitney looked at Clark and smiled sadly. He did not get what Clark was saying, but he understood that Clark still wanted him. "Clark, I love you. I felt my heart shatter when you ran after Lex. You told me that you wanted to come first. Don't you think I deserve the same courtesy?"

"Yes, you do. I will put you first, but I need to be honest about my feelings. I still have things to sort out with Lex, but I need YOU right now, okay?"

Things to sort out with Lex. Whitney knew a recipe for disaster when he saw one, but he couldn't say no. Clark liked him. Maybe even loved him a little. Whitney couldn't turn away from that, even if it meant losing everything once Clark really sorted out his feelings. If he could protect his heart, just a little, maybe he could keep it from being completely destroyed. "Okay," he agreed.

"What's in the bag?"

"My school clothes for in the morning. My mom said I needed to smooth things over with you and I asked if I could stay the night. I have no idea how I'm able to, but we were in the middle of something." Clark leaned over and kissed Whitney deeply.

The boys got out of their clothes quickly and began a ritual that had quickly become familiar to them. The sex was swift and powerful, releasing the pent up anxiety from earlier. After a quick clean up Clark draped his arm over Whitney and nuzzled his ear; he softly whispered, "I love you, Whit, sweet dreams."

Lex was floored; his worst fear had been realized when he'd walked in on Clark screwing the town Golden Boy. Not only that, but Whitney had loved it. Lex couldn't get the images out of his head, not just of Clark grinding into the quarterback, but the looks on Whitney's face -- the joy of having Clark's cock inside of him in sharp contrast to the agony of utter devastation Lex had seen as Whitney drove away.

'The jock is in love with MY hero.'  Lex wanted to hate his rival, but somehow he couldn't. Despite the horrible loss he felt, seeing the two of them had been arousing. This was his own fault. Clark had let Lex know what he wanted with that kiss three weeks ago, and Lex had foolishly thought he had all the time in the world to figure out how to proceed. It had never occurred to him that he was sending mixed signals, that he was hurting the one person he wanted to cherish and protect.

Damn, Victoria and her schemes! 'What difference does gaining two companies make if I lose the most perfect person in the whole world? JUST FUCKING GREAT!'

How had this happened? Other than Victoria and her part in delaying Lex what else had occurred? How had Whitney and Clark ended up together? No matter how much Whitney enjoyed taking it up the ass, Lex couldn't imagine the jock engineering a seduction of Clark. On the contrary, Clark had seemed very much in control--something that Lex found very arousing, but almost impossible to imagine. Surely Clark wouldn't have engineered a weekend getaway with someone he was convinced hated him.

It didn't make sense. Yet something had set their eye-opening weekend in motion. But what?

The Cheshire cat grins of Lana and Chloe slapped Lex in the face. He saw them with their heads together in the coffee shop, conspiratorial, exchanging knowing looks and "We've got a secret smiles" that Lex had felt all weekend were at his expense.

Lana had the leverage to make this happen with both Clark and Whitney. He couldn't imagine what either of the girls gained, but he didn't really care.

'Oh, my darlings, if this is all your doing, hell hath no fury like a Luthor scorned.'

Lana and Chloe were chatting in front of the school, waiting for Clark and/or Whitney and/or Clark AND Whitney to show up. Lana had not filled Chloe in on the events she had witnessed from a distance yesterday while she just happened to be out riding in the vicinity of the Kent farm at approximately the time she would have expected Clark and Whitney to return. The boys had disappeared into the barn, then Lex showed up and Whitney had made a hasty exit just as the Kents drove up.

Lana had made some guesses about what happened based on body language, but she had nothing conclusive. 'I really want to know what happened! The timing was off for a huge confrontation, but all related parties saw each other there. This could be better than I wanted. All for want of a little excitement and some space for freedom.'

Pete wasn't surprised when he saw Chloe and Lana, thick as thieves again, on the campus lawn. He couldn't help wondering about how close those two had gotten, and how quickly it had happened! "Hey, you guys seen Clark? I need to give him some notes from Thursday."

"Sorry Pete, haven't seen him yet. I'll tell him you're looking for him, okay?" Chloe asked.

There was nothing inviting in their posture, so Pete decided to go on to his locker. The vibe the girls were putting off was beginning to freak him out a little.

As Pete walked away, Lana spotted Whitney's truck pulling into the student parking lot. She noticed the passenger was Clark. 'Oh, this is getting good!'

Clark woke-up at the crack of dawn and looked over at his handsome boyfriend. He really liked to hold him while they slept. Whitney stirred next to him. Clark leaned over and kissed Whit's cheek lightly.

Whitney's eyes opened and he smiled up at Clark. "Hi, gorgeous," he said, his voice thick with sleep. He turned to get out of bed but Clark restrained him and pulled him over for a deep, wet kiss. Whitney pulled away, "Morning breath," he whispered.

"I don't care. We both have it. We have time before we have to get up so why don't we put it to good use." Clark had an evil glint in his eye.

The morning past quickly, so quickly the boys were running late for school.

"Whitney, we have to go!"

"Don't worry, Clark, school will still be there when we get there. Besides, it was worth it don't you think?" Whitney leaned up and kissed Clark’s lips. He turned, grabbed his backpack, and proceeded to leave his room. "Come on slow poke. You're the one worried about being late!"

Clark grabbed his stuff and followed Whitney. The boys got in the truck and Whitney pulled out to head for school.

"Clark, you okay?"

"Yeah, just feels funny. I mean, I know you've been in me before, but I really liked it this time. I think I have an itch that needs scratching now." Clark glanced over and saw the huge grin his boyfriend was sporting.

"Well, Clark, I will gladly help you with at problem anytime! See, already at school." Whitney pulled into the school parking lot and cruised until he found a place. He graced Clark with a smile and they proceed to walk towards the front. Whitney saw Lana and Chloe and waved a friendly hello in their direction. He and Clark stopped in front of the entrance. Clark was about to head inside when he turned back to Whitney.

