March 2002

A week had passed since Lana’s scheme had been uncovered and Lex had blackmailed her into letting Whitney off the hook with their friends at Smallville High. The damage control Lex had insisted on was going fairly well. She had made several very public gestures of affection toward Whitney to prove to the school that there were no hard feelings between them. On a private level, her relationship with Clark and Whitney was still a bit strained and would be for a while, but overall everything in her life was returning to what passed for normal.

Except, of course, that nothing about her life was "normal" and hadn't been in a long time -- not since she'd realized that her boyfriend harbored a lusty passion for her would-be suitor. It had taken days to process the notion that Whitney wanted to be so close to Clark. And as for Clark..., well, it hadn't escaped her notice -- or Chloe's or even Pete's -- that there was something peculiar about the relationship between Clark and Lex.

Lana could look back now at her recent manipulations and trace her actions to the hurt that had been caused by those twin realizations. But that hurt had opened her eyes and allowed her to begin her own round of self-inquiry and discovery. Kissing Chloe that first time had led to so much more that she ever thought possible and she hadn't been prepared for the "new" Lana she'd uncovered. As her inner self-image had crumbled, she had latched onto her external image for stability, and in the process she'd hurt some people that she actually cared for quite a lot.

She felt genuinely bad for having hurt Whitney, but she'd also done her two friends a favor, too. Clark and Whitney were cute together. They complimented each other in ways Lana never would have imagined. Clark was maturing, growing confident and even sexy. The 'new' Whitney was slightly introverted; thoughtful, yet very much at peace.

'I guess he resolved his own inner conflicts,' she reasoned.

As a couple they were good because they balanced each other so well. Whitney's recklessness was reined in by Clark's caution. Lana did feel bad about the amount of hazing they took. Whitney’s former ‘friends’ harassed him endlessly. Clark had told Chloe how badly he felt that he'd outed them by accident. Apparently the locker room harassment had gotten really bad one day and a fight broke out. It had been written off by the administration as horse-play, but the undercurrent of ugliness was undeniable. A number of girls thought it was such a waste of Grade A Kansas males, but most of the guys seemed obligated to be repulsed by the guy-on-guy romance. That tension, coupled with the strain of his father's illness was putting Whitney under more stress than ever. He'd confessed to Lana only yesterday that he was concerned about his scholarship to Kansas State.

Despite that, it amazed Lana how close Clark and Whitney had become. The only problem she saw on their horizon now was Lex. Her recollection of her confrontation with Lex at the castle was hazy -- he'd manipulated her, turning her emotions inside out, so she wasn't really clear on much of what had been said, but she was pretty sure Lex had admitted he was gay. That wasn't much of a revelation, because it had been clear for quite a while that Lex was hot for Clark. But if that was the case, why was Lex defending Whitney? Why had he blackmailed Lana into making a public show of her acceptance of Clark and Whitney as a couple? She knew that Whitney and Lex were both hot for Clark, and Clark was obviously hot for Whitney, and he'd previously been hot for Lex, as well.

With all that hotness going on, where did those three fit together? Or more accurately, who was fitting what into whom?

The question confused her, and as she always did when she was confused, Lana began cleaning house and getting things ready for the coming week at school. Cleaning helped occupy her mind and got things done as well.

She was thrilled when Chloe walked into the house and flashed her million-watt smile. That was another of Lana's reparations -- she'd apologized profusely to Chloe for her diva-like behavior and Chloe had forgiven her. Things were definitely not back to normal between them, though.

"So, how goes the self-inflicted penance?” Chloe asked, taking Lana's hand to pull her into a hug, but Lana shied away from the embrace.

"Good. Fine," she said, giving her dust rag a nervous twist.

Chloe stepped back and frowned at her. "Really? Then why are you strangling that dust cloth? And why don't I get a hug?"

Lana took a deep breath. This wasn't going to be easy. "I don't want to lead you on, Chloe. It's not fair to you."

The frown deepened. "Lead me on?"

"About us." Lana felt lost; as though she'd strayed from the path her life was supposed to take and couldn't find the trail of breadcrumbs she'd left for herself. Her relationship with Chloe had shattered her image of herself and she hadn't quite figured out to how to put the pieces back together. "I feel really terrible about this, Chloe, but I don't think I'm as brave as they Clark and Whitney. I’ve thought about it -- about our relationship -- and I can't be open about it. Not right now. And that's not fair to you."

"So you're breaking up with me? Without even giving me a say in the matter?" Her frown had turned to full-fledged thunder clouds.

"Chloe, it hurts to lie that we are only friends. I want guys to stop asking me out. I want to tell the truth. But the ugliness over Whitney and's too much."

"Lana, what makes you think I'm strong enough to go through what they are? They weren’t even ready. I'm glad they have each other because they learned who their real friends were and the list got real short real quick."

"But you don't want to come out?"

"Are you nuts?" She flashed a wicked grin. "Maybe some day, yeah, but for now? Secret sex is sexy."

Lana grinned. "Is that a hint?"

"Damn straight."

Lana laughed. "So to speak."

Clark woke up on Sunday morning feeling refreshed. He was able to spend all of Saturday with Lex and Whitney. He never thought that he could feel so happy except he knew he was hiding his extraordinary abilities. Omission felt like lying to him, but his father insisted that he keep his powers a secret. Clark could not argue his parents were being very open-minded with the fact that Clark was dating. Clark had not openly declared that he was actually dating both Lex and Whitney but they kept dropping hints. 'How was your day? How are Lex and Whitney?' They asked about both together.

The week following Lana's compromise had been better, but more challenging in a way. Clark had saved Lex's life once again. Somehow one of the servant's kids learned how to make a substance that made objects appear invisible. Lex was fine, but Clark had to use his abilities around Lex again. Lex was already suspicious if this kept happening then he would find out Clark’s secret for sure. Just another thing to worry about.

At least things at school were better - for Clark anyway. Lana was great to Whitney again and they appeared to patch things up. Perfection had a price and Lana was having the same problem that Whitney did, reconciling the outer image with the inner self. Clark understood that better than they could imagine. Whitney actually asked how he did it. How could he be so calm accepting his sexuality? Not that he had been complaining, but Whitney was wondering how he coped. All Clark could say was that he had long felt like an outsider, being gay just confirmed it. Anyway, he was gay so there was no use in trying to be something he wasn't. Whitney had kissed him and said his view was so much different. Clark realized just how much inner pain Whitney had undergone to reach the point he was at. Clark made a mental note to tell Whitney how much HE admired him. Self-journey was never easy and Whitney had done it and that proved how strong Whitney was.

Clark looked at his alarm clock and it read 6:30. 'I still have two hours before I get up.' Clark reached into his boxers and fondled his morning wood. Lex and Whitney kept commenting on how much they loved the taste of Clark’s cock and come. Lex said if nothing else worked out Clark could always be a porn star. One great thing about Whit and Lex was between them Clark did not blush nearly as often as he used to. He did feel beautiful and was beginning to recognize the power of his body. Whit loved to take Clark home and touch Clark everywhere. Lex loved touching him also. Clark had been tag teamed yesterday, his nipples chewed on and his body licked from head to toe. Clark had his brains fucked out also. He had been on bottom and stayed there. The sweet torture they inflicted had been delightful, if frustrating.

Clark looked down at himself and had to admit he was hung. Both his boyfriends were equipped but they were clipped and he wasn’t. They loved to play with his cock. He'd never measured it; he admitted so when asked. Whitney had laughed and asked if he could do it for him. Clark had glared at him. Lex, when told of this conversation, had been amused. Clark had a ruler in his side drawer of his nightstand and was thinking about seeing what he measured to, just to know. He didn't have to tell them. Clark looked at the clock; 6:45. 'Okay still have plenty of time.' He reached into the drawer and brought out a small bottle of lube Lex had given him. He'd given one to Whitney as well.

Clark was a little jealous because Whitney was staying the night with Lex. Clark understood; Lex and he had been friends for a few months and Whitney and he had already bonded. Lex and Whit needed to work out a dynamic that was separate from Clark.

