Friday: London 6:35pm local

Lionel Luthor walks down the terminal after arriving via the Concord from the States. This should be his finest hour, his personal triumph over a personal nemesis. However, as usual, Lex has placed a crimp in those plans. Lex was not in London and Lex had not signed his proxy votes. Most importantly Lionel's voting shares where only 30%. Lex held 13% of Luthor Corp. It irritated Lionel to no end that Lex's leash was all but gone. Lionel needed his son to maintain iron control of the Board. Lionel always had ways of reining in his errant son. It was always about being in control. Empires ran smoothly because one man held all the power. History was very clear, to the victors went the spoils and all the good PR.

"Good evening Mr. Luthor, the key shareholders of Hardwick you wished to meet will be at your hotel in the morning. The first session is at 10:00. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate your son. A team has been dispatched to Smallville. We have a call into the plant to see if anyone knows where your son is. The first two sets of shareholders are the ones closest to Sir Harry. If any of them bolt then your case is easy and the asking price lower for the others."

"Very good Nigel."

"Thank you."

Lionel was taken to a waiting Rolls Royce and went quickly to his London townhouse. 'Lex this act of defiance will be the last one ever!' As the Rolls cruised down the narrow London streets all Lionel could ponder was many an heir to throne had perished not far from his location. 'Conquest on my left and rebellion on my right, how European!' Lionel's mind swept back to Kansas and the son whom he despised.

Everything always comes back to Lex. Lex was Lionel's biggest disappointment and a disgrace to the family name. Lex who wanted to go to MIT or Berkley and become a scientist. Lex who had to be forced into learning the family business. Lex who had been pulled out of clubs higher than a kite or with his pants around his ankles from being fucked. Lex the homosexual, Lex the drug-maker, Lex the coward, Lex the scion of the Luthor Family. Lex who is his mother's son. Lex the disappointment. All these things Lex was, is, and will be. Lex was Lionel's cross to bear and he was all that the Luthor family had left. Lex the last Luthor and the end of a Mid-Western Dynasty. Lionel was rarely sentimental but thinking about Lex and all that he represented always depressed and angered him. Lionel's legacy would not be Luthor Corp among the top companies on the planet. No the legacy he would leave is Lex and by that standard and that standard alone Lionel judged himself a failure.

"Nigel, I want my son found and I want him found YESTERDAY!" Above all other things, Lex was his possession and sometimes failures needed to be buried.

Smallville 12:30 pm Local Time

Chloe and Lana continued to wonder how they had been suckered into working for Whitney at Fordman's.

"Tell me again Lana how this is worth our time. I mean look at the day, it's the best day in weeks and WE are stuck inside working. Not the ideal Spring Break to me!"

"Chloe, Lex hired us at TEN dollars an hour plus he promised us a surprise if we did this. So while we could be spending money, we are making money."

"Lana, why did Lex care if Whitney could go to Hawaii or not? Something is not right."

"Listen, I am past guessing the mind of the rich and young. He wanted to take them and he took them. He hired ten guys to help with the Kent farm. Can you believe it?"

"Yes I can. Lex wants Clark, period."

"Can we drop it already. I mean we go back and forth and we have no clue what is really going on so just drop it. On a different note, do you want to go see a movie tonight?"

"Yes, As long as we get out of HERE at a decent hour. Lana remind me to NEVER let you talk into anything again. I'd rather be in Chemistry class."


Pete walked into the store with two other football players. "Hey Chloe, Lana how are things goin?"

Lana groaned, "Don't ask!" And clamped a hand over Chloe's mouth before she could began her tirade all over again. "What are you up to?"

"Man, Mr. Kent is working us hard. He must have made up all sorts of projects cause there is no way Clark gets this entire amount done daily. The man is a slave driver. I think he's mad because Clark went away with his sugar daddy. At least Lex is paying us well."

"Pete, Clark is dating WHITNEY not Lex. Go back to work!"

Lana walked over to Pete and whispered in his ear. "She's been grumpy all day, just leave it be. Believe me I'd run away if I could."

"Lana what are you telling Pete?"


Pete shrugged and gave Lana a sympathetic pat on the back. He knew how Chloe could be when she was in one of these moods. Nothing would placate her. Pete and the guys picked up a few items and hurried out. Pete could still hear Lana and Chloe jabbering back and forth as he walked out of the store.

Hawaii 8:40am local

Across the horizon, a huge gas giant rose, the rings of ice and rock circling, creating a breath taking view. In the distance, Spires of crystal gleamed and chimed as the winds whistled through their cathedral-like structures. The vistas of purple, blue and red brought joy to the heart. It was then that Lex realized this was a dream and Whit and Clark were with him. They wore an expression of wonder that was equal to his own. The ocean beat against the shore as colors he could not even name overwhelmed his senses. From the red sun burning above, to the Saturn like planet looming ahead, to the vast ocean of purple water, and the sun drenched city below all brought tears to Lex's eyes.

"So beautiful" he heard Whitney say.

"Yes, magnificent" He replied.


Lex awoke with a start. His chest heaving and glanced and saw his lovers sound asleep. 'We shared a dream. I know that was a dream but they were THERE!' Lex as carefully as possible extricated himself from the tangle of bodies that the bed had become. Lex went to the adjourning bathroom and splashed water on his face. He looked up and despite the fatigue he felt he did not recognize the face in the mirror. Lex was happy. Lex was in love and was loved in return. He had an alien and jock for lovers. Lex shook his mind off the obvious and returned to the dream. He had not noticed that he had walked out and sat down at the table on the veranda. He also did not notice when Whitney joined him.

"Good morning Lex," Whitney said as he kissed Lex. "What has you looking so thoughtful on this wonderful day?"

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. I had this incredible dream and you and Clark were there."

"Could you describe it?"

Whit recalled the dream and told Lex. After a few details Lex responded and told Whit about other details. Within moments Lex confirmed that they had had the same dream. They got up and walked back into the bedroom and looked at the sleeping Clark.

"We have no idea what effect he has had on us do we?"

"No, we don't but I don't think asking him for blood samples is feasible do you Whit?"

"No but if we are dreaming the same things then SOMETHING is going on."

"Agreed but whatever it is has already occurred besides it has been stupid of us not to have played completely safe all the time. I should know better."

"Well you said your tests have been clean for over two years. I'm not a virgin but I've only had sex with two other people and both were virgins. Clark well we knew he was a virgin so..."