Lana and Chloe watched, open mouthed, as Clark pulled Whitney to him and kissed him in front of everyone--an eyes closed, tongue-in-his-mouth, how-soon-can-we-fuck kiss that left nothing to anyone's imagination. Then he released him as abruptly as he'd gathered him close, turned, and headed up the steps into the school.

The realization hit Clark of what he’d done. 'I can't believe I just kissed Whitney! I JUST KISSED WHITNEY! I KISSED HIM IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL!!!' Face flaming, Clark hurried to his locker.

Whitney stood shell-shocked. 'Clark just kissed me! He just…okay… play it cool.' He looked and saw shocked faces in his peripheral vision. 'OKAY, strategic retreat!' He headed inside without a clue as to how he was going to survive the day.

Lana just looked at Chloe and smirked, "I could not ask for a better opening. Perfect!" They were huddled together after witnessing a scene as unfamiliar to Smallville High as a troupe of circus clowns trying to play football in tutus.
Chloe was concerned with the look on Lana’s face. "Lana what are you going to do?"

Lana grinned. "I'm going to follow my plan. I'm going to march right in there and ask Whitney what the hell he was doing kissing Clark."

"But Clark kissed him."

"Minor detail. I get carte blanche after this incident. Everyone will feel sorry for me and despise Whitney. I'll call off the dogs in a week or two, but right now I get exactly what I want." Sensing all eyes on her, she held her books close, started manufacturing a few tears, and stormed into the building.

All around her, Chloe heard people whispering, gossiping, shouting, and making a general ruckus. In short it looked like a normal day except everyone had seen Clark Kent kiss Whitney Fordman. And what was worse, Whitney Fordman hadn't decked the freshman and laid him out on his ass. Whitney had looked shocked, yes, but... happy.

'What a way to start a week.' Chloe knew she had to follow to make sure Lana did not play her role over the top.

Lex had been up all night. He’d ordered research on Whitney's family just to see what the boy was all about and he was shocked by what he'd learned. Lex understood expectations -- he wasn't sure it as humanly possible to meet his father's -- but to follow in the footsteps of three brilliant, overachieving brothers, all of whom were renown in their fields...that was very different. Lex compared what he'd observed of Whitney Fordman with what he'd discovered in his research, and realized that none of it matched the young man he'd seen yesterday in Clark's loft.

'There has to be a reason Clark likes you, Whitney Fordman. There must be more to you than just a vapid high school jock. Hmmm...  Another mystery to be investigated.'

Lex made plans to leave work early and head over to the Kent residence just after Clark was due to arrive. He needed to clear the air with the boy and salvage what he could of their relationship.

Whitney went directly to his locker. The whole school would know Clark had kissed him before lunch. 'Just play it cool. I'll look for Clark at lunch and see how he's holding up. I still can't believe it did it.' He reached his locker and got it opened when he saw Lana approaching. The look on her face left no doubt that she'd already heard the news. Her face was flushed and her eyes were blazing. Whitney braced himself, but he still wasn't prepared for--

SLAP! "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? HOW COULD YOU KISS CLARK KENT? HOW?" Lana's voice rose an octave on every question until she was so shrill that dogs had a better chance of hearing her than Whitney.

"Lana, calm down. I didn't kiss him. He kissed me."

"SO WHAT? I didn't see you tell him off or punch his lights out! You liked it!"

"Lana, please, it's complicated. Can we talk somewhere private?" Whitney noticed that a crowd was gathering around them. 'Great. Since when did being outed qualify as a spectator sport?'

"Save it, Whitney! Do what you want! We're through!" Lana turned and walked off, head held high.

Whitney turned into his locker and was thankful that the bell rang. The crowd quickly dispersed and Whitney realized he'd been wrong. The whole school would know everything that had taken place by second period.

Lana was pleased. Her plan had worked! She and Whitney were through, and the whole school would blame him. She felt a twinge of guilt because Clark was going to get caught in the crossfire, but Whitney had been using her as a...a whatchamacallit -- a beard -- for more than six months, telling her he loved her, leaning on her for support, parading her like a trophy in front of his jock buddies, kissing her chastely goodnight and making her feel somehow inadequate because she didn't incite him to the heights of passion other boys had exhibited with her. Truth be told, that was why she'd stuck with him so long, because she'd been determined to make him want her. Of course, having to be the perfect lady had really cramped her style in that regard, but she'd tried--oh, how she'd tried; sitting on his lap at every opportunity, brushing her breasts casually against his arm or his chest, standing close and innocently grazing his crotch, doing everything she could think of to make him hard short of unzipping his jeans and sucking his cock.

And she'd seriously considered that option, don't think she hadn't! But it just didn't seem ladylike, and there was nothing about going down on Whitney that appealed to her, not the way kissing and sucking and making Chloe scream with pleasure had appealed to Lana from the very first time she'd seen her naked in the shower after PhysEd.

Learning that Whitney was never going to want her because she didn't have the necessary equipment had been an insanely infuriating relief. It had also been liberating, too, because it had allowed her to seek out the most amazing revenge sex anyone could ever imagine. The passion Lana hadn't found in Whitney, she had found in Chloe a hundred fold.

But of course, that had given her a whole new set of problems. Lesbians were kind of chic, but not in Smallville, and even the thought of being called a dyke made Lana cringe. Beautiful, adored, ladylike princesses didn't get called unflattering names and weren't whispered about and sniggered over.

So Lana had needed a plan to free her of Whitney and give her an unimpeachable excuse to swear off men and seek solace in the company of her best girlfriend.
And oh, what a plan it was.

Revenge was incredibly sweet. And hot. She and Chloe would have to celebrate long and hard after school today.

For Clark the day crawled by. He heard about Lana's outburst, but had not yet had a chance to see his boyfriend. 'It's all my fault. I kissed him in public. How could I be so stupid?' Clark was eating lunch out on the football bleachers. It was blustery outside so he was alone. He wanted to go home, but he had a lecture or three coming his way tonight.