Clark grabbed the ruler and brought it to his groin. He placed it next to his erection. "WOW" He put the ruler back in the drawer. He grabbed the bottle and squeezed a few drops into his right hand. His left reached and began rolling his nuts back and forth. He brought his right hand to his cock and began to work it up and down. His mind wondered to what his boyfriends were doing. Was Whitney in Lex torturing Lex by going at a slow pace to extend Lex's anguish? Or was Lex pounding into Whitney, hard and fast, just like he loved it? All too soon Clark felt his orgasm at the base of his dick. "Oh man!"

'Wow.' Clark looked at the mess coating his stomach and hands. He looked at the clock, 6:59. 'Well if I get my chores done then I can go see what those two are up to.'

Lex looked over at the sleeping man next to him. 'I would never have thought...' Lex brushed a fingertip lightly over Whit's cheekbone. 'I was right, an angel on the human canvas.'

The bonding time Whitney and he had shared was wonderful. It had been awkward without Clark but they needed their own lines of communication if this was going to work. Lex wanted to come clean about his past, but was apprehensive about it. 'We are not so far apart in age yet in experience it could almost be counted in light-years.'

Still Lex's heart leapt when he saw Clark and it did so when he saw Whitney as well. Lex marveled at the young man next to him. Whitney had shared many of his feeling and traumas from the past few months. Lex had forced him to recount the 'scarecrow incident.'

Whitney had done so and Lex held him as the young jock finally released all his guilt. The more time Lex spent with Whit, the more he liked and loved him. Lex had never felt so loved and cared for in his life, recently at least. 'My mother would like them.' Lex looked over at the clock, ten of seven. 'I'd bet Clark is over here by 7:30.' Lex leaned over and ran a hand along his lover's side.

Whitney rolled onto his back and looked up at Lex. "Hi, sexy." Whit stretched and saw the time. "It’s so early. I never get to sleep in anymore."

Lex smiled and kissed him. "I bet Clark is here before 7:30."

Whitney yawned and smiled, "No deal. I'm thinking in ten minutes. What is it with both of you and kissing first thing in the morning, morning breath?"

Lex laughed, "It’s natural besides you are very kissable." He proceeded to do that exact thing.

Whitney laughed. He ran a hand along Lex's head. "Is there anything I can do for you? Thanks for listening last night. I apologized to Clark and he accepted, but I still feel terrible."

For Lex guilt was an emotion to be crushed, buried, and hidden - nothing made you weaker than guilt. Yet the whole time Lex listened to Whitney he actually got it. Guilt was a poison to the soul. Lex knew he was no longer the same after all this. He was different. All the lessons his father had fought to instill collapsed like a house of cards. Clark, with his shining soul, breached his emotional detachment. For Lex it had been a slippery slope from then on. Lex had fallen in love despite his best efforts. Confronted with the possibility of losing Clark, Lex opened himself up to his feelings.

Now Whitney had completed the job Lex could never go back. Whit's overwhelming guilt about his treatment of Clark despite Clark's love had touched Lex deeply. Lex listened as Whitney recounted the pain of the last few months. Lex felt the anguish, loneliness, frustration, and anger. He understood them, but when he understood Whitney's guilt - it was over. Lex loved Whitney in his own right and it was wonderful.

Despite all the love there were serious concerns for Lex. Whit and he discussed Clark's 'capabilities' and placed their trust in Clark. When Clark wanted to confide in them he would. Lex understood secrets; secrets that could destroy this new wonderful but still fragile relationship with Clark and Whitney. He also knew he had to keep this a secret from his father. Lex had so much to lose it hurt. Lex was no longer his father's son. Lex was his own man now.

Lex sighed, "Whit, not a problem. Hey, you’re man enough to admit you did something you aren't proud of and that is something." Lex kissed Whit again.

Clark showed up at 7:15. He looked at the bed and saw Lex running a hand along Whit's arm.

Lex glanced up and beckoned Clark to the bed. Clark stripped and climbed in. Whitney, then Lex, kissed him deeply. "So what did you talk about?" Lex asked

Lex gave Whitney a look; Clark caught it and looked at Whitney. "What?" Clark saw Whit take a deep breath and noticed that his eyes are a little puffy.

Whit took one of Clark's hands in his. "We...I talked about you and how guilty I feel for tying you up and being an asshole to you."

Clark squeezed the hand and pulled Whit into a big bear hug. "Yes, you were pretty horrible, but I've already forgiven you. I would never have kissed you if I hadn't. Whitney, please let it go, you are not the same person you were then. I've been thinking also - I admire you so much. Do you realize how much energy and effort you've put forth in this journey of self-realization? Please,’s okay. Not only do I love you, but also I like you. So if I have to tell you daily I will, but every time I do, I get to play." With that Clark dropped his hand and ran it along Whitney’s inner thigh.

Lex leaned back and relaxed. "I told him something similar. Clark, when did you get so wise?"

The conversation ground to a halt as happiness, love and morning hormones took over. It was not until after 10:30 that the boys were out of bed and ready to face the world.

The following two days were a whirlwind for Clark. Lana, Chloe, and Pete had walked into the loft right before Whitney and he proceeded to create a scandal. Luckily they still had jeans on, but their arousal left quite noticeable bulges between their legs. That was minor to the events that followed. Clark came home on Tuesday to discover that his dad was selling the farm. That started off an emotional roller coaster for Clark.

Lex tried to kill him and told Clark that he was no friend. Thanks to the town hermit Clark learned the truth behind all the weird behavior. Clark knew Lex was under the influence of Rickman, but it still hurt his feelings. And Whitney had major problems develop as well.

Clark and Lex talked later. Lex wanted to know what happened. Clark couldn’t tell him that Lex unloaded a full clip of bullets into him from an Uzi. Clark didn’t remember bruising before, so the pain was an experience he could without. He did comfort Lex, but said he was tired so they didn’t have sex. Clark wanted to, but he did not want Lex to see is back and chest. Clark wanted a vacation.

Whitney was in Clark's loft. He was quietly sobbing. His dreams of playing college football were all but over. He was going to be one of those 'do you remember' guys. His dad found out that he was gay and that he lost the scholarship to Kansas State at the same time. His dad blamed Clark.

Tristan was home and interceded. He told Whitney to go out for a while so he could calm the waters at home. 'How high is the price I'm going to pay for loving Clark and Lex? Thank God no one knows about that.'

Clark heard some one in the loft. Clark went up and saw a deflated Whitney.



Clark noticed the tear stains on his cheeks and the slump in his shoulders, "What's wrong?"

"I lost my scholarship to K State. My dad found out about us also. He was very upset. I came over here to hide out."

"Whitney I'm so sorry, come on let’s go inside." Clark pulled Whitney up and into an embrace. He didn’t let go as they made their way to the house.

The boys walked in the backdoor. Jonathan was sitting down at the table talking to Martha about the farm. She instantly asked what was wrong and Clark filled them in.

Whitney turned to Clark. “Can I use the phone in your room? I told Tristan I’d check in.”

Clark nodded and waited for Whitney to go up the stairs. He looked at his parents and sighed. "This is all my fault. I don't understand."

"Clark, honey, it's going to be okay but maybe not for some time.” Martha patted his hand and smiled. “A lot of people think that being gay is wrong."

Jonathan got up and pulled Clark into a hug. "Son, we don't. We want you to be happy okay? Why doesn't Whitney stay here tonight? He needs you right now."

"He probably hates me."

"I could never hate you Clark." Whitney sighed as he walked back into the kitchen. "I've been asked to move out of the house. I...I can keep the truck and was asked to help with ... with the store but Dad is very upset. They had to give him Atavan to calm him down. It's supposed be temporary..."

Clark enveloped Whit in a hug as Whitney struggled to contain his sobs.

Martha and Jonathan traded a look. Jon moved closer. "You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. This is not your fault. There is nothing we can say right now, nothing at all." He tapped Clark on the shoulder and motioned to the living room and Clark guided Whitney towards the couch.