"It was still dumb! Again whatever this is dream thing is we will just have to find out and figure it out. I've always loved problem solving."

"We can't ask Clark to submit to testing, that is his worst fear."

"Never! But a sperm sample will reveal a great deal of genetic information and it could be great deal of fun getting said sample."

Clark heard his lovers talking and realized that they had really been in his dream. Clark listened as they discussed the significance of the dreams. For Clark it argued of a commonality. He looked human and had the same emotions. However Whitney had planted doubts inadvertently. What if he felt and acted this way because he was raised human. Logic did win the day when he said he still LOOKED human and responded sexually just like Whit and Lex. His strength and speed did not come into play when he was having sex. His instincts reined him in and allowed him to just enjoy the sensations. Clark realized that he knew nothing about his physiology. Despite his misgivings and fears of being experimented on, Clark was going to step up and try to learn everything he could. He owed it to himself and the people he loved to find out. He was scared but he did not doubt Lex or Whitney. They would do anything for him and he trusted them completely.

"Good morning." Clark mumbled.

Clark opened his eyes and stretched while taking a deep yawn. Lex and Whitney stopped talking and let their eyes roam up and down Clark's delicious body. Lex had on boxers and was overdressed compared to Clark and Whit. Clark looked up at them and smiled, dropped his hand to pull on his morning timber. That was all the invitation Lex or Whit needed. The morning passed quickly while the guys leisurely reacquainted themselves with each other. For the three of them, sex was an act of incredible passion with the precision of the best ballet choreography. Hands, legs, mouths, and cocks all moved without hesitation in a rhythmic dance only their souls could hear. Passion and energy built to a crescendo yet moved and amplified along the arc that the three of them created. They no longer had sex, the physical act of love made tangible moving them from the plane of the mundane to the realm of the extraordinary. It was mind-blowing.

Smallville 6:30pm

Gabe Sullivan walked into his house after an exhausting day. Luthor Corp officials had called every fifteen minutes trying to locate Lex. He was not the man's administrative assistant and had no idea what his schedule looked like. It was the worst of all worlds. The only good thing, if there was one, at least Lionel was in London and would be there until the following Saturday.

"Hi Dad, how was your day?"

"Don't ask, yours?"

"I have no clue how people can work in retail. I mean ICK! No thank you. People are so demanding and not very nice. I am only doing Lex a favor; I have no idea where anything in that store is. I mean I could LOOK but why?"

"What did you say Chloe?"

"That I HATE retail, you are SO typical, not paying ANY attention to what I'm saying. I'm going to a movie with Lana, see ya."

"WAIT! What did you mean you are doing a favor for Lex?"

"Look Lex asked me and Lana to cover for Whitney at the store. He's paying us $10 an hour plus some surprise, why?"

"Do you know where he is?"

"YEAH, why?"

"His father is looking for him. Where is Lex?"

"He went to Hawaii. He took Clark and Whitney with him. THEY get a real Spring Break while I'm stuck behind some counter. Bye!"

'He's in Hawaii, SHIT!' Gabe Sullivan walked to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a strong drink. He liked Lex and decided to sit on this information until Monday morning. He was going fishing.

Hawaii 6:30pm

The first full day in Hawaii was relaxing and fun. The mansion had its own private lagoon and made for some excellent snorkeling. There were only four staffers on duty and Lex told them to come back on Sunday. He wanted to be alone with his angels. Lex was amazed to find out that both Clark and Whitney knew how to cook. Lex could operate a microwave and could manage a few simple items but what they were going to make for dinner was beyond him.

"Lex, come keep us company in the kitchen. This is a vacation so leave your computer alone." Clark had snuck up behind him and kissed his neck. Lex was sensitive everywhere but the back of his neck was a particularly vulnerable spot.

"Fine but I have this weird effect in a kitchen. Somehow things never turn out the way they are supposed to. I mean I wouldn't want dinner ruined."

"Shut up and come join us. YOU can peel the carrots."

"NO. I don't peel, slice or dice. I CAN pour a drink though."

"No, you help or no dessert and I'm referring to the bedroom variety."

"Fine, since you are making threats and this is a vacation I'll help but YOU are cleaning up the dishes."

"Hey! I'm cooking."

"You are also cleaning farm boy!" Lex wraps his hands around Clark's waist and kisses his exposed stomach. "I like seeing you do manual labor. Besides Speedy, you can get it done faster than we could."

"Okay but I get a reward for this."

"What kind of reward?"

"You'll find out later, now come on before Whitney thinks we are both slackers."

Clark then grabbed a startled Lex and took him into the kitchen. Lex now knew what a sack of potatoes felt like.

Smallville 11:00pm

Chloe, Lana, and Pete were hanging out after the movie. Pete was tired after working on the farm for most of the day. Chloe and Lana, well mainly Chloe dreaded going back to work the next day.

"Lana, I'm serious, can't I call in sick?"

"NO, I have to work and so do you."

"Times like this I really hate you. I could be ENJOYING my Spring know something just occurred to me."

Pete looks and sees that Chloe has gone into reporter mode. His heart sinks, "What Chloe?"

"My dad asked me if I knew where Lex is and he said that his father was looking for him."


"Lex must not want to be found. Think about it for a moment. Dad said that Mr. Luthor was looking for Lex so that must mean that Lex does not want his father to find out where and who he is with."

"Again so?" Pete was getting tired of the junior detective routine, Lana looked disinterested.

"There is more to this than meets the eye. My guess is Lex is in deep and you don't take your best friend to Hawaii with his boy friend, you don't. The pieces do not fit together. WHAT?"

Lana looked at Pete and sighed, "Chloe leave it alone. Wait until they get back and then grill Clark and Whitney all you want, okay?"

"Fine. I'm concerned that they are going to get hurt. If Lionel Luthor is pissed at his son then who knows what could happen. This IS Smallville after all, weird is normal and nothing is ever what it appears. Fine, who wants ice cream?"

Lana and Pete looked at Chloe and shrugged. They declined ice cream and headed home. They still had to get up in the morning and go to work. Pete hoped he could move in the morning after all the work he put in today.

Hawaii, 8:30pm

Lex could not believe that he was doing dishes. 'Clark was supposed to do these, I still don't know how I ended up in this...mess!'

"Its simple, Clark and I voted and you lost." Whitney said with a smartass smirk.

"Did I say that out load?"