"A penny for your thoughts."

"Whitney! Hi!" Clark's heart hammered in his throat and his words tumbled over each other. "What are you doing here? I thought your lunch was third shift. I would have come looking for you if if I'd known--"

Whitney leaned over and placed a finger on Clark's mouth.

"It's cool. I cut fourth period study hall. Told Mrs. Jenkins that I was going down to the gym to work out."

Clark found he had trouble meeting Whitney's piercing blue eyes. "Are you okay? Has it been, you know..."

"Totally sucky?" Whitney supplied. "With not a friend in the building willing to talk to me? Filled with 'eat shit and die' stares? Yeah. That's the kind of day it's been."

There was an edge to his voice, but despite the harsh words he didn't sound particularly angry. "I heard Lana went nuclear."

"Meltdown, blast, mushroom cloud and all. Only thing missing is the fallout, but there's plenty of that coming, I'm sure."

Clark looked down. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I kissed you. I shouldn't have. You had a right to make that decision for yourself--"

"Hey..." Whitney took Clark's hands in his and just smiled at him. "Clark, I love you. I'll admit getting outed wasn't on my top ten list of things to do before I graduate, but I'm fine. I like the fact that we don't have to hide. That I can do this--" He leaned over and kissed Clark.

Clark broke away after few moments and rubbed his thumb over Whitney's cheeks. "Whitney...I have a question. You said you thought Lana had read your journal, that she knew you liked me, fantasized about me..."


"Well...obviously Lana set this project up to get us to spend time together, but what did she want? She knows I've been really depressed over Victoria--she even teased me about being jealous. If she was playing matchmaker, what was the point? Why did she whale on you in public for doing exactly what she obviously hoped we'd do?"

Whitney felt like an idiot for not thinking of that himself, but he had had other things on his mind today. "I have no idea Clark, but methinks something is rotten in Smallville."

"Whitney, don't paraphrase Shakespeare, it doesn't work well."

Whitney stuck his tongue out at Clark, and had his head lightly cuffed in return.

"How rude!" Whitney said, laughing. "Seriously, I have no clue about Lana. I just want to survive the day. I have to go now, but let me drive you home after school, okay?"

"Yeah, wait..." Clark reached and pulled Whitney over for a quick kiss. "Can we scratch that itch?"

"Oh, yeah," Whitney promised and left quickly before he created a scandal.

Despite the little Lana mystery, Clark felt better. He finished his lunch and headed back towards the school.

'Finally! Schools over.' Clark ran out to Whitney's truck and saw Whitney jogging over from the direction of the Science wing. They met at the tailgate and Clark pulled Whitney close for a hug and a kiss. "Hey, the cat's already out of the bag..." he said to Whitney.

Whitney grinned. "Not a problem. I like kissing you. Come lets go, I can't stand this place much longer." The boys climbed into the truck. Whitney slipped his hand into Clark's and gave it a light squeeze. "Did you get hassled?"

"Not really. Got called a fag a few times, but that happens all the time so it was a normal day."

The ride to the Kent farm went quickly. Clark was apprehensive about the coming discussion with his parents, but he knew it had to happen sooner or later. Accepting his homosexuality was one thing, but he'd told lies, kept things from them... Pretty unforgivable sins in the Kent household.

Clark and Whitney got out and headed into the house. Jonathan and Martha greeted them warmly and offered Whitney some hot chocolate. Jonathan walked over to Clark and took him aside. "Son, please ask Whitney to stay for dinner. And can you're mother and I see you alone?"

"Okay dad, um, let me take Whitney out to the loft and I'll be back presently, okay?"

Jonathan rubbed his son's shoulder. "Clark, calm down. We just want to talk to you. Nothing is wrong, okay?"

Clark nodded his head, "Hey Whitney come on." Clark walked out the back door and headed to the barn with Whitney at his side. "Can you stay for dinner?"

"Sure. Mom and dad are in Metropolis and Bastian's cooking sucks." As soon as they stepped inside the barn, Whitney kissed Clark. When Clark didn't respond, Whitney pulled back. "Ah. You're bringing me out here to get me out of the house?"

"Yeah, my parents want to talk to me. Dad said it was nothing major but still... Go on up to the loft. I'll be back in a few minutes." Clark turned and walked down the stairs and went back to the house.

Whitney jogged upstairs, spotted the laptop, got it running, and proceeded to place the events of the day down while they were fresh in his mind.

Lex's day had been terrible. He was again reminded that staying up all night had adverse consequences on his concentration. All he could think about was his beautiful Clark and the mess that he was in. He hated apologizing, but Clark was worth it. Odd that the further Clark seemed to slip away from him, the more clearly Lex saw how much he needed him. Determined to do whatever it took to make Clark his, Lex climbed into his Porsche and headed to Clark's house. He needed to open the lines of communication.

Lex pulled up the drive and saw Whitney's truck, but the Kent's truck was there as well, so he was sure it would be safe to walk over to the loft. He climbed the stairs and found Whitney typing away at the laptop he had given Clark. Standing quietly, Lex observed the young jock and actually LOOKED at him for the first time. He had dismissed him out of hand from the very beginning, thinking him nothing more than an obstacle in Clark's bid to win Lana's heart. Now he was an obstacle for Lex. 'Very handsome, very much the boy-next-door-type, blonde, blue-eyed jock from a solid family.' He was also much smarter than Lex had thought, as he'd discovered from the boy's SAT scores. He was beset by a sudden image from yesterday, those long legs in the air, the sweat dripping down that face. He could still hear the moans of pleasure. 'Yes, there is more here than I ever knew.'

"Ahem, pardon me, where is Clark?" Lex asked of Whitney.

Whitney looked up, startled. He sighed heavily when it registered that the competition was putting in an appearance. "Hello Mr. Luthor. Clark is inside talking with his parents. He should be back in a few minutes."


"Pardon me?"