His office felt more like a prison at times. So much was going on and there was little Lex could do to change things at the moment. Lex tried to keep tabs on Clark and Whitney in order to make sure they weren’t in danger. That was how he found out about the loss of Whitney’s scholarship. The secrecy that he treated their relationships made it impossible for him to restore the scholarship or to offer a new one. It would have attracted unnecessary attention. Having reasons for being inactive only darkened Lex’s mood.

The day had already been less than stellar. Lex had caught Victoria snooping in computer files that raised his suspicions. His father wanted to know why Victoria was around and asked if Lex was fucking a local farm boy. The deception he was playing to the world had begun to take its toll on him. Lex wanted the world to know he was in love, but not his father. 'Oh for the want of a little emotional detachment!'

Despite not wanting to let people know about his relationships, Lex needed to see Whitney. He rightly guessed he would be with Clark as he spotted Whit’s truck parked next to the Kent house. Lex walked in and stopped as he saw Whitney’s head buried in Clark’s shoulder. Lex came from behind and hugged Whitney. Lex told them he knew about the scholarship, Clark told Lex the rest.

Lex was furious. Lex understood that Whit's dreams died and that he had been slapped down by the father he respected and loved so much. He knew that the Fordman family had expectations, but to be crushed and rejected all at once, 'Yeah I'd be upset as well... what a shitty day.'

There was a knock on the door and Lex went to answer it.

Two tall handsome men stood on the porch. "Hi, can I talk to Whitney? I'm Sebastian and this is Jeff, we're his brothers." Lex opened the door and motioned them inside.

Whitney looked up and sighed. He struggled to say something, but dropped his gaze to the floor.

"Whit...I'm so sorry." Bastian grabbed Whit in a tight hug.

Jeff moved up and repeated the process. “Hi, Whit.”

Clark moved next to Lex and ran his hand along Lex’s. Lex calmed down when he realized that Whit's brothers were there to help him. Lex got up and went to the kitchen along with Clark. Martha and Jon silently hovered, not wanting to intrude on the brothers’ moment.

Bastian was holding Whitney again. "You do not have to move out okay. We took a stand and Tristan backed us up, Mom relented. Dad's calm again and he wants to talk to you. We told him tomorrow.” Bastian pulled back and gave Whitney a small smile. “For your own sake though sleep here tonight, in your boyfriend's arms. You need all the support you can get. Tristan will help with college Whit. I'm sorry about football."

Jeff gave Whitney a wistful smile. "Bro...I really have no idea what you're going through. You are the strongest of all of us to have been through the shit of the past few months. We’re here for you. It will be okay.” Jeff motioned to a bag near the door. “I brought you some clothes. We have to be going... We wanted you know that we did not abandon you and we still love you. Whitney... I think that you will be the best of us."

Bastian walked over to Clark and handed him a business card. "Clark this is my cell phone number, call for any reason. Thank you for being here"

Martha, Jonathan and Lex were introduced to Whit's brothers. Bastian and Jeff exchanged an amused look at meeting Lex but said nothing. They hugged their brother one more time and left.

Jon and Martha said good night to everyone. Whit looked over and said, "Thank you...I had nowhere else to go...thanks."

Martha crossed the room and hugged him. "Whitney, we are always here. Never doubt that. Now go get some sleep. You need it" With that she went upstairs accompanied by her husband.

Lex and Clark enveloped Whitney again. He sighed too exhausted to deal with anything at all. Lex ran his fingers through Whit's hair. "I will do anything you need me too, okay? I have to get back; Victoria has been snooping in my computer files." Lex hugged Whitney again and kissed Clark good night.

Clark turned off the lights and headed upstairs with Whitney. They stripped quietly and climbed into bed. Clark snuggled closely to Whitney. Sex was not in the air, Clark couldn’t...his parents were down the hall, besides Whitney was in no condition. Clark held Whitney and they drifted off to sleep.

Whitney lay there for a few moments as Clark’s breathing evened out. The warmth and love he felt were everything he needed for a day that sent him careening all over the place. He hoped that the love and support of Lex and Clark would be enough to see him through this part of his life.

Clark awoke and was confused for a second. He remembered going to sleep holding Whitney and now the bed was empty. He blinked to clear his eyes and saw Whitney looking out the window. A quick glance of the clock told Clark it was four in the morning. "Whit, come to bed, it is too early to be up."

"Clark, I didn't mean to wake you.” Whitney sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. “I kept having the same dream. There is a passenger train and everyone I know is on it I run and try to catch it, but get left behind. Clark...What do I do now? Everything I have worked for is gone."

Clark got out of bed and made his way to the window. He pulled Whitney into a hug and kissed him slowly. "Then Whitney Fordman it is time to decide a new course of action. You are an incredible person. I think you can do anything at all. Why not sit out a year or try to walk on if you want to play ball? Come on its cold let's get in bed."

They climbed in bed and snuggled. Whitney kissed Clark’s collarbone and then trailed his kisses lower. He moved his hand along Clark’s inner thigh and kissed him to swallow Clark’s low moan.

"Dude, my parents are down the hall,” Clark whispered.

"Oh, Clark I just what to be next to you. I love you so much. I do not want your parents mad at me for seducing their only child." Whitney teased as he kissed him again.

"Then stop moving your hand in my boxers! Whitney stop, oh God..." Clark buried his face against Whitney's neck as Whit's hand continued to stroke Clark. Clark wanted to hurt his boyfriend and yet he couldn’t make him stop. Clark felt Whitney pull away.

Whitney slid down and took Clark’s cock in his mouth. Clark stuffed a pillow in his mouth to keep from screaming as he came. Whitney pulled the pillow away from Clark's face and kissed him, allowing Clark to taste him in Whitney’s mouth.

"Whit...I should hurt you, thanks. Do you want me too reciprocate?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind." Clark kissed Whitney and licked his way down to Whit's groin. He jacked Whitney's cock a few times before going down on him. Whitney stuffed the same pillow in his face to muffle his own cries of pleasure. Whitney came hard and sagged against the headboard. "Thanks Clark and thanks for letting me stay the night. I hope we didn't wake your parents."

"I'm sure I'll find out in the morning. Come on we can grab another hour or so of sleep." The boys snuggled again and drifted off for what seems like a second before the alarm went off. Clark yawned and grimaced. "Whitney, I love you, but sex at 4:00 in the morning is bad when you have to go to school later."

"How is it that every time we spend a school night together we end up running late?" Whitney packed quickly and accidentally snagged one of Clark’s shirts. It was the one with the bullet holes from the Rickman incident.

Getting up took supreme effort on both their parts but they managed to get ready and catch breakfast. The knowing look that Jonathan shot Whitney and Clark confirmed that they were busted. The only saving grace was they had to leave for school. Clark knew another talk was coming his way.

The whole school knew that Whitney had lost his ‘ride.’ It was the hallway gossip all day long. Clark overheard a few of Whit's teammates snickering that he got what he deserved. One of them suggested that he be barred from the locker room now; he was no longer playing and had no future playing. He was just a stupid faggot.

Clark searched all over the school for Whitney. He ran into Lana and Chloe and asked them if they had seen Whitney. They hadn't. Clark ran out to see if Whitney’s truck was still there and it was gone. Clark began to panic. 'Where could Whitney have run off too?' Clark called Lex because he was worried.

Lex decided to go looking for Whit. He heard the near panic in Clark's voice. Lex, much to this assistant's dismay, left work to search for the missing boy. Lex drove around the back roads and spotted the truck pulled up off to the side. There was a thicket and Lex noticed the creek that ran through it. He found a path and followed it looking for Whitney.

He spotted Whitney sitting on a large boulder looking out over the creek. The cynical part of Lex noted how very wholesome and All-American this scene was. ‘Clark panics and all Whitney is doing is sitting and contemplating.’ Lex walked near and watched Whitney for a few moments. "Hi."

Whitney jumped slightly at the sound and relaxed as Lex came more into view. "Hi, what are you doing here?"

"Clark called me, he was worried. So I set out in search of you. Great location, I had no idea that this was here." Lex moved closer, but didn’t sit down.

"Yeah, I come here when I need to think. I guess I need to go talk to Clark and apologize. I didn't mean to worry him." He started to get up.

Lex raised a hand to stop him. "Wait. Come on, we've been forthright with each other from the beginning. Why are you out here?"