"You didn't have to, your expression said it all AND I'm getting pretty good at reading you." Whitney walked up and wrapped his arms around Lex and pulled him close. "I'll help if you like. I like this, domestic feeling. I could get used to waking up, wrapped up with both of you, cooking... you know just living together. I know its stupid but it feels right and relaxing. Don't pay attention to me, it must be the wine."

"No, stay and keep me company. It's nice to feel...cozy. Yeah I could get used to spending all my time in paradise knowing that two wonderful young men love me."

"Even if your dishwashing sucks. Here I'll rinse and you place them in the dishwasher."

"Clark said that it was broken."

"He lied."


Whitney kissed Lex as Clark walked in and was promptly hit in the face with a wet dishrag.


"You said that the dishwasher was broken and that I had to do the dishes by hand!"

"Did you even check to see if it was broken? You took my word for it, I mean really! How am I supposed to know if it was broken? Stop it!" Lex was walked over and started to tickle Clark above his kidneys.

Whit has been watching all this and is laughing his ass off. He continued to load the dishwasher while the other two tried to tickle one another. Whit reached over and finished his glass of wine. Lex insisted wine accompany any meal shared together in private. 'He is educating us, preparing us for a next stage in life.' Whit flicked water at them, as they got too close. Before Whit knows it Clark has picked them both up and takes them upstairs to their bedroom. He leaves for a second to turn the dishwasher on and returns. It was going to be a long lovely night.

London, Saturday 3:30pm

Lionel just finished his third meeting with some of Hardwick's key investors. They were brainless sycophants as far as he was concerned. None the less, Lionel needed to sway a small minority to sell to him in order to retain a commanding hold on his company in its new structure. The proposition was proving to be more expensive than he originally had foreseen. He would get the needed shares and retain ironclad control of Luthor Corp even if Lex could not see how important it was. Lionel felt a vibration in his jacket pocket.

"Yes Damien."

"Sir, Anthony Marcus will sell for the trading price prior to the ill-fated Cadmus takeover. With his shares none of the other meetings will be necessary."

"What are the final cost calculations for that move?"

"The final cost will on the order of $500 million but the new formation will grant you 34% and will bring Lex down to 11%."

"What else do I get besides a stronger stake? His shares are worth less that $100 million. No deal."

"There is one other matter sir. I was asked to relay a message. Lord Michael Weston, Viscount Summerset is dead."

A name Lionel had not heard in five years and a man he had not seen in ten. "How?"

"A yacht accident off the coast of Australia. The Viscount was on holiday."

"Have we found Lex yet?"

"No sir, Smallville has not yielded any information. We are looking for his acquaintances"

"And have you inquired with their friends and family or the plant management?"

"No sir. We wanted to do an electronic search but Lex has not used one."

"Idiot! FIND LEX! Contact Nathan and see if he can 'persuade' Anthony to lower his asking price. One other thing, find out how much Michael Weston was worth. I'll be in meetings so do not disturb me unless it pertains to Lex and he is on his way HERE!"

Metropolis, 9:45am

Damien was not happy. The 'Lex search' was not going well and Lionel was doing his reputation justice. 'Anthony had best watch out. He could end up with nothing but an early grave.' Damien sent a priority email to a 'friend' to do a search on a Lord Michael Weston, Viscount Summerset. He had no idea who this guy was and why Lionel would take an interest in a dead man. That was not his primary concern, finding Lex was an absolute priority. First he there was a matter he could resolve.

"Nathan, it's Damien. The dossier is en route the target needs persuasion. The objective must be achieved failure is not an option. Open a secondary protocol as well. Maintain contact, standard communication, any questions?"


"Very well, proceed." Damien ended the call and turned to stare out of the Luthor Corp tower. Perhaps if he played his cards right, Lionel would make him his heir. There was always hope.

'Lex my boy, you have really screwed yourself this time. Papa is going to rip you apart.'

"Excellent." Damien turned and waited to find out about this mysterious guy and why Lionel would be so interested. He also began planning incase Nathan could not get Anthony to lower his asking price. So much to do in order to push aside the Heir to the Luthor Throne, many a Prince of Wales never got crowned.

Hawaii, morning, just after dawn.

Whitney walked in a room that reminded him of Luthor Castle but not really. He sees a mirror and looks at himself. He looks the same but notices an ornate silver ring on his left hand ring finger. He is dressed in a tuxedo and cuts quite a dashing figure if he must admit it even to himself. He sees Lex walk into the room also dressed to the nines with Lana next to him chatting merrily. He continues into the main hall and sees a portrait above the mantle. Lex is seated in a high back chair and Clark is standing over his left shoulder and Whitney over the right. He looks over and sees that Lex is wearing a ring similar to his. Suddenly the images shift away and the distant landscapes that have appeared last night return.

Lex's dreams shift from Luthor Grand Hall to the planet that was most likely Clark's home. He notices the sudden confusion on Whitney and Clark's faces and knows that they are sharing dreams again. He loses himself in the dreams, comforted with the knowledge that even in sleep they are all together.

Later that morning Lex gets up and sees that shipment he had been expecting has finally arrived. He was busy downstairs opening boxes and fiddling with things when Clark and Whitney walked into the room.

Clark yawned, "What's that?"

"Clark, did you bring your laptop?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Go get it please" A whoosh sound and breeze announced Clark's sudden departure. Before either man could comment Clark returned with his laptop. He handed it to Lex."

"Thank you. I like they fact that you don't have to hide anymore Clark. Any way, this is Whitney's laptop. It is the same design and image was ours Clark. These contain some leaps in technology that could revolutionize the computing industry. DO NOT LOSE THEM! They are proto-types and take wire-less technology to a whole new level. They have a different power structure and use new super-conductive materials to increase performance and lower power usage. They will transmit on a Z-band frequency with orbiting Wayne Tech satellites. The real use of these is in the encryption technology hard wired into the system. The cipher keys are here and in the satellite relays. Only another computer with the hard-wired system can read the encryption. This is better than the NSA has currently.
Also I have PDAs, which interface with your notebooks using the same technology. Security will be a must in the future so please use them to send emails to each other or me. It may seem a bit much but these need to be field-tested. What better way than two active teenagers, both with a penchant for mischief. I must remind you that these still have pending patents and DO NOT LOSE THEM!"

"Cool, thanks Lex. Clark did you know about all the features?"

"NO," Clark pouted. "I did not know I could get the Internet without my parents knowing."