"Please call me Lex. So how are you?" Lex was genuinely interested. He moved on up the stairs into the loft.

"Well, let's see I got outed at school today, Lana slapped me in front of half the student body, and now you're here to take Clark away. Except for some really incredible sex this morning, I've had just about the shittiest day I can remember." Whitney wasn't the type to brag about his sexual exploits, but he wanted Lex to know. What he hadn't counted on, though, was that he would feel genuinely bad about the pain that darkened the exotic billionaire's eyes.

"Well that was certainly honest. Why do you assume that I'm here to take Clark?"

"Oh PLEASE! He's in love with you. He chased after YOU yesterday. Side by side, there's no comparison between you and me. You win. I love him but I just can't compete. Look at you; you're rich and exotic. You're friends and you both want it to be more. I'm just a stupid jock who recently figured out that I'm gay. I don't have your knowledge or your cool, calm demeanor."

Lex took a moment before responding, it was an honest exchange and that was rare for him. "Well, I've been anything but calm since yesterday. You are the one he is with right now, so I would have to give you the edge."

"For how long? He told me that if we dated he had to come first and I agreed. I asked for the same courtesy. He said okay, but Lex, he loves you, I can tell. It took me some time but I figured out what it is about Clark. He sees into people. He sees something in me that he loves. He sees past the bullshit masks people wear. He sees something wonderful in you." Whiney paused, then sighed in frustration, "I should go. He’s better off with you than me." Whitney got up and prepared to walk away but Lex placed a hand square in his chest.


"Why not?"

"Because Clark would hate me! We had a fight last night after you, um, left and it was not pretty. If you leave, Clark would never believe that I didn't force you to go. Besides like I said, he chose you." Lex ran a hand over his head. He could feel the return of the headache that had hounded him all day. "May I ask you a question?"


"Did Lana arrange for this field trip?"

Whitney nodded. "Yeah. She reminded me that I need to finish my services hours in order to graduate, and set this project up for me. Then she asked Clark to go with me, like she was playing matchmaker or something. She knew how I felt about him because she'd read my journal -- I wouldn't put it past her to have arranged for us to sleep in the same bed together, except that she was royally pissed when Clark kissed me this morning."

"Wait, she read your journal? And she arranged everything about that trip?" A picture began to form in Lex's head and most of the puzzle pieces fell into place. The only question he had is WHY.

"Excuse me but am I missing something?" Whitney inquired.

"I can see a pattern, but it makes no sense. It appears that Lana set you up for the express purpose of pairing you off with Clark. But why? Why does a girl set her boyfriend up with a guy, then make a big deal about it in public? What does Lana gain?"

"An ex-boyfriend?"

Lex shook his head. "There are easier, less humiliating ways of dumping a guy."

Whitney glanced off, embarrassed to admit, "I'm not proud of it, but I've known for a while that Lana was only staying with me out of pity, because of my Dad's illness... I should have let her go instead of leaning on her, but, well, I really do love her as a friend, and..."

"And you needed a friend."

"Yeah. The thought of losing my dad... It was kind of paralyzing."

"I can understand that." Lex flashed a self-deprecating grin. "Well, actually, I can't, but you'd have to know my father to understand why." Whitney was standing by the telescope. Lex looked at him and saw what Clark must see: a beautiful young man struggling with his true self. 'Whitney is right. Clark sees past the bullshit to the essence of a person. If Clark loves me as Whitney says, there must be something redeemable inside of me.' Lex turned and wiped at his eyes. 'Damn Clark and his shattering of my defenses. I can't seem to catch my emotional balance.'

Whitney saw Lex turn away abruptly and couldn't help himself. He stepped to Lex and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay?" Whitney shared the same concerns Lex did regarding Clark. If Lex left, Clark would blame Whitney. He had never been this close to the billionaire before, never really looked at him. What he saw, what he felt shocked him. 'Exotic, charismatic, and hot!'

Lex couldn't stop the shudder in time. His body betrayed him again as that incredible image came back of this handsome boy begging for more. He saw those long athletic legs in the air and smelled desire in the air. Whitney was a person to him now, not competition to be crushed. Lex touched the hand on his shoulder, turned and looked directly into bottomless blue eyes. He leaned forward and kissed Whitney on his lips.

Clark entered the house with some trepidation. Despite his father's entreaties that all was well, Clark was waiting for the hammer to fall. "Hi mom, dad."

Martha smiled and motioned for Clark to join them in the living room. Jonathan spoke first. "Son, your mother and I have been talking and we really don't want you to think that we are ashamed or embarrassed because you're gay. The truth is we will always be proud of you and you are a great person. To be honest we sometimes feel we fail you as parents because we force you to hide so much of your true nature. For that we are sorry."

Clark gasped, "You have nothing to be sorry about. I mean there is no manual for how to raise an alien humanoid child. Besides I always feel like I make it difficult for you. You would never have gone to jail or have as many problems if I wasn't around."

Martha moved to sit down next to Clark and hugged him. "Never say that sweetie! We love you because you are a gift from God. Clark we all do our best. We wanted you to know that you can tell us anything."

Jonathan moved and sat on the other side of his son. "I also need you to know that I do not hate Lex. I'll admit I've used my feelings about his father against him and he did not deserve it. To be honest, we owe Lex a debt of gratitude. Clark in the time that you've known him you've begun to blossom. You stand taller, you walk with confidence, you're surer of yourself. Your mom and I just could not instill that in you, but somehow he has. Clark…do you really love Lex?"

Clark winced and both of his parents detected it. Martha placed a hand on his forehead and swept aside some of the locks which had fallen there. "What is it, Clark?"

"Can you be in love with two people at the same time? Is that possible?"

Jonathan looked at Clark for a moment then shrugged. "Son, until you came along I would have said a lot of things are impossible, but you defy the impossible."