Whitney sighed and moved over and motioned for Lex to sit next to him. "I’m thinking and trying to see a future other than Loserville. It really is too much to take in three weeks. K State was the only school to even recruit me. Now I have a black-mark on my name. Who wants a faggot on their team anyway? The last part of who I was is gone..."

Lex was a scientist not a philosopher; this was Clark's territory. Lex, who had his own demons and was plagued by his own doubts, sought to find a commonality with Whitney. His own thoughts and fears concerning his love life surged to the forefront. 'When deception cannot carry the day use the truth.' Lex sat down next to Whit and placed one of his hands on top of one of Whitney's.

Moving closer, Lex placed an arm around Whitney’s shoulders. "I can't say that I have any answers. Do you know how to trust someone?"

Whitney is thrown for a moment, "No."

"You just do, it's a leap of faith."

Whitney moved back and frowned. "I'm not following you Lex."

"I'm going to take a leap of faith right now. I'm going to tell you something that Clark does not yet know. I'll deal with that later. Have you ever wondered why I'm in Smallville?"

Whitney shook his head. “No.”

"It's an exile with a purpose. My father says it's so I can learn the business from a provincial point of view. This is supposed to be my Gaul, publicly. There however was something that triggered it. I was expelled from Metropolis University, was sent to Princeton to finish up.” Lex paused and took a deep breath. “I was into the underground club scene while I was there, lot of sex, drugs, and alcohol. I tried to create a great new designer drug. It was the rage, but I fucked up the mix on one batch. Let's just say the consequences were grave. It required a lot of money to keep the affair from the public eye and to bury the details deep from prying spies."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Do you believe in destiny Whitney?"

"I've never thought about it."

"I do. I have a destiny. I will achieve great things. That whole incident - I recognize and accept my own responsibility in it. Choices make us. That was the proverbial fork in the road. The alternative, well it wasn't.” Lex paused again and placed his hand in one of Whitney’s. “Life goes on Whitney. I was prepared to hate Smallville, which I did until I met Clark. Things changed instantly. You see, it is a matter of perspective as well. You will only end up in Loserville if you chose to. So while I hate to put a Disney spin on things, there is something in all of this that makes it better. Amid the ruins a stronger person will emerge, if you let it happen."

"Lex, I've always known what the good and Clark. That isn't the problem. I've cried more in the last month than in my whole life. Events are happening and it’s like I'm playing from behind. I just want to catch my breath." Whitney looked down, sighed, and then looked directly at Lex, "Did it help telling me your past? I'm in no position to pass moral judgment on you. It may take Clark some time, but he loves you."

"I'm terrified of telling him. Whitney whatever path you take you will not end up a loser. I have faith in you even if you have none in yourself right now." Lex kissed him, a long slow kiss full of caring, kindness and love; a kiss to actualize what he could not verbalize.

Whitney returned the kiss, but pulled back. "What is it with my lovers wanting to kiss me in public places?"

Lex gave Whit a small playful shove. "This is not public, but I happen to like skinny dipping."

"No! Come on let's find Clark so I can make it up to him."

Lex stood up and mockingly glared. "What about me?"

"What about you?” Whitney asked as he was helped to his feet. He ran and hand along Lex’s stomach and smiled. “You don't pout nearly as well as Clark does. Come here. Thanks, it may take some time to process what you've said and I don't mean your past." He kissed Lex deeply. "Don't worry good Samaritans always get rewarded." He continued to kiss Lex and began to work his hands up and down Lex's back.

"Whit, if I didn’t know you I'd accuse you of being a tease right now. As you said, let’s find Clark." Lex ran his hands through Whitney's hair. They started walking back to the vehicles. Both of them had to adjust their pants to keep the erections from being too obvious. They headed over to the Kent farm.

Clark came home and Jonathan asked him how he was doing. Clark told the daily gossip and that Lex had gone looking for Whit. Clark moved around the kitchen and poured a glass of milk before his mother caught him and thought he was going to drink from the carton.

Jonathan used the opening to his advantage. "Clark, about Lex, are you seeing him as well as Whitney?"

"Um...'s like...sorta..."

"Clark!" Jonathan admonished.

"Okay, it is complicated and I told you from the beginning I was in love with both of them."

Jon walked up to Clark and placed a gentle hand on his broad shoulder. "I know, I'm your father and I have a right to be concerned. It may be too much too soon son. You went from famine to feast in no time flat and I don't know if that is healthy."

Clark exhaled slowly. "Dad, look I do feel overwhelmed at times but I can't imagine life without either of them."

"Clark, your birthday is in a few weeks, after that the laws of consent don't apply. Look I’ll admit Lex takes getting used to, but if that part of your relationship got out it would hurt the both of you.” Jon stopped for a second and collected his thoughts. “As for Whitney, he's a good guy and once he can overcome the storm he is in, he'll be fine. Clark, to be honest, when I think of you, I still see the four-year boy who always needed his dad. Now, you're your own man Clark and I'm very proud of you. I don't want this to scar you in the future. All I'm trying to say, badly, is be careful. Okay?"

Clark hugged Jon tightly. He backed off when Jon started coughing. Clark smiled. "Okay, dad thanks. I see Whit and Lex driving up. I love you dad, you're the best." He hugged Jon again and ran out of the house at normal speed.

The guys spent the afternoon talking and enjoying each other's company. It was relaxing, no stress involved. Indeed Whit did make up for teasing Lex and to Clark for worrying him. It was literally a relaxing roll in the hay. Lex complained that he would itch for days because of the hay. For all three of them it was a respite from the tension of the past couple of weeks. But the real world called and Whitney left to talk to his father.

With Whitney gone, Clark and Lex were alone. Clark cuddled close to Lex. "So what did you and Whitney talk about, he evaded the question twice so I dropped it."

"Well, he did owe both of us so he had much better things to do with his mouth than talk,” Lex replied with a grin. He stood up and started getting dressed.

Clark stood up as well and also dressed. Once he was done he placed a hand on one of Lex’s arms. "And you are evading the subject as well. Lex what did you talk about?"

Lex took Clark’s hand in his and squeezed gently. "Destiny, choices, and faith."

"Faith?" Clark asked confused.

"Yes, faith. The whole conversation revolved around his future and my past,” Lex replied softly.

Clark let go and stepped back. He sat on the couch and frowned. "What about your past, seeing how we know you're not proud of it but no specifics."

"Clark, I told Whitney some of my past - it was whitewashed, but it was the outline of the truth. There is far more to the story.” Lex sat down next to Clark. “It was to help him restore faith in himself. I want to be more forthcoming, but…Clark you are still young and I don't want to scare you. Do you want me to know everything about you?"

Sighing, Clark ran his hands through his hair. "Lex, no, but you are telling Whitney things and not telling me. How is that supposed to make me feel? Lex, I just want there to be no secrets between the three of us. The fastest way to destroy this is to hide things. Please all I'm asking is to treat us equally."

Lex stood up and started pacing. "Clark, if I treat you equally, will you still like me after what I tell you? I am afraid of your reaction, not you. In this matter I have no faith in myself."

Standing up, Clark pulled Lex into a hug. "I promise to think about what you tell me and not to make any snap judgments."

Lex moved to the couch and proceeded to tell Clark the tale he told Whitney. Lex was concerned seeing Clark so expressionless. Lex sighed when he finished and waited for Clark reaction.

Clark started pacing. "How did Whitney feel about this?"

"He said he was in no position to pass moral judgment. I really don't know how he feels though."

Clark plopped on the couch and kissed Lex on the cheek. "Lex, I love you. I knew you were not a saint and I knew that you had a...jaded past. I promised to think about it before I said anything. I lied.” He took a deep breath. “Lex, this does not change my opinion about you. I mean I know more about you than I did. Thanks for being honest. I hate to say this right now but I have homework to do. I’ll see you tomorrow and still love you forever." Clark kissed Lex deeply and walked him to his car. Clark waited until the tail lights were heading away from the farm to go inside. He decided that he needed to talk to Whitney.