"Well now you do. Look there are many other features that can be achieved by networking them together. The software designers have not been able to overwhelm the hardware despite their best efforts. The network that we are on is private and the firewall protections are incredible. This is the best overt gift I can give either of you at this time. Maybe, in the future, I can finally give you whatever you want."

Whitney just hugged Lex, "You are the best gift, not things. This, us, is the best thing around. I told you once I did not care about money. You and Superboy over there are all that matter. Nothing else but family counts." Whit kissed Lex and Clark joined them and nuzzled Lex's ear.

"I concur, Lex YOU are all that matters. Even if I could get used to being spoiled."

"Jerk! Hey no tickling. Stop it. Oh... Stop...CLARK! Whit! STOOOOOP!" Lex was being attacked by two teenagers determined to make him laugh. Lex could not help it and began to laugh hysterically. The guys picked up the towels and headed down to the private beach. The vacation was exactly what they needed, time together and space away from Lionel and his minions and all the weirdness that was Smallville.

Smallville 3:30pm

Chloe and Lana had just received a phone call from Jeff Fordman. Some people were asking where Whitney was and if he knew Lex Luthor. Jeff had been vague with them and after they hounded him had said he was an attorney and they could get the hell off his dad's property. Jeff moved back from the San Francisco Bay Area to study for the Bar examination. He was going to help run the family business so Whitney was not so overwhelmed. Chloe liked him and they had hit it off.

"Lana, I told you something strange was going on."

"Chloe, hush." Chloe's cell phone starts to ring

"Hey, yeah'll talk to you later!"

"The Kent's had visitors also asking about Clark and wanting to know where Lex is. This is strange. Why would Lex hide where he is from his father?"

"Chloe, what did Mr. Kent say?"

"That it was none of their business where Clark was and as far as he was concerned Lex could be in Hell for all he cared."

"I thought Mr. Kent liked Lex now."

"Oh, he does but they don't need to know that."

"Well as long as Clark's best friend can still go see him without getting shot I guess its all good."

Sunday, Hawaii, 6:30am

The Hall was ornate yet Spartan. The design was nothing he had ever seen before, the view was breath taking. Lex felt Clark and Whitney next to him as an older man came walking up. He was saying something but Lex felt like the words moved past him if they could be called that. Suddenly the images shifted and the Hall was gone as was the man. He looked up and saw the rings of the gas giant and felt the red rays warm his body. He looked down and saw the construction of a great city. He felt a wrenching pain and woke up. Lex looked and it was still dark but sleep would elude him.

Lex got out of bed, still acclimated to Central Standard Time. There was a tangible bond between the three of them, something below the surface but very real. It was a sense in the back of the mind. Lex was confused but knew it to be real. He could read both of them better than he had read anyone else ever. He noticed that they picked up on his moods quickly. They developed a level of synchronicity that was beyond reason. The sex was passionate and coordinated, there was no disconnect or fumbling. It was a seamless and flowing creation and release of human energy. Lex still could not believe how fantastic the sex was and it was getting better. Clark and Whitney were both gaining control and stamina and knew exactly how to make him and each other feel the sublime ecstasy of the soul.

The scientist in Lex was fully aroused and curious. Why was this happening? What role did Clark's origins play in this? Lex had many questions and no answers. He had to take Clark's feelings into consideration. Clark had known the truth about himself for as long as he had known Lex. Clark grew up knowing that he was different alien? It still boggled Lex's mind. Yet Lex felt so special, he felt needed and wanted. His own needs and wants were being met in ways he never dreamed possible. Lex still feared his father and his wrath for this vacation. Lex knew that Clark and Whit steeled and supported him. This was no longer a trio but a triumvirate, recalled from old and made new. Lex saw his destiny, 'we will achieve greatness and rewrite the rules. All we will wish for we shall have and a new Golden Age will dawn.' Lex laughed, the many pathways opened and Lex quickly broke out of his reverie. He still had the massive looming obstacle named Lionel Luthor to confront. If he deposed his father then Lex was sentenced to his life. Lex felt trapped by his heritage. He had many plans to deal with his father, Minerva JV being the best bet. However, business was not Lex's first love and would lead him down his father's path. No business was a Luthor's first love and Lex once again cursed the fates for having Lionel as his father.

Lex turned and looks out over the horizon with the first signs of dawn illuminating the crystal waters of the Pacific. It brought him a measure of peace and the remaining comfort came from the sleeping forms upstairs. Their own inner beauty gave him hope that on the battlefields that loomed, he would emerge victorious and relatively whole. With those two at his side, Lex had no doubts about the outcome it was the process that worried him.

Smallville 9:30am

Jonathan and Martha returned to the farm from church. They had need of the solace that the service provided. It was nice to have time by themselves. They loved Clark and hoped that he was enjoying the time in Hawaii but Anne Fordman told them the night before that Luthor Corp employees were asking everyone about Lex. As a consequence they were asking about Clark, his best friend and Whitney, as a side note.

"Martha, I think it was a bad idea to let Clark go away for Spring Break."

"Jon...I know but how often does an offer like that come up? This mess with Lionel could get ugly. We know how to reach Clark. Maybe we should call and warn Lex that his father has opened up the floodgates to find him."

"Martha...lets give it until tomorrow. It is a vacation and even Lex is entitled to one."

Jonathan and Martha Kent began to spend the Sunday in a relaxing way. All the help Lex had hired had the farm running at peak efficiency. The Kents hoped that Lex would survive whatever punishment Lionel had in mind for his vacation.

Hawaii 12:35pm

The rotor blades cut through the air and broke the serenity over the house. The helicopter landed at the designated site and a lone figure disembarked. Even with all the debris and wind the machine created the figure looked like the calm in a storm.

"Mr. Luthor please?"

"I'm Lex Luthor, what may I do for you?"

"I'm Gerald Ramey, I am an barrister from Collins & Danforth. I was dispatched to give you some unfortunate news."

"How did you find me?"

"The instruction on contact said the best way to locate you was through Bruce Wayne's household."

"Who said this?" Lex felt the blood in his veins turn to ice.

"Your uncle, Viscount Summerset. I'm afraid he died in a yachting accident. My deepest condolences."

Clark and Whitney noticed that Lex's shoulders slumped and a deep pain was emanating from him. They were looking at the new arrival and noticed that he carried a briefcase with him.

"Mr. Luthor I was instructed to deliver this to you." Lex was handed an envelope that was sealed with wax and the Summerset Coat of Arms. Lex opened the letter.