"I know I love Lex. The rejection after that one kiss hurt so bad, and then hearing him say he did love me well…that was amazing. But being with Whitney is great. I'm actually falling in love with him as well, but my feelings for Lex are just as strong now. I guess I should tell you that the whole school knows I'm gay." Clark paused to dart a glance at his parents.

Martha sat back for a second and then looked at Jonathan. She waited for Clark to continue but he was suddenly studying at the floor. Finally she asked, “Could you please elaborate? I’m sure there is more to the story than everyone knows.”

Clark fidgeted for a few moments before responding. "I forgot that we were at school and I kissed Whitney this morning in front of just about everybody. Lana broke up with him two minutes later. So I'd feel really guilty leaving Whitney for Lex. Besides I have not forgiven Lex yet for blowing me off and treating me badly! I don't care if his ex isn't his current or whatever."

Jonathan sighed again. "Clark, calm down. You are still fifteen, a very mature and responsible fifteen, but this is not marriage we're talking about right now."

Clark used his X-ray vision to check on Whitney and discovered that Lex was moving up the stairs into the loft. "Lex is here; can I invite him to dinner as well?"
Martha smiled. "The more the merrier." She stood and headed to the kitchen. "Clark please remember that we are always here for you no matter what." With that she left to finish preparing supper.

Jonathan regarded his son for a moment. He ran a hand over the top of his head finally he said, "Now about the laptop in your loft?"

Clark blushed, "Um, Lex gave it to me. He had an extra prototype that Wayne-Tech built, so he asked Mr. Wayne if I could use it. He said yes. Technically it is not a gift, but in reality it is. I like it so I figured what you didn't know about I did not have to return."

"Well, Clark, I can't fault your logic. Since you are using it I'll let you keep it. BUT if Lex gives you anything else don't assume I'll make you return it automatically. Now I believe you have guests in your loft."

Clark stood up and was engulfed in a bear hug from his dad. Clark returned the embrace and left.

Jonathan walked into the kitchen and kissed Martha. "Well, it appears that we might have a potential son-in-law over in the loft."

Martha smiled at her husband. Reaching over, she gripped his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "As long as Clark is happy, I’m fine with it. Besides, I have a feeling that this could end up being very unconventional."

Jonathan's mouth flew open but no words come out. Martha pulled him close and hugged him. "Close your mouth, Jon. We said we would trust him. Remember there are no books on how to deal with a gay-alien-teenager. We do what we can to make him a good person. The rest is up to him."

Clark used his superspeed to get to the barn and arrived just in time to hear a broken-hearted Whitney say he should leave, that Clark was better off with Lex. But Clark didn't feel that way--how could he possibly be better off without someone who loved him so unselfishly?

The pain in his heart swelled, and he realized that he was not equipped to handle the emotional tug-of-war that was being waged over him up those stairs. Heart-sick and torn, Clark listened to his two loves talking, sharing their feelings for him... How in heaven's name was he supposed to decide? How could he bear hurting either of them?

There was a long silence, then the creaking of floorboards, and Clark knew he couldn't hide down here any longer. He started up the stairs just as he heard Whitney ask "Are you okay?" And then -- Oh, God! -- Lex was kissing Whitney, a hand on his chest, their bodies straining toward each other as Whitney's surprise turned to passionate acceptance. Instead of hurting Clark, infuriating him, the kiss sent a bolt of lightning to his groin. Clark ran up the stairs to see what would happen first hand. Whitney and Lex saw him arrive.

"CLARK!" they cried in unison and separated.

All Clark could do was laugh at the expression on each of their faces. "You look like you got caught with your hands in each other's cookie jar." Clark moved closer and noticed that both guys were breathing hard. He could smell arousal in the air. The answer suddenly seemed so obvious. If it was true that his species chose same-sex partners, who was to say that they chose only one? 'Why should I choose? I have two very different, beautiful guys who love me and want me. It also appears that there is some chemistry between them. I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.' Just the thought of what he was going to suggest made him weak in the knees.

"Lex, my parents would like you to stay for dinner also. Whitney, did you get any writing done?" Clark had noticed the laptop was active in his previous scans of the loft.

Whitney could not meet Clark's gaze. His brain felt short-circuited. His pangs of guilt warred with the hunger Lex had so unexpectedly stirred. 'That was... oh God.... what.... I need to....' "Clark.... I have to go." Whitney, with his shoulders slump and head bowed, began to walk to the stairs. The single worst day of his life had actually gotten worse.

But Clark intercepted Whitney and pulled him into a hug, whispering into his ear, "It's okay, Whit. I'm not mad. Please sit down. We have to talk. All of us." Whitney moved to the couch.

Lex felt an asthma attack coming on. 'Clark is going to kill me. WHAT ON EARTH POSSESSED ME!!!' But Lex sensed no tension when Clark's arms encircle him. He relaxed into the embrace, then turned in Clark's arms and hugged him back.
Clark placed a gentle kiss on Lex's lips and told him, "Come sit down, I need to talk to you. It’s okay."

Clark looked at two previously miserable, but now stunned and confused people and smiled to himself. 'Why choose between apples and oranges when you can have fruit salad?'

"Okay first thing -- I'm not mad. Second thing, dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Third thing, I find it very unfair that I would have to make a choice between you. Whitney, I am falling in love with you. Lex, I already love you. I know you both want me and I really like that, but I would never dream of playing the two of you off each other. I want a relationship, not a war zone. But I don't know how to decide."

"We're not going to fight over you, Clark," Whitney told him.

Clark grinned sheepishly. "No, I got the impression fighting wasn't what you two had in mind just now. You two have a vibe going, and that's okay. I mean, how could I possibly condemn you two for having the same...mixed feelings that I'm having."

"That's very progressive of you, Clark," Lex conceded.

"No. My dad would say it's more like wanting to have two pieces of cake and eat them both." He looked from Whit to Lex and back again, letting the implications of what he'd just suggested sink in. Just then, someone from the house rang the dinner bell that hung on the porch outside the kitchen door. Clark announced, "That's dinner. Come on. Let's go eat and then we'll come back here and decide what to do. Okay?"