Lex went home with a feeling of apprehension still curled in his stomach. He did not know where he got the courage to be forthright with Clark. He still feared a delayed reaction from the young man. However, there was an incredible sense of relief - a weight being lifted from his shoulders at being able to unburden his soul. He had been as honest as he could about his past. He’d omitted details, but he had stated that the consequences had been grave. ‘Grave as in the medical term for one needs to be prepared.’

He hoped that when he told them the whole truth they would still love him. Lex, who had never had an honest relationship, had two now. Not only that, but Lex had placed the two of them before work. That was a liberating as telling the truth. One of the prime rules his father espoused was business always comes first. Lex laughed that he had broken it without hesitation. Lex pulled the Mercedes to the front of the castle and exited. His mood lightened at the thought that his father's influence was being countered.

"Lex, where have you been? I tried reaching you but your assistant said you left. Lex..."

Lex's heart froze when he heard that voice and that tone. 'Oh, why now? Today? Ever?' "I had a situation to deal with."

Lionel Luthor walked out of Lex’s office and stared at his son for a moment. "Your dick does not a situation make. You are here to WORK Lex not to fuck the local farm boys. Lex, consider this your only warning."

Lex walked past his father into his office. He heard his father follow and turned to regard him coolly. "What makes you think I'm fucking a local boy?" Lex asked innocently.

"You are as transparent as ever. I know your tastes, women only if necessary for business, young men for pleasure.” Lionel moved closer to Lex and frowned. “You left work after a phone call. Draw your own conclusions! If you do not leave this boy then I will make him leave you Lex. While I'm at it, why is Victoria still around, I told you to get rid of the tramp." Lionel did not wait for a reply and swept out of the room.

Lex walked over to the alcohol tray and poured a drink. "Yeah, thanks for the visit dad."

Clark called Whitney after he finished his homework. He had started to dial half a dozen times only to panic. He wanted to make sure Whit's conversation with his father went well. He was scared about Whit's feelings over Lex's past. Clark finally screwed up his courage and made the call.


Clark was thankful that Whitney answered. "Whitney, how are you?" apprehension coloring Clark’s voice.

"Hey Clark, its okay. My dad and I talked. We really did not settle things, but at least I know he still loves me. He told me that it might take time to sort this out. The gay thing threw him for a loop because he never suspected.” Whitney paused and then started talking again. “He was upset about football because that was my thing and now it’s gone. He wanted me to have something of my own that the others didn't."

Clark sighed. "Excellent, glad that the talk went well. I hate to bring this up but..."

"Lex told you?"

"How did you know?"

Whitney yawned over the line. "Sorry about that. Just a guess and if he didn't I thought I would force the issue without telling you. I have no idea how a relationship works, much less this one. I figure honesty is the only way to make things work. I don't like secrets Clark."

Clark's heart dropped at that statement. 'Secrets, the bane of my existence!' "I can understand that. I told Lex that we need to be treated the same. I don't know what to think. I love him. What happened is in the past and he is wonderful. But I'm not stupid, there has to be more to it."

"Clark, even if there is, we do not need full disclosure right now.” Whitney yawned again. “It has not even been a month yet. When he wants to tell us, he will. I love him too. I also love you. I have to go; I need to catch up on my schoolwork. All this extracurricular sex is great, but I still need to graduate. And I need to catch up on my sleep. Bye love."


Clark looked at the phone, and then hung up. How was he going to tell two most important people in his life that don't know the secret? 'The real question is; how do I deal if they run screaming from the room?' Clark knew his parents are already asleep and asking for permission to tell his lovers was out of the question. He was on his own for this one.

Whitney got off the phone and unpacked his clothes from his backpack. He noticed a shirt that was not his. His mouth dropped open when he spotted the multiple holes. 'Holy shit!' Groaning, he realized that he should not have this. Whitney forgot about his homework and headed to Luthor Castle. ‘This something that should have been destroyed.’

Whitney walked right in, having all the security codes that a very welcome late night visitor needed. He searched for Lex and found him in the study. Lex had a glass in his hand; he was staring at the fireplace, gazing into the firelight. Lex turned, a play of emotions crossed his face. Then mask of neutral contempt settled on his face.

"Why are you here?" Lex asked with a sneer. Lex was trying to summon all the strength to do what he had to do in order to protect them.

"What? Lex why are you acting this way? What the hell has gotten into you?" Whitney was confused and angry at Lex's response.

Lex frowned. "Just leave, go and don't come back. It's over, all the way around."

Whitney moved closer and stood in front of Lex. "No, what happened between the loft and now?” He stopped and understanding dawned in his head. “Your father! What did he do, threaten you or does he know already?"

"Drop it and leave. It is no concern of yours." Lex turned and willed himself to remain still. Lex felt a hand on his shoulder and was turned to look at his lover square in the face.

"No. That was it, your father comes down and you just give up?"

"Since when did you become so insightful?"

"Doesn't take any insight. You told Clark and me as much about your past as you are comfortable. We respect that and it hasn't scared us away. You're in Smallville because of your father ergo he is the only one who can affect you this way," Whitney replied proudly.

"Whitney, leave, you can't stay,” Lex looked around and tried to calm the tremor in his voice.


"He suspects something and I don't want you or Clark hurt...or worse." Lex tried to pull away from Whitney, but couldn’t. Lex was pulled into an embrace that shattered his resolve. Guilt coursed through him because he lacked the strength to stand his ground.

Whitney started kissing Lex and moving his hands under his shirt. "Lex, I will stand by you no matter what. We’ve covered this ground already. I love you for you. A very intelligent, charismatic, sexy, snide, and wonderful guy, I didn't grow up rich and I don't care about being rich. I grew up in a house full of expectations so I understand. Lex, Clark will never leave you. In fact he seems to make a point of saving you."

Lex returned the kiss with a fierce determination. Lex removed his shirt and helped take off Whit's clothes as well. Both young men start groping and grasping each other.

Lex pushed Whitney back. “In the drawer – condoms and lube.”

Nodding, Whitney rifled through the drawer and found them. He moved quickly and kissed Lex while coating his finger in lube. The kiss remained hot and deep. Whitney used that time to slick Lex and prepare him. Finally the groans from Lex gave Whitney all the encouragement he needed. He bent him over the desk. He quickly rolled the condom down his very hard cock and thrust into his older lover. His slick hand moved under Lex and started jacking his cock in time to Whitney’s thrust. All too soon Lex grunted and came. The tightening muscles pushed Whit over the edge and he came too.

Lex pulled his slacks and underwear up, still panting. "Thanks Whit. I'm sorry but my father has threatened that I get rid of my lover. He doesn’t know the specifics. That creates the problem. He’ll look now that he thinks I do have a lover. That makes this situation very dangerous."

Whitney had to change the subject. "You and Clark told me about the other night when you were under that guy’s control."


Whitney nodded. "Yeah. What did Clark tell you that happened?"

"Not much, but he says I said things that really hurt him.” Lex frowned and pulled out a folder and handed it to Whitney. “The investigation team said that there was evidence of a major gunfight in the actual shop. Why?"

Whitney went to his bag and retrieved Clark's shirt. "I slept with him last night. He has a number of bruises on his back and chest. They are about this size." He handed the shirt over to Lex.

Lex took the shirt and examined it. "These look like bullet holes! Whitney, what you just said, what the onsite evidence says, and what this shirt says is that I shot Clark several times. I SHOT HIM!" Lex began pacing. He was mumbling to himself and was trying to fit that new piece of information into the pattern he already had for Clark. "I need to talk to him." Lex moved to put his shirt back on, but Whit stopped him.

"NO. We agreed that HE had to make the decision to tell us. Anything less is coercion and will ruin any chance we have of this working. Lex, we have to trust him even if he feels he cannot trust us. We have no choice."

"We did. Circumstances change. I have reasons to be concerned.” Lex handed the shirt back to Whitney. “Take THAT with you and do not talk about this at all. Whit, I know I was an ass earlier, but I had my reasons. The situation is fluid and I do not get caught unprepared.” Lex kissed Whitney. “Something came up and I’ll be out of town this weekend, when I get back on Monday then I'll ask Clark again and see if he wants to tell the truth. I promise to let him know that there is evidence that he is...unique."