Dear Lex,

If you are reading this then I am no longer amoung the living. I know we have not been in contact for many a year. I had my reasons, many of which have to do with your father. Lex, I have observed you from afar and know, despite your best efforts, you are a good man. You are bright, charming, witty, and handsome. I knew the last time I would see you was at your commencement from Eton.

I have worried about your happiness, especially with Lionel hounding you every step of the way. You are complex and daring and require challenges to satisfy that keen intellect. For those reasons I do not see you settling down with one person or committing to a marriage. Lex do not marry for convenience or to appease your father. You are unconventional and enjoy pushing the boundaries of convention. Do not stop doing so.

You are very much your mother's son and that is part of the reason I stayed away. The primary reason I recused myself from your life is Lionel Luthor. The man is dangerous and I do not think you know the extent of his crimes. He makes a Mafia God father or a Cartel Drug-lord look like Mickey Mouse. His hands are not clean. You never wondered how he was able to take care of your 'misdeeds' with such a casual wave of his hand. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM! You are far more a Weston than you are a Luthor. You proved it on our trip to Florence. You grasped art for art's sake, not as a possession but as an expression of the human spirit in any form. Katherine would have been so proud. That was my undoing. I spent far more time with you than Lionel and he knew it.

Lex, I do not ask your forgiveness for my absence but many answers you seek is in the attach case that accompanies this letter. Lex, you are my heir and all that is left of the Weston family. I am the last Viscount Summerset and the end of a noble bloodline that was present at the battle of Hastings. My dearest nephew, my last gift to you is the gift of freedom. The amounts and holdings are detailed elsewhere. Lex, there is a safe deposit box in Gotham City that holds information that Katherine had against your father. It was there as a contingency plan. Use it wisely! There is one last thing; the Castle in Smallville is yours. Lionel gave it to Katherine and was in her name. You inherited it when she passed away.

I've missed you greatly for we were kindred spirits. I wish you the best and all my love. Choose your path carefully and wisely.



"What else is in the case?"

"The terms of your inheritance from your mother, detailing the estate she left you. The terms of your uncle's estate, the keys and password to the safe box in Gotham. There are some other items of importance, most importantly the proxy shares for the Class A stock Lord Weston owned in Luthor Corp."

"How large was his stake?"

"He maintained a small 4% stake in the company, for diversity reasons."

"Do you know how large his estate was and if he still has his art collection?"

"Yes sir, the art collection is intact and yours. The total estate is detailed in here. I am afraid I must depart. I must get back to London and oversee the transfer of assets. Mr. Luthor, there will be no memorial service and Lord Weston asked to be cremated. There were no further instructions."

"Please send the urn to the castle in Smallville, I'll decide what to do then. Thank you and have a safe journey home."

Clark and Whitney watched Lex walk to patio and sit down. They looked at each and followed Lex. No one said anything for some time until Lex broken the silence.

"My uncle was very good to me growing up. I was sent to Eton and he spent time with me while school was in session. He was there for me when Mom died and he was at graduation when dad couldn't. Dad always said business came first but Uncle Michael always placed family first. They are very different and very successful."

Clark and Whitney had bracketed Lex and were holding him. Clark leaned over and whispered, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay just nostalgic. I haven't seen him in five years but I always knew how to contact him if I really needed him. This may seem strange but I am going to miss him. I wish I'd gone to see him but we knew that day at Eton was the end. My father had already forced me to return to the States to go to college. I went to Met U for a year and a half then got expelled. I transferred to Princeton and that's where my degrees are from. You know Uncle Michael gave me $150 million when I graduated from Eton. My dad found out two years later. The money is well hidden. I hate to say this but do you mind if we leave early, not today but tomorrow and then spend all day Tuesday in San Francisco?

Whitney held on of Lex's hands and smiled, "Lex it does not matter where we are as long as we are together. So San Francisco is fine, it fact isn't it supposed to be romantic?"

"Very much so, in fact I love the place."

Clark jumped up, "well lets enjoy Hawaii while we are here and have a blast wherever we end up at."

The guys strolled down to the beach. Clark and Whit could feel the conflicting emotions that were assailing Lex. They again moved closer and he knew he was safe.

'All I need is them and I will be fine.'

Gotham City, 8:00pm

"Master Bruce, Lex Luthor is on a secure line for you."

"Thank you Alfred."

"Yes Lex, I assume you've heard, my condolences. I liked your Uncle, he was a good man."

"Yes Bruce he was and even if I haven't seen him in years I feel bereft of him and all I have left is Lionel."

"Lex, speaking of Lionel, he has pulled out all the stops to find you. He has several agents looking in Smallville and they are asking all the locals. I do know that the senior most employees at your plant have been out of town. He will know you are in Hawaii before lunch, Smallville time of course."

"I was planning on leaving tomorrow and spending Tuesday in San Francisco and heading to Gotham City on Wednesday."

"Really, do not use your credit cards, I have a friend that owns an old mansion on Russian Hill. Stay there while in SF, I assume you still carry cash?"

"Of course, a lesson in guerrilla mobility that one never forgets. There will not be a memorial service, to let you know."

"Lex, there is more and this is very important. Lionel has spent more time and energy in Europe trying to get the EU Commission to move the Hardwick deal up to the first order of business."

"Bruce, that destroys all the timing for everything. There is no way Minerva can be functioning on all cylinders in three months much less tomorrow. Who is going to lose their place in line if Luthor Corp moves up?"

"Multiple companies will be effected, don't worry I've let Lionel's actions be known in some far ranging circles. The US State, Commerce, and Treasury Departments are being inundated. The White House is getting hit hard as well. This will be a good lesson for Lionel to learn, he is not and never will be all-powerful." "Bruce, I can't thank you enough for all your help. If there is anything..."

"There is actually Lex, I want to meet the gentlemen that have made you defy your father openly and all but declare war on him. I want to see what has motivated you beyond your usual cat and mouse games into the world of hard core cutthroat business. I want to see first hand what I hear in your voice and see in your actions."

"Done and I will use my cards at that point, to let my father know I was in Gothom City with Bruce Wayne. He forgets that we have known each other most of our lives. It will chill his blood and make him think I'm plotting against him. Of course we are only going to reminisce over Uncle Michael and Eton."

"See you Wednesday Lex and be careful. Lionel is on a power trip that is excessive even by his standards."