Lex would never have given Clark enough credit for what he was proposing. 'Did he just say what I think he said?' He looked over at Whitney, who was wearing the same quizzical smile he was. 'After dinner, wait until after dinner before you say anything, Lex.' Lex settled for just nodding is head in agreement.

Whitney did not know how to feel. Guilt over the kiss, yes. That was there. Shock over what Clark seemed to be proposing... oh, yes. Shock was definitely present and accounted for. The idea was tantalizing, yes. Sexy, even. But was that the kind of relationship Whitney really wanted? 'Wait until after dinner. Oh, great! Dinner with the Kents. How am I supposed to face my boyfriend's parents after what Clark just suggested?'

Boyfriend Number One and Potential Boyfriend Number Two were looking at him expectantly. "Okay, let’s go eat."

Lana was relaxing in a bubble bath. Chloe had left about an hour ago, but Lana could still feel her everywhere they'd touched.

'Chloe is so yummy! She just pushes all the right buttons. She's taken me to places I never even knew existed.' Lana slid soap-slick hands up her inner thighs to the very apex, then brushed a perfectly sculpted fingernail over her clit. The sensation brought back the memory of Chloe's mouth on her there, and she shuddered and gasped as an orgasm jolted through her.

As the pleasure rolled away, it hit her like a bright pink lightening bolt that this must be what love was like. She was in love with Chloe Sullivan.

This was, without a doubt, the best day of her life. She was in love with someone who knew all the right buttons to push to make her soar with pleasure, she was free of her user-boyfriend, and on top of that, she had actually received sympathy flowers from some of the people at school. The cards read 'best wishes' or 'deepest sympathies.' Several had trumpeted the sender's availability if she needed a shoulder to cry on; one had even offered to scratch any itches her gay boyfriend had been able to reach.


'The perfect day, free from Whitney, who is now persona non grata at school. Besides, how can I feel sorry for him when he got exactly what he wanted. Clark has fallen as well but he'll recover; he's sweet and adorable. So now what to do? Screw this princess shit, I am the Queen of Smallville High! I need a new project. I have Chloe, the school, and Nell all in the palm of my hand. What more could a girl want?'

Clark was amused at dinner. Lex and Whitney behaved perfectly, but were having a great deal of trouble with conversation. Lex apologized because he had gotten no sleep the night before. Whitney just blushed at that statement because the same was true for him but for different reasons. Clark was happy when dinner was over. He really needed to talk about his idea. He led the troupe back up to the loft. "So, have you thought about it?"

Whitney looked at Clark incredulously, "How could we NOT think about it! If I heard you correctly, you just said you wanted a threesome and ended the conversation."

Lex started laughing. "Yes, Clark we thought about it. So much so that your parents think we are idiots. You can't say something like that and then expect to go eat with your parents as a normal course of events. Is that what you want, a threesome?"

Clark smiled. "Yes it is, very much so." He pulled Whitney and Lex to him and embraced them together. He kissed each of their foreheads. "I love both of you and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I can't choose." Lex and Whitney both tighten their arms around each other and Clark.

Whitney looked at both of them. "I can't even imagine what having two boyfriends would be like. I mean, the sex, yeah... I can imagine that, but the relationship part..." He met Clark's serious gaze. "But if sharing you or giving you up are my only choices, I'm willing to give it a shot." He looked at Lex. "If you are."

"Oh, absolutely!" Lex kissed Clark with a fierce determination. "Hell, I thought Smallville was going to be boring and I end up with a fantasy. Whitney, the boy next door and Clark, the Adonis. Who could ask for a better combination?" Lex leaned into Whitney and gave him a kiss to match the one just given to Clark.

Clark was concerned his parents would check on him, but three young males with raging hormones would not be denied. All three stripped in seconds checking each other out. Whitney and Clark, already familiar with each other, looked and touched Lex, sampling his scent, tasting his skin. Lex drank in the sight of two bodies honed by hard work and athletic prowess. They attacked Lex with a hunger he had never experienced from a lover. Two sets of mouths traveled over his torso, eliciting such pleasure that Lex collapsed backwards onto the couch. Whitney moved to devour Lex's mouth while Clark slid lower to suck Lex's cock. Lex pushed Whitney off and twisted, launching his own exploration of the football player's body. Without dislodging Clark from his own pulsating member, Lex shifted to get an angle at Whitney's dick, licking and nipping, savoring the texture and flavor. Lex lost his hold and gasped when Clark inserted a finger in his ass and nailed his prostate dead on. Clark curled his finger inside Lex, eliciting another moan, another gasp, as he licked around the head of Lex's cock and sucked, and suddenly Lex was coming before there was even a thought of gasping out a warning. Lex was drained when Clark moved up and kissed him. "Hold on Lex, get ready for ride." Clark turned a very limp Lex over and began rimming him. Lex whimpered but was too sated to move a muscle.

Whitney took up the position behind Clark and was preparing him for a journey as well. Whitney was keyed up by the expert tongue bath Lex had applied to his prick. He really wanted Clark to get a move on so he could go for a ride himself.
Clark moaned while his tongue was in Lex's ass and knew that Whitney was getting impatient. He grabbed the lube and began applying. He put the condom on that Whitney had handed him, and slid into Lex. It was like coming home. He stilled himself, savoring the tight heat around his cock, holding back, waiting for his other partner... his other lover. He moaned when Whitney enter him. It took all of Clark’s control not to shoot right then. 'OH MAN THIS IS INCREDIBLE!' was all Clark could think.

Lex's ecstasy increased once Clark entered him. Lex had done this before but never with someone had he cared about. "Oh! Clark! MOVE!" Lex was ready for action again, but Whitney was the conductor of this train. He set the motion and the rhythm for this ride. Clark began to moan and Lex was panting hard. Whitney was enjoying the heat, the power, the connection, but all too soon he felt Clark's ass tighten from his orgasm and that sent Whit over the edge.