Lex walked Whitney out, "I'll be in Metropolis this weekend, business calls. Keep Clark company...I'm sure that won't be a problem. I'll stop by and see him on my way out. Good night Whit." As Lex watched the truck drive away, his mind was deciphering the meaning behind the shirt. 'I'm overlooking something...what?'

Clark and Whitney spent a lot of the weekend together. Lex called twice to check on them. Whitney asked Clark to come over for dinner and meet his family. Jonathan and Martha found it very amusing. Clark had been a nervous wreck.

Martha could not help but tease him. "Have fun Clark and mind your manners, we don't want them thinking you were raised in a barn." Clark groaned and gave his mom a nasty look.

Whitney came over to pick Clark up. "Clark, you look great!" Clark was dressed in black slacks and a charcoal gray Polo long sleeve shirt. His hair had a wet look and had some hanging in his eyes. He had an aura of seductive innocence. "Thanks for doing this. My dad is trying. He wants to meet you and the guys are leaving within the next week so I want you to meet them as well. To be honest I'm frightened, I mean I'm bringing my boyfriend home."

Clark kissed Whitney and held his hand. They walked out to his truck and climbed in for the drive over. "Whitney...this is real...I mean it’s been a dream since the project and everything that happened but this makes it...official."

"Clark, are you okay? You don't have to go if you don't want to."

"It's okay...I mean it has to happen some time, right? I'd rather do this with your whole family here.” Clark squeezed Whitney’s hand again. “It's not like we are ever going to do this with Mr. Luthor. You've met my parents so it's only fair."

Dinner had been different. Clark finally met Whit's parents and oldest brother. While Whit's father had been a bit distant, his mother had been very pleasant. Bastian already liked Clark and Jeff had met him the one time. Jeff liked Clark because it was apparent that he loved Whitney. Tristan was curious and asked many questions. In the end Clark was impressed with the closeness the brothers exhibited.

Clark was jealous; he'd never had a sibling even though he asked for one every Christmas until he was nine. Clark had few friends growing up and Whitney had a ton. 'Well not so many right now, but I know he's loved at home.' By evening's end Clark had been invited to come over for dinner anytime and Bastian invited him to come to Houston whenever he wanted. Clark's interest in astronomy raised Bastian’s opinion of him greatly.

Whitney took Clark home, but Whitney stopped near his favorite thinking spot. They both got out and Whitney placed something inside his jacket. Clark noticed that Whit had stopped wearing his letterman's jacket after losing his scholarship. Whitney was also dressed in slacks, but was wearing a sports coat that complimented him well.

"Well Clark, what did you think?"

Clark smiled and placed an arm across Whitney’s shoulders. "That I'm jealous and I like your family. I enjoyed it. We really ARE dating, wow."

Whit laughed and patted the hand on his shoulder. "Yes we are, but don't forget this is a trio. It would be nice to be open, but my parents would never understand that! It's strange, three weeks ago we just got together and I'd never imagine my life being the way it is now."

Whitney brought up a small bundle from under his jacket and placed it behind his back. "Clark Kent, you are the best thing to ever happen to me. This may be lame but I got you this..." Whitney handed Clark a white rose on the cusp of blooming. "I love you, Mr. Kent, with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I know it's way too soon, but I can't see being in any relationship other than this one." Whitney kissed Clark with gentleness and love.

Clark had tears in his eyes. "Whitney, I've never been happier. This has been a perfect night, thank you."

Whit gave Clark a sly grin; "It could be better if our other love was here as well. I never knew so much was possible. I think I'm spoiled for life."

Clark hugged Whit close and whispered, "Spend the night with me. There is a foldout bed in my couch. I want to be next to one of the loves of my life. Please?"

"How can I resist that? Yes." Whitney hugged Clark back and they left to head to Clark's home.

Jonathan heard Whit's truck pull up and the engine turn off. He got out of bed and saw both young men are heading into the loft. 'In retrospect that was a bad idea.' Jon was torn. It is clear that Clark was in love with two young men, but was he doing his duty as a parent? Clark's was now sexually active and Jon had a few talks with him about growing up and maturing. He still remembered Clark's unending embarrassment when he brought up masturbation. Jon thought Clark was going to die. Jon explained it was natural and that every boy did it to some extent. They covered condoms, diseases, and pregnancy. He’d not had a talk since Clark found out he wasn't human and that did worry Jon. 'Well by now I would know that there was a problem.'

"Jon, stop worrying and go to sleep,” Martha admonished sleepily.

"Martha, are we doing the right thing?" Jon walked back to bed and sat down.

"Jon, we know what he is doing and where he is. We trust him and we know who is with and we trust them as well. It is that easy. This is not a battle I want to fight because it's the fastest way to lose him.” She pulled him into back into the bed. “Jon, we both know that his destiny is not here. We have no idea what the future holds for him so I think we should let him have this time in case there is none in the future."

"You're right, as usual. He's a great kid so I'll let it be, but so help me if Lex or Whitney hurts him I WILL get the shotgun out."

She patted his hand. "Go to sleep Jon."

The following week was just as eventful for the guys. The weekend had ended well, but Mondays were a curse for all people to some extent.

Lex was not amused. Sir Harry Hardwick and his daughter had bought Cadmus Labs out from under him. Hardwick Industries planned on using it as a platform to takeover Luthor Corp. Sir Harry no longer needed his 13% stake in Luthor Corp or his voting rights. All he had to do was launch a hostile takeover and Lex was not sure when Sir Harry was going to do that.

Lex also found out that Clark had been in an incident while on a school field trip. Clark had been angry when Lex had confronted him with his suspicions. Clark had wanted Lex to hit him to prove that he was a normal guy. Nothing Lex observed matched what he knew of Clark's abilities. 'Something is very out of sorts.' Lex couldn’t push Clark much harder because of his promise to Whitney. Not only that but Luthor Corp was under siege and it is a matter of personal pride that his father be taken down by him and him only. 'Well can't wait for the Hardwick's to find out what I've planned.'

For Clark the loss of his abilities was a mixed bag. He was normal, but he no longer felt special. He lied to Lex and was telling the truth at that moment - he is just a guy. Clark was worried that Eric Summers would figure out that Clark was where he gained those abilities. What hurt the most was the town liked Eric, as 'Superboy;' in fact Clark was jealous. He had hidden in plain sight and he never had to, it sucked. Not only that, but Clark felt smaller, fragile even. His nose kept bleeding for no reason. He had no idea what to think. He'd been so strong and fast forever. It scared him to think that they might be part of him for a reason.

Clark had enjoyed playing basketball with Whitney, Pete, and Brent. It was more fun than he could ever remember, but he’d ached afterwards. What really embarrassed Clark was the fact that he’d lost control of his cock as well. He’d been able to control his hormones to an extent, but without his powers, he was getting hard at the drop of a hat. That was embarrassing.

Lex was happy that Clark was okay. He’d rushed to the hospital when he found out that Clark had been injured at school. A cut on the forehead and some bruised ribs but otherwise Clark was okay. Whit had said Clark played a pickup game of basketball for the first time. Lex had read the Ledger and someone matching Clark's known abilities was a town hero. Now Clark was injured. Lex was able to get a smile out of his younger lover and they were okay.

Lex left the hospital and had to get back to Metropolis. He has a morning meeting that can prove quite...entertaining.

Clark went to see Whitney at the store. He’d tussled with Eric Summers and was back to normal. Getting his powers back healed him and Clark wanted to let Whit know he was okay.

Whitney smiled broadly as Clark walked in the front door. "Hi Clark! You look fine to me. Lex said you had some bruised ribs and weren't walking well."

"I'm fine just dropped in to see you. Can we go see Lex after you get off...together? I want to talk to the both of you."

"Not a problem, if you help me with Calculus. I hear you're the math wizard."

Clark sighed. "Who said that?"

"Pete, Chloe, Lana, Jason, Doug, Emily, Sam, the list goes on and on. I get the feeling you hide just how smart you are from everyone," Whitney said with a wink.

"Nah, I mean its bad enough that I'm a year behind but I don't like to draw attention to myself."