Smallville, 7:00pm

David and Anne Fordman arrived at the Kent farm having called and arranged a little get together. The Fordman's were not blind and the conversation with their son Jeff had only added to their suspicions.

"Jeff, do you"

"Mom, what is it just spit it out."

"Lex Luthor took Clark and Whitney to Hawaii. Now his father is searching high and low for information."

"Have you told anyone what you know?"

"No, I said that it was a surprise. Jeff, do you know what is going on between them? I know love when I see it and Clark and Whitney have that look. I've seen Lex look at Clark..."

"Mom, the night Whit came out and Bastian and I went to the Kent's house, Lex was there and deeply concerned. I don't have any answers but they might."

So now they were here about to have dinner with their son's boyfriend's parents. At least there were other topics they could talk about besides Lex and their son's relationship.

Dinner had been uneventful. David and Jonathan talking about Smallville High and football. Anne and Martha talked about spring flowers and Easter. Anne and Martha shared photos of Whit and Clark. Martha asked if she could get a copy of Whitney, age five dressed up as a cowboy. Anne laughed and said yes. Anne asked about Clark's upcoming Birthday, which leads back to the subject at hand.

"Martha, about you know what is really going on?" Jonathan and David stopped talking about the Sharks and joined in.

David sighed, "I want you to know that I'm okay with Whit's sexuality. Even I can tell Clark and Whit are in love. I don't think Whitney knows what to do now that football is gone."

Jonathan and Martha shared a look that Anne and David picked up on. Anne looked pleadingly at the Kents, "what, please tell us."

"We know that there is an unusual relationship blooming between Lex, Whitney and Clark. We don't know more than Clark in love with both of them. We didn't want to press. We have seen them all together and they looked happy, content, and carefree. That is all we know."

"Do you approve?"

"If we forbid this, then Clark will want it even more and that is unfair of us. He is very mature, almost too mature and we want him to find his way in this without us pushing or pulling him one way or the other. We told him to let us know if he needed us but once this started we let him handle it."

"David and I want Whitney to be happy. I was taking my afternoon stroll about two weeks ago and I saw them sitting in the Beanery laughing and having fun. I couldn't remember the last time I'd heard, much less seen Whitney laugh. We don't want him to get hurt."

"Anne, David...I was wrong about Lex. His father haunts him but he has been very good to Clark. I actually like him, not that I will let him know that just yet. He can be insufferable and smug but his heart is good. I really like your son also. I am concerned if all this got out because of Clark's age but I will not let anything happen to Lex."

"Jon, we will follow your lead. Lex did take them to Hawaii. I'm very concerned because Lionel is asking everyone about Lex. If they are in a relationship it will get out. I hope we can all weather that storm."

"We will wait and see."

Hawaii, 4:00pm

Clark had been dozing after another round on incredible sex. He heard the phone ring.


"Clark, its mom, I need to talk to Lex."

"What, you don't want to talk to your own son?"

"Clark, it is important."



"Lex, its Martha. Sorry to disturb you but your father has people asking about you all over town. I'm sure he will find out by tomorrow. We wanted to warn you."

"Thank you. We are leaving tomorrow and should be back in Smallville by Thursday afternoon."


"I wanted to take them to visit San Francisco."

"Oh, okay. Be careful and don't spoil Clark or Whitney too much. Oh, tell Whitney that his parents came over for dinner and brought baby pictures. He's adorable."

"I'll be sure to torment him with that news Martha. Again thank you. Bye."

"Oh, WHITNEY..."

Monday, London 11:45 am

Lionel spent a busy weekend buying up proxies and sealing the Hardwick deal. The last major obstacle was the European Union Commission, which oversaw Mergers and Acquisitions. Lionel's influence in Europe was far less that back in the US. It could be as long as six months before approval was granted even though the two companies had no overlapping businesses. But his mind continued to drift back to the last Viscount Summerset. Lord Michael Weston had been his wife's older brother. Katherine and he had been very close and the last time they had seen each other had been at her funeral. Lord Weston did not like Lionel but supported his sister in her marriage. It was the one time in Lionel's life that he had been in love. Lionel had last heard about Michael three years ago. He found out that Lord Weston had given Lex a graduation gift of $150 million. Lionel found out two years later and the money was hidden beyond his reach.

Lionel knew that the Weston family was very wealthy and part of the British and American Aristocracy intermarriage that began in the 'Gilded Age.' What worried Lionel the most was the influence that the Viscount had exerted over Lex while he was at Eton. Michael and Lex spent at least two weekends a month together for five years. Michael had been one of the most prominent Investment Bankers in London. The Brits had invented Investment Banking and Michael was a Master. 'Lex always more his mother's son than mine, so emotional and withdrawn. She made sure that Lex could be free of my influence should she suffer her mother's fate.' Indeed Katherine had left her estate to her son and it was a considerable estate. Couple that with what her parents had left Lex and he had been a baby billionaire before puberty.

Lionel pondered his missing son and his stomach tightened. All his men had found out was Lex left Smallville and went with two young men from town. 'Yes Katherine did not want him to turn out like me and insisted that he go to Eton. She wanted Lex to have a different life, damn the Luthor Empire and all the work it took to get us to this point!' Despite that Lionel had loved her with all his heart. When she died so did he. The castle in Smallville had been a gift to her; he could care less about the ancestral home. He brought the structure over so she could have something like home in his home. In reality he hated the castle, one of the main reasons he sent Lex to live there. It reminded him of Katherine and that was a weakness.

Lex was Katherine and Michael's heir. Lex had just inherited a fortune and could be free of Lionel forever. Lionel knew that Lex was never informed of all the things he inherited from his mother. Lex did not know the castle was his. The heart of Lionel's problem was he needed Lex now more than his son needed him. Lionel had forgotten the Viscount and the freedom he represented to Lex. 'Damn you Michael! Damn you to HELL!' Lionel despised weakness and now he had one courtesy of his son. His cell phone rang.

"Damien, what do you want!"

"Sir, Anthony Marcus will sell his entire portfolio for your asking price. We are expecting some news about your son once the plant management comes into work today."

"Send Nathan to Smallville. His specialties might be needed. Do you even know who went with him?"

"Yes sir, a Whitney Fordman and a Clark Kent."

"Two upstanding families of Smallville. Damien, prepare two files with the full details of Lex's exploits and have them ready to be delivered."

"Sir, you might want to know that those two boys are dating each other."


"Sir, the whole town knows, it isn't a secret."