Lex knew the moment Clark shot and he shot again as well. He however did not relish the weight of two exhausted teenagers on his back. "Get off, I can't breathe!"

Clark and Whitney complied. They shared a loving kiss. Lex turned over and looked at them, amazed that they both wanted him. 'They are so beautiful. Raphaelite in nature, angels of the human canvas, I must’ve done something right to be here, unless it is a dream.'

It was Whitney who brought them back to reality. "We need to get dressed before your dad comes out here and see this. He may be comfortable with our relationship, but that does not mean he wants to see blatant evidence of it." With that, all three of them moved and quickly dressed. It took longer because they kept stopping to share a kisses and caresses. Finally Lex and Whitney were ready to leave.

"Clark, thank you. I know I haven't made it up to you about Victoria yet but I will." Lex gave Clark a deep kiss, then reluctantly backed away so that Whitney could embrace Clark in his own good-night kiss. He promised to pick Clark up in the morning, and they left. Clark walked them to the barn door and smiled into the night when they stopped to share a hug and a lingering kiss before separating to go to their vehicles.

He waited until their taillights faded down the lane before he Clark went into his house, happy but tired.

Jonathan just looked at his disheveled son and said, "Well, did you resolve anything?"

Clark blushed and said he had homework to finish.

Jonathan chuckled to himself. 'Well Martha it looks as if you are right once again. Teach me to make a bet, I hate defrosting the freezer!'

By the time Friday rolled around, Clark and Whitney had had enough of school. Lana had become a royal bitch to Whitney and refused to talk to Clark at all. Lex had been very busy with demands from his father so they had only been able to see him one night, but oh, what a night it was.

Clark was enjoyed learning the nuisances of a relationship, even if it was very unconventional. He learned immediately that he could share ALMOST anything with them and not worry. He was very happy outside of school but miserable in it.

Clark and Whitney continued to puzzle over Lana's contradictory behavior until Chloe finally decided she'd had enough of Lana, Queen of Egomaniaville. On Friday, she pulled Clark aside after their last period geometry class and told him how he'd been set up. Towing Chloe like a barge, Clark made a beeline for Whitney and made her repeat the story. Of course, Lex had to be told as well, so under the pretense of asking his best friend for advice, Clark, Chloe and Whit headed for the Manor. Under different circumstances the mini-fight they had over the term 'best friend' would have been a riot.

"Tell him!" Clark commanded Chloe as they tumbled over each other scrambling into Lex's office.

"Quit dragging me!" she commanded right back.

"Tell him about Lana," Whitney snarled.

"All right!" She faced Lex's desk like a defendant facing a hanging judge. "Well, you see--"

"Lana set the whole thing up to protect her self-image!" Whitney shouted, his anger overpowering Chloe's way-too-slow storytelling style. "That bitch has put me through HELL this week over Clark. I thought we were friends!"

Lex just nodded, having pretty much figured it out for himself. "She's, uh, secretly dating Chloe, right?"

"How did you know?" Chloe asked, surprised.

"You two have been about as subtle as felines in heat," Lex replied. "And since her affections had been directed elsewhere, Lana needed a way of breaking things off with Whitney without coming across as a--"

"Dyke? Lesbo? Muff diver?" Chloe offered.

"I was going to say bitch, but if the slur fits..."

Chloe sighed and plopped into the barrel chair opposite Lex. "That's it, exactly. Lana's got this whole Fairy Pwinthess image to protect. She couldn't dump Whitney when his dad was sick because it would make her look like a heartless bitch, and--"

"Whathefuck?!" Whitney exclaimed. "I thought she stayed with me because we were friends and she cared about me!"

Chloe came to her feet in a flash, "Hey, Bub. You can just climb right down off that high horse. Don't forget who was kissing Lana good-night after the Sweethearts Dance, then going home to jack off with a picture of Clark on his pillow!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Time out!" Clark jumped between them. "Nobody's on a high horse."

"Speak for yourself," Lex said lightly. "I think my behavior has been pretty exemplary throughout--"

Clark shut him up with a glare and a harshly spoken "Does the name Victoria ring any bells?"

Whitney had squared his shoulders defensively. "I did not have a picture of Clark on my pillow."

Chloe glared at him. "Zip it or I'll tell them about that thing you ordered off the Internet."

Lex's brows went up with interest. "Thing?"

"What thing?" Whitney demanded, confused.

Chloe leaned conspiratorially across the desk. "Twelve inches," she whispered. "With a vibrator."

"I heard that, and it's a lie!" Whitney argued.

"Lana said you wrote about it in your journal," Chloe shouted back.

"I did not! If anyone is ordering vibrators off the Internet, it's Lana!"

"Well, can you blame her? She could get more action from a door knob than she was getting from you!"

"EWWWW!" Clark screeched. "That's enough! Both of you!"

Lex stood. "Clark's right. Let's dial the rhetoric back a little, shall we? The only thing I don't understand now is why Chloe here is coming clean. Did you and Lana have a falling out?"

All the wind left Chloe's sails and she plunked down in the chair again. "Not a falling out. More like a falling over--from the weight of her big head. I love her, I really do, but the ego trip she is on has got to go! She's on a diva high and the bitch can't sing. So I need some help."

Lex nodded. "All right. Thank you, Chloe, for your information. I'll have my driver take you home."

"Wait a minute; I want to know what you plan on doing!"

"Not a blessed thing. For the time being," Lex replied. "Clark and Whitney and I need to confer on the best course of action--"

"Tar and pink feathers in the town square, followed by immediate disembowelment," Whitney growled. Lex ignored him.

"Once we have come up with a rational course of action that doesn't involve feathers, we will bring Miss Lane off of her throne."

"But I--"

Lex silenced her with a wave of his hand. "Clark and Whitney are the wronged parties, not you. This is none of your concern now. Besides plausible deniability dictates that you stay out of the loop. When we take our revenge, you'll be there to comfort, coddle, and honestly say you had no idea. That's a helluva lot more than Lana deserves, all things considered." With that Lex lifted the phone and Chloe was taken home.