Whitney moved from behind the counter and gave Clark a brief hug. "Clark, there is nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd. Hell might as well go for Valedictorian status if you can. I mean you're out at school how much further can you stand out. I know I'm an incredible catch and that speaks well..." Clark has hurled a packet of gum at Whitney's self-description.

"Best be glad I already love you because with that ego I don't much room in your life for either Lex or myself. Hey don't pout; you don't do it nearly as well as I do." The store was empty and Whit started tickling Clark. Clark has dissolved into a giggling mess. Clark stopped laughing and looked up frowning, “Hey you aren’t taking Calculus!”

“I know, I thought I’d tease you though.” Whitney smiled again.

The boys shared a quick kiss and then Clark helped Whitney do a quick inventory of the store.

Lex was staring at the pictures of his father and Victoria in bed. He had no idea how to feel. In a few moments he went from elation to cold anger. "Never trust your family Lex." Lex’s plan had worked and Hardwick Industries was being bought out at a fraction of the costs. His father had praised him and then slapped him down. 'BASTARD!' Lionel's praise and lesson all at once, so typical.

Lex had just ordered Roger Nixon to leave the Kents alone. Lex knew all he really needed to know. The information was all in front of him and he didn’t want Clark to find out about the investigation. He loved him and did trust him. He’d made arrangements to increase the protective detail around Smallville though. If Clark was mortal, then he can no longer take care of himself and that was a major cause for concern.

Lex was in a quandary. He’d left multiple options open on how to deal with the Hardwicks. Sir Harry had been stupid about so many things: he’d trusted Victoria without verifying facts; he’d used company cash reserves and some stock to acquire Cadmus, also foolish; he’d assumed that Lex was like Victoria - wrong on all counts. Cadmus had been a decoy, but if Harry had used a leveraged finance plan and preserved Hardwick's cash and stock value then Luthor Corp would not be able to walk in and acquire it so easily. Had Hardwick done that, Lex had created a hidden liability inside the shell company. Lex would let a story float that Cadmus was being hit with major liability lawsuits over one of its discoveries.

Harry had been incorrect; Cadmus was not worthless - it just wasn’t the cash cow Victoria thought it was. But the opening was invaluable. Perception is reality in Capital Markets; the questions of Hardwick Industries own liability would hammer the stock. Luthor Corp would walk in and take over. Lex would then release all the evidence that Cadmus was clean, Luthor Corp's value skyrockets as a result. As it is, Luthor Corp was moving from a Fortune 50 company to a Fortune 25 company with the 'merger.'

Lex still had that ploy up his sleeve to deal with his father. He stared at the photo again and wanted to feel something. He heard the door open and saw Clark and Whitney walk in. Despite the evidence in his hands, he smiled and knew two very special people loved him. He also saw that Clark no longer had a cut above his eye. "What brings you here, not that I'm complaining mind you."

Clark studied Lex for a moment and noticed the picture in his hand. Clark was going to come clean, but suddenly thinks better of it. "Wanted to make sure you and I are cool. Besides it's been almost a week since we've all been together."

Whitney mouth fell open, but he shut it again. He pointed to the photo in Lex’s hand. "What is that?"

Lex frowned and then sighed. "A picture of Victoria and my father in bed together. Another of my father's lessons and abject proof that I am someone to be bested as well." Lex was suddenly engulfed in a three-way hug. "I ...thank you both...if I remember correctly Spring break is next week?"

Whit and Clark exchanged confused glances, but confirm that they are off Friday and out the following week.

"Perfect. We are going on vacation. Clark, tell Martha and Jonathan that I am whisking you away for a week. Whitney, tell your parents that I'm taking Clark to Hawaii and you were invited as well so you won’t get jealous. I mean I am Clark's best friend and you are his boyfriend so I don't want to cause any trouble. I have a 'friend' that owns a mansion on a private island. No one around for a full week but some very trusted servants. I'll call Bruce later and make the arrangements."

Whitney smiled faded and finally said, "Lex, what if our parents say no? I have to help with the store and Clark has to help with the farm."

Lex patted Whitney on the shoulder. "Not a problem. All the kids are on vacation so I'll hire some to cover for the both of you. WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!"

Whit and Clark were going to spend an entire week with Lex, in Hawaii. Suddenly what looked like a dull Spring Break turned into a chance of a lifetime. They just needed parental approval in the next day. Not too much to ask for.

Lex walked his lovers out and returned to the study. He saw the picture sitting on the desk and again wanted to feel something. He didn’t feel betrayal because he did not trust either of them. Disappointment did not fit either because this was to be expected. 'Best arrange the trip.' Lex picked up the phone and made a rare call.

"Wayne residence,” said a distinctive British voice.

"Hello Alfred, its Lex."

"Mr. Luthor, it has been awhile, let be put the call through to Master Bruce."

"Thank you." Lex smiled and waited for a moment.

"Bruce here."

"Hello Bruce, its Lex."

"Calling about Minerva?"

"Actually I'm not. I was wondering if I could borrow your house out in Hawaii. I feel the need for a vacation."

"Of course, I'll have Alfred make the arrangements so it is ready when you need it. I heard about Hardwick, very intriguing. I'm sure Lionel is having a field day on this one."

"A personal triumph and all - yes he is in rare form. I'll need it for next week."

"Not going to London to finalize on Hardwick. Does Lionel know this yet?"

"Hardwick is his deal; I was just an instrument in its implementation. Is there something I need to know about Minerva?"

"It proceeds apace and as anticipated. The thought occurred that you might expedite the agreement and steal the march on your father."

Lex paused and schooled his voice to remain neutral. "You know about that?"

"Again the thought had occurred, but Smallville suits you well. I take it your vacation has something to do with the locale?"

Shaking his head, Lex frowned and pulled the receiver away from his face for a second. "Bruce, either you became psychic or you had a man on the ground."

"I keep tabs on my business partners. Besides you did ask to give away a proto-type laptop."

Lex chuckled softly. "About that, I need another same specs."

"Really? I underestimate Smallville then or did Mr. Kent crash it by playing too many games."

"Not that it is any of your business Bruce, but it is not for Clark."

"Very well Lex, same specs. And the game you play with your father has consequences beyond either of you. WELL BEYOND EITHER OF YOU. Be careful Lex and let me know about Minerva, the timing seems to be moving up." With that Bruce Wayne ended the conversation.

Lex set the phone down and pondered his father's words again. 'Am I that transparent and does he suspect anything?' Lex departed his study for his bedroom. Bruce understood from the beginning the potential Minerva brought to the table. Lex and Bruce had attended boarding school together in England. They considered each other the closest thing they had to a friend. Their common backgrounds allowed them to understand each other very well.

Minerva Joint Venture, owned by Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, via shell companies to hide the true ownership. Minerva was where all the fake information for Cadmus had come. The operating agreement was for five years. They had each put up $25 million in cash, Bruce provided a secure facility and Lex provided most of the research. As it stood Minerva could go public and become a Fortune 50 company right now. The agreement had a few stipulations. It would last only five years, after that time frame Minerva would go public and both partners would hold a thirty percent stake the remainder for the capital markets. At any point either partner could offer to buy the other out. Lex, however was due intellectual property rights and thus would be due royalties if Wayne bought him out. The reverse was not true.

'Bruce understands my relationship with my father, namely that I hate him.' Lex had plans for Minerva. Events though were forcing him to change them though. Having Clark and Whitney around had changed Lex. Revenge was not as important as knowing how impotent he could render the mighty Lionel Luthor. 'I told Whitney that choices make us. This is my choice and how I do it affects the future just as much as the result.' Lex thought about asking Bruce to buy him out in the end. Going public had never been a viable option; it had been placed in the agreement as a way out should they not reach an amicable conclusion. If Bruce did buy Lex out, he would use Wayne Industries stock as payment for his stake. That would make Lex a key shareholder in Luthor Corp and Wayne Industries plus all the royalty income from Minerva patents.