"David and Jonathan must not be very pleased."


"I want you to assume that Lex is involved with both of them."

"Do you still want the files prepared?"

"Yes, but place them in Nathan's hands. I don't want you in Smallville, I might need you for 'other' assignments there in the future."

"Yes sir, anything else sir?"

"How much was Michael Weston worth?"

"Best we can estimate in his portfolio is his stock and bond assets total $8.9 billion. His Real Estate assets are almost $2 billion. He was an antiquities and art collector and we can not estimate the values on those assets."

"Does Lex know about any of this?"

"I have no way of knowing sir."

"Very well, good job on Marcus and get that information into position." Lionel terminated the connection and rang for his servant.

"Nigel, have the car brought around. I'm late for my meeting with the deputy Prime Minister."

Metropolis 6:45am

Damien sat in his office in Luthor Corp Plaza and watched the sun rise. 'A new day is dawning for Luthor Corp and myself. Lex old buddy I am going to take great pleasure in destroying you. You may be too wealthy to take down but I am going to break you. The castle will be your living tomb and Lionel will anoint me as his replacement.'

"Nathan, a second dossier is on the way. There are two identical files to be delivered upon my command. I want you to hang around town and observe, get a feel for how the Prince is regarded. Maintain contact."

Damien returned to the window and looked down at all the workers moving like drones. He had risen to this level by guts and guile and he intended to climb higher still.

Smallville 9:30am

Gabe walked into his office after leading the weekly meeting in Lex's place. He saw the light indicating he had a voicemail. His fears were confirmed when it was Damien asking for any information about Lex.

"Damien, its Gabe Sullivan. I found out where Lex is. He went to Hawaii but I don't know where he is staying."

"Very good Mr. Sullivan, thank you for the information."

'God I hope I did the right thing.'


Damien hung up the phone and informed Nigel that Lex was in Hawaii. Damien then begins to see if he can find out where Lex could be staying. Lionel would reward him greatly if he could have him drug kicking and screaming all the way to London. Damien could not wait to see Lex's face when he finds out what they have done to his personal life.

"A broken Lex Luthor is a site worth more than all gold in Fort Knox."

He returned to his work and waited for the signal to destroy Lex forever.

San Francisco, 5:30pm

The flight in had been uneventful but the dreams and the bond they had were getting stronger. They talked about how they could tell where each other were at all times. It was strange but Clark insisted on finding a way to get this full genetic make up mapped. That had started an argument that Clark lost. Whitney and Lex insisted that there was no way they were going to hurt Clark. The only way to get a blood sample was to expose him to the meteor fragments and that was not going to happen. Clark had used his best pouting routine on them and they had not bought that either. He accepted defeat but insisted that if all other avenues failed then they would do as he proposed.

The evening was clear and cool. The guys were strolling along Fisherman's Wharf looking for a place to eat. The sea breeze and the sunset over Golden Gate created an atmosphere that amazed Lex. Clark and Whitney had never been here and enjoyed the hilly terrain and incredible atmosphere that was San Francisco.

"Come on, I'm hungry and we have all day tomorrow to look. We are going clothes shopping because both of you need to be brought up to my speed."

Whitney punched him in the shoulder, "we like the way we dress, your highness. You want us to wear more revealing clothes and purple!"

"I like flannel and jeans."

"I want you to have suits and all the accessories that accompany them. Jeans are great; you both are walking A & F ads. I want to upgrade and improve, okay?"

"New subject, I thought you could not use your credit cards."

"I'm using an unlimited access card from one of my private finance companies. I am a venture capitalist and my dad has no idea just how far Uncle Michael's gift has gone. The whole thing is run very well and it has made me very well connected in the technology sector." His phone rang and he looked at the display. "What do you want Nixon?"

"Lex, your father has dispatched one of his hired hands to Smallville. I was able to gather that Damien is pulling this goon's strings. Sir, he is supposed to deliver two packages to your boys parents when Damien gives the word."

"What is in those packages?"

"Your past."

"My father is selling me out. Does he know about Lord Weston's death?"

"Who is Lord Weston? Lex, your father wants to take you down by destroying your love life, stay focused."

"I am focused, Lord Weston has everything to do with this action. Roger, intercept Nathan once the word is given. I don't want to know how you know what you do but you earned a bonus. Keep me informed."

Clark and Whitney knew what was happening without being told the specifics. "Lex what are we going to do?"

"We Clark? We are going to have dinner and enjoy San Francisco. I'll take..."

"NO! In case you need a clue here's one. WE are in this together. There is no more 'I' bullshit got it?"

Whitney came up from behind Lex and kissed his head and whispered, "Trust us to trust you, okay. We know most of your past because you have dreamed part of it recently. Somehow we are bound and you can't break this bond Lex. It is forged of love, hope, pain, and need. We will watch each other's back and take care of you, never doubt it. So give us the details."

"My father wants to destroy me by telling your parents about my past. He is going to hit me at my most vulnerable spot, you."

"We need to get home..."

"No, instead of Gotham we will go back to Smallville on Wednesday. I can surprise my father that way. I need to find out what he has managed will in London. He may not need my votes but he may be weaker than he knows."

"Okay, but I'm hungry and ..." Whitney grabbed Clark in a headlock while Lex starting to tickle him.

"Great because I am too and we are on the Wharf so..."

Tuesday, London 7:00am

"Lex has been in Hawaii, yes?"

"Yes sir."

"It took four days to find this information out?"

"Yes sir."

"And you consider this a success?"

"No sir, not at all."

"Damien, things are not going as planned here. I want Lex found and I want his proxies delivered to me ASAP. The other board members won't yield to my will unless my son's stake is also backing me up. I want you to get to Washington and make our friends and allies live up to the generous donation pledges that were given. I want them to pressure the European Union to push this deal to the front. It is a no brainer, got it?"

Lionel sipped his coffee and prepared to fight with some of his creditors. The interest rates and debt ratings where making this deal get dicer by the hour. It would be all worth it to see Harry Hardwick ruined. He had already leveraged some of his property and assets for credit lines to increase his holdings in his 'new company'. He needed Lex to calm the waters on the home front and to twist arms in DC. Lionel could no longer afford his anger at his son, he needed him to end his affair and then he would deal with the brat.