By the time they were alone again, Clark was on the sofa holding an enraged Whitney, keeping him from doing anything rash. Whitney had changed in many ways, but his temper had remained. Lex was pacing and Clark wanted to yell at him to stop.

"I really do not know what to do guys." Lex walked over and knelt in front of his boyfriends. "I mean look at what her actions created...US. Would any of this have happened if Lana had not wanted to keep her image perfect? I mean I know we are keeping 'our' relationship a secret but I don't want to destroy her over this."

Whitney sighed. He was leaning back against Clark's chest, cradled between Clark's splayed legs, embraced by arms that made him feel loved and secure. He hated Lana for the deception and manipulation that obviously went back months, but he couldn't deny that the outcome was beyond wonderful. "You're right. I would not be here with the two of you if not for her scheme. But she has trashed me to the whole school, set me up to be the villain, and I don't intend to forgive that any time soon. But you are wrong on one thing, Lex. The two of you were destined to be together. I just got in the way."

Lex reached up and cupped Whitney's face and kissed him. "Whitney, when I met Clark, I began to believe in a man's ability to forge his own destiny, to be more than what he was programmed to be. But I also believe the hand of fate brought us together in the first place so I could learn that lesson, be more, be better... Be the man I saw reflected in Clark's eyes when I looked at him." He grinned ruefully. "That makes absolutely no sense, but we do. The three of us. This is the way it's supposed to be."

Clark touched Whitney's face, turning him into a kiss, then whispered, "What he said."

Lex started laughing all of a sudden, "I have it! Blackmail. One of you needs to confront Lana and get her to admit her plan. We capture it on tape." Lex noticed both faces go blank. "You never have to use it. In this case the threat of ruining her perfect image is all you need and it will keep her on her best behavior for a long while."

Clark and Whitney shared a glance and Clark just asked, "And how, oh wise one, do we get her to admit it?"

Lex lightly cuffed Clark upside his head, "Don't be a smartass! She has to be dying to tell someone. Her plan worked better than she could ever have dreamed! When you kissed him in front of everybody you handed her everything she needed in order for it to succeed. If Lana is on the ego, excuse me, diva trip that Chloe says she is, then she WANTS to gloat over it. Trust me that is the easy part."

Lana couldn't imagine why the hell Lex Luthor had summoned her. Well... actually, she could imagine. 'Probably pissed off because his boytoy is now with Whitney. Not. My. Problem.' She entered the castle and saw Clark working in the main hall. She frowned at him. This was TOTALLY unexpected. "What are you doing here?"

"Lex asked me to come over and help decide what kind of decorations to use for a party he's throwing."


Lex sauntered into the room. "Yes, Ms. Lang. A party, which is why I asked you over. I need several floral arrangements and wanted you to assist your Aunt with the designs. I hear you are very good at making plans and seeing them through."

Lana was thrown off balance. "I'm not sure what you are referring to, but I would love to help. May I ask what kind of party it is?"

Lex smirked. "It is a circuit party. By invitation only, a wild dusk till dawn affair with the cream of Midwestern society."

"Ooh! I can hardly wait."

A tiny frown formed on Lex's brow and his lips pursed delicately. "Oh, I'm sorry, Lana. I'm afraid you're not invited."

Lana's blood pressure went through the roof. 'NOT invite me? I am the MOST POPULAR person in this town! Calm down, calm down.' "Why not? If it's my age--"

"Not at all. Clark and Whitney will be there. Perhaps you can get one of them to tell you all about it."

Lex's superior attitude hit Lana just the way Lex intended it to. All wrong. "They get to come? Why should they get to come?"

Clark smiled at her. "It's couples only. And rumor around school has it that you're not attached any longer."

"You have GOT to be joking. Clark and Whitney wouldn't BE a couple if it was not for me! I got them together, I arranged for them to share a bedroom at the project site. It was ME!  All ME! And THEY get to meet high society? FUCK NO! Whitney would still be jerking off to fantasies of Clark and dreaming of a different life if I hadn't shoved him out of the Closet. And furthermore-- WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?"

Clark's laugh faded to a sad smile on his face. "Nothing Lana. There's really nothing funny here, except that you really hurt Whitney in a strange, self-serving attempt to 'help' him." Clark pulled out the recorder and played back what she said. Her face was ashen by the time her diatribe stilled.

"I want you to leave Whitney and me alone at school," he warned her. "We did nothing to you. Please?"

Her voice was trembling when she asked, "What are you going to do with that tape?"

"Nothing. It is simply insurance for your best behavior. Oh and two more things. A circuit party is for gay men only, and there is no circuit party. It was all a set up. You should recognize one when you see it."

Lana took a few breaths to calm her panic. "Fine! Expect me to kiss Whitney on the cheek Monday morning at his locker. The whole school will think I've forgiven him. Happy?"

Clark smiled at her. "Yes actually and thank you. Without you, he and I might never have gotten together."

Lana stormed out of the hall and out of the castle. Tears were clouding her vision. ‘Shit! Now what happens?’

Whitney heard the whole exchange from the conservatory. He came into the Great Hall and hugged Clark and then Lex. "Thank you both. Maybe now I can be left alone at school for five minutes. Don't you need to call Chloe and tell her, Clark?"

"Yeah." Clark walked out of the hall to use the phone in the study.

Whitney kissed Lex and smiled. "Now there is only one more mystery I want solved."

Lex looked into those beautiful blue eyes. "And what would that be?"

Whitney looked around the room to make sure they were alone before answering, "How is it that Clark floats over the bed when he is sleeping sometimes?"

Lex kissed Whitney’s cheek. "I don't know. Our Clark is a huge mystery, but between the two of us I'm sure we can figure out. Come on. Let’s find him and go upstairs. I have a king sized bed just aching to be put to good use."

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