'I could sit on the boards of a Fortune 25 and Fortune 10 company and collect tens of millions of dollars doing nothing, annually.' The more Lex thought about it the better it sounded. He could keep Clark and Whitney with him and they would never have to worry. But destiny called and that path did not sit well with doing great things or deposing his father. Lex was looking at buying out Bruce. Lex could use all his holdings excluding Luthor Corp and buy out Bruce. He could then run Minerva and use it to propel him to greatness.

The fun idea was also the best way to ruin his father. Once Hardwick was fully under Luthor control, Lex could use the Cadmus poison pill. Lex would ignite the sell-off himself by dumping his entire Luthor Corp portfolio on the open market at a discount rate. It would catch Wall Street off guard and once it was discovered who started the run, Luthor Corp stock would collapse. Lex would already have Minerva and use it to take Luthor Corp away from his father. Once he clarified the Cadmus issue, the newly christened Lex Corp would be a Fortune 10 company. He had seventeen months before Minerva JV expired and it would be at least six months before Hardwick was fully under Luthor control. 'What to do?'

Martha and Jonathan were incredulous about Hawaii. Jon had taken great pleasure in reminding Martha of their prior conversation. In the end she had to relent and allow Clark to go to the island. Whitney had it easier. His parents said yes and happy graduation. Clark grumbled about how easy Whitney had it, but was very happy he was going to spend a week in paradise with both of his loves.

Whitney picked Clark up to go to school as usual, but they had the luggage for their trip. All their friends wanted to know why Lex was taking them to Hawaii. Clark clarified it for all of them. "It really is simple. Lex is my best friend and he wanted to get away for a real vacation. He offered and I said yes as long as Whitney could come. Lex agreed so we fly to the 50th state after schools over."

Lana and Chloe just stared at Clark. The explanation was too pat. They still thought that Lex had a crush on him. They were concerned that Whitney would get hurt.

Chloe frowned. "Okay Clark, have fun but we do not want to hear about it when you get back." The girls left in a huff.

The drive over to the mansion was full of excitement. Clark and Whitney were greeted as they pulled in and all their bags taken and loaded into the limo.

"Hi guys," quipped Lex. "Lets get moving the jet is waiting for us at Metropolis International."

The limo ride was fun but Lex insisted that they not have sex until the plane was airborne. They were taking a private jet that would fly direct to Hawaii. Then it would be a forty-five minute chopper ride to the mansion they were staying. The make-out session in the limo ride had all three guys aching for release.

"Lex next time can we just have sex I mean I've been hard since we left your house," Clark whined.

"Yeah Lex, what is this whole trip going to be an exercise in frustration?" Whitney added.

Lex mockingly pouted. "Okay, I was wrong and I'm hurting just as much as you are so zip it!"

"No problem Dr. Evil!" replied both teenagers at the same time.

Lex could not help but laugh. "Dr. Evil...just wait remember we are going to be on an island for eight days, we'll see who's evil by the time we get back."

Whitney kissed Lex and whispered, "We look forward to it."

Lex's cock ached even more after that.

The flight was an adventure as the guys were able to release the pent up energy from the limo ride. Once they arrived at the mansion all three were in awe. The house and land had been a pineapple plantation. The house had been restored to its former glory and modernized for 21st century technology. It was also air-conditioned, a necessity for Hawaii’s tropical climate. The servants Bruce had arranged took the suitcases to the master suite. It had a porch that looked out over the beach and a bed that would fit the three of them comfortably. Lex was impressed. This was all he wanted, a week at the beach with two naked teenagers. Lex had come close to forbidding clothing for the entire trip, but he did plan to take them to Honolulu for a night stay.

All three got comfortable in the bed and feel asleep quickly. The restful sleep was shattered when Clark began screaming from a nightmare. Whitney and Lex woke with a start and saw Clark locked in a dream. Neither man could wake him. They heard him saying things in a language they could not place. Out of nowhere Clark bolted awake and screamed, "NO!"

"What is it Clark?" asked Lex and Whitney comforted the shaken boy.

"I don't’s like I was reliving something but I've never seen anyplace like it before. It was a dream I could not wake from and then it was like millions of voices screaming in my head at once and it was over."

Lex and Whitney looked at each and looked at Clark. Lex took the lead. Both Clark and Whitney deferred to him on major decisions. "Clark, you were talking in a language that was not English. I could not place it nor could Whit. Do you speak any foreign language?"

Clark hung his head as the moment of truth dawned. Lex and Whit had trusted him with their lives, inner thoughts, and feelings. He’d lost his resolve once, but needed to come clean for his own sake. "I don't know what language it was, but I have to tell you something and I'm glad both of you are here and can't run away." He gathered his courage and continued.

"I'm not what you think I am. Lex, I lied to you. You did hit me with your car at full speed. I rescued you Whitney from a burning truck and saved you from the explosion with my own body.” He paused to let his words sink in for both of the men in front of him. “I found out right after the accident Lex...I'm not human. I don't know what I am. I arrived during the meteor storm that hit Smallville. Everything that has happened is my fault." Clark looked up and saw two stunned faces.

Lex stammered for a moment before words came out of his mouth. "So I did shoot you while under Rickman's influence?"

Whit asked, "But how did you get bruised ribs?"

Clark looked up and was now the stunned one. "How did you know about that? Um...Eric got my abilities somehow during the lightning incident. What the HELL is going on here!"

Lex and Whitney looked chagrined. Lex shrugged and moved closer to Clark in the bed. He grabbed a hand and held it. "Clark, Whitney and I have suspected that you had a secret and compared notes. He found your shirt that had bullet holes and saw the evidence first-hand on your back and chest. There was evidence of a major gunfight at the repair shop. Clark, we never drew any conclusions."

"Clark, this doesn't change how we feel. It adds to who you are kind of like an added flavor. Actually it makes you the most unique person on the Earth. WOW!"

Clark could not believe his luck. They still wanted him. They still loved him and hadn't run screaming from the room.

"Clark, about this dream, what do you think it is?" Lex was gently squeezing Clark’s hand.

"I don't know Lex. My dad showed me some tablet that arrived with me it had some symbols on it, but I don't know."

Whitney moved them all closer together. Whit snuggled while they talked. "Clark, what can you do exactly?"

"I'm very strong, have super speed, can see through things, and things at great distance. My hearing is getting strange. The meteor rocks make me sick though."

Lex kissed Clark, "So, any other secrets you care to share? Not harboring any boy-band crushes or ..."

Clark hit him with a pillow before Lex could complete his statement.

"Actually, I have a secret," Whit countered. "I'm a big Sci-Fi fan and I read fantasy as well, I’m a Star Wars freak."

"What no romance novels?" Lex was hit by yet another pillow.

Within moments the whole scene became a big pillow fight. After a few minutes Lex and Whitney double-teamed Clark. "No fair, two against one!"

Clark took a pillow in the face for that comment.

Whitney then calmed them down and said he had a theory. "It could be possible that you come from a people that have a racial or genetic memory. Several authors espouse that advanced races could achieve such a dynamic. Your dream could be your memory beginning to break through. Clark the very patterns of your thoughts are different because you were raised human. The way your native people think has to overcome your conditioning. The older you get, the stronger you become, and the more you might know and remember. It makes no sense to send you with a message you could never read unless you can learn it because in a sense you will live it."

Lex and Clark looked at Whitney stunned. They knew Whit was not dumb, but the extent of his thinking had been demonstrated and they liked it. They talked about the possibilities, but soon began yawning. Fatigue set in and the boys all went back to sleep.

Lex got up after an hour and went out onto the veranda. He looked back at the sleeping young men. To Lex, Clark's revelation had been eye opening and inspiring. This trio suddenly made sense to him. Clark was Apollo, a god from on high, he was Alexander, a king, but Whitney was Ptolemy, a trusted general. Lex doubted his humanity and Clark was not human but Whitney could make a human decision if it were required.

Lex could place his trust, faith, and love here with these two wonderful people. For all that Clark was not human; he was far more human than Lex felt. This vacation was a turning point. Lex could let go and believe that if he needed someone he would get not one but two sets of hands to help. Lex looked and smiled, he had a whole week in paradise with two horny teenagers. Lex was happy and content, all his plans and goals could wait another week.

Battlements and Barricades

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