Brussels, The European Union Commission Headquarters 4:30pm

The American Trade Representation to the EUC had received an ear full from the Secretary of Commerce. The United States objected to the movement of items on the agenda concerning Trans-Atlantic mergers. Apparently Luthor Corp had twisted arms left and right to shift the agenda pending before the Conference. Other companies with pending rulings before the EU demanding that the agenda is adhered to had swamped the Commerce Department, not to mention Congress, the White House, Treasury and State.

The TR had no choice but to place a call to a Commissioner and state the American position in no uncertain terms. It served Lionel Luthor right was his way of thinking. The United States had come close to a trade war with Europe on agricultural subsidies two years ago. Luthor Corp and ADM had been the prime movers in that fight. As far as he was concerned Luthor Corp had no influence in Brussels. He picked up the phone and speed dialed his counter-part. Luthor Corp would have to wait in line.

London 4:00pm

Lionel was not happy. Damien had failed to persuade anyone in Washington to either help prod the EU into changing the agenda or keeping the government's position neutral. This was a mark against Damien. Failure was never an option. Now Luthor Corp would have to wait for approval to close the deal. He knew that no obstacles were lurking at home since Hardwick was entirely in Europe. Lionel laid this all at Lex's feet.

"Nigel, I want to get out of here on Thursday. Make sure my son is available for me to deal with then."

San Francisco 12:30pm

Shopping had started early and Whitney and Clark were beginning to think that Lex would never stop. He had a tailor take all the measurements and then the fun of matching patterns and colors started. That had taken an hour. Now they were perusing old San Francisco bookstores and storefronts. Not they minded because it was the perfect day. Lex was forced to buy a T-shirt by Clark and Whitney made him buy a pair of shorts. Lex did not own a single pair.

They went to Ghirardelli Square and had hot fudge Sundays for lunch. Lex found out that Clark and Whitney were chocoholics. Lex knew he was spoiling them and loved it. It was Spring Break and he wanted them to have fun. Clark had pointed out last night they covered the hair color spectrum, naturally. Lex did point out that he had very little hair anywhere but Clark said it reminded him of a movie with Jack Nicholson. Lex found it amusing but did not like the reference that he was Susan Sarandon. Clark had dropped it all together when Whitney pointed out that Clark would be Cher. Though Lex did think Lionel was perfectly cast as the Devil.

Lex checked his PDA and found a message from Bruce. 'Lionel will be in Washington Thursday night to meet with the Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee., just letting you know.'

"Shit! Lionel will be back in the States on Thursday. I think we should leave tonight. We will go to Gotham tomorrow and you can meet Bruce. Come on lets finishing shopping and head east."

"Lex can't we shop in Gotham? I want to ride the Cable Cars and see PacBell Park."

"Whitney, are you one of those people who wants to take a summer and see a game at every ballpark in the country?"

"Well now that you mention it, that would be fun."

Clark walked up and hugged Whitney, "I'll go with you. I love baseball."

"Ugh, okay lets look at this art gallery and then we will see more of the city. I need to arrange our flight. It is a six hour flight Coast to Coast."

"Well, six hours alone in the dark seems like a recipe for sex to me."

"Everything is a recipe for sex to you Clark."

"Well if you don't want to..."

"I never said that. Lets go see PacBell and find some gifts for your parents."

Smallville 8:30

"Okay Lana, I know you and Pete don't want to know what I'm thinking but..."

"Chloe, does it involve Clark?"

"No, it's about Lex. Look I know that my dad told someone in Metropolis that Lex was in Hawaii. He had no choice. Look he held the info until yesterday. The guy they sent to check on Lex is still here, why?"
"I don't know. NO! We are not going to investigate."

"Lana, it could be important."

"I had to hook up with a reporter didn't I?"

"You love it, Look I just want to check a few things out and see what I can find out."

"Remember you have to work tomorrow. Don't stick your tongue out at me! Chloe...wait up!"

Metropolis 10:45pm

Damien had been unable to find any trace of Lex in Hawaii. The private holdings were numerous and the private jets had been in and out for days. Lex was literally a needle in the haystack to find. Lionel needed Lex and Damien had to deliver if he wanted his career to advance.

"Damn you Lex where in the Hell are you!!!" There was one piece of information that Damien was not sharing with Lionel. The phone tap revealed a secret research project that Lex was funding. A Dr. Hamilton had left an urgent message and had no choice but to use the home phone number. He was missing a vial of meteor-extract that had unusual properties. He still had two additional vials he wished to test. Damien filed this information away for future use. It was always profitable to keep tabs on Lex's ideas.

Wednesday, London, morning

Lionel finished meeting senior management from Hardwick. He was going to have to send some of his best people here in order to run this 'division' the Luthor way. Many of the senior executives would be let go and since Sir Harry had been taken by surprise they would get standard termination packets. Lionel looked at his watch. He disliked not being in control. Lex was surprising him with his ability to fall off the face of the planet. He felt a measure of pride that Lex was proving so difficult. That was his major problem with Lex. He was unpredictable and ungovernable. He was also Katherine's legacy and that was a double-edged sword.

Lionel wanted to make Lex pay for his insolence and at the same time tell him he was proud of his defiance. Lex never did anything on Lionel's timetable. 'Then again I never did anything on my father's timetable either.' That thought stopped him cold. He shook the thought off and returned dealing with Lex. Perhaps his feelings for Lex would never be resolved and that was a thought that Lionel did not like either. To him there was a solution to everything. 'Except Katherine.' Lionel turned away from these thoughts. He would deal with Lex as he had planned. Lex needed a lesson and a broken Lex would be very pliable.

Gotham City 10:00am

Lex hated Clark and Whitney right now. They looked fresh and ready to take on the world. He felt like he had a hangover even though he didn't drink a drop of alcohol last night. Though he had to admit they looked very good in a suit. Clark in a Navy blue and Whitney in a dark olive green. 'Very nice.' 'God I'm tired.'

"Maybe you are just getting old and need more rest."

"Clark, I would not start with me just yet." Whitney walked up, got in the limo, and handed Lex a Starbuck's mug. "Thank you, you I'll keep that one sleeps on the porch tonight."

Clark's face fell until Lex kissed his cheek. "Sorry Lex, I can tell you're tired and cranky. I should be nicer to you."

"Clark sorry, I hate cross country flights and a red eye, no way. Whitney, I need you and Clark to go get the items in the safe box while I go to the attorney's office. I need to make immediate arrangements and I want to be in Smallville tonight. Guys we are leaving after lunch with Bruce and I need to tell your parents about my past before my father's minion can."

"Lex, my parents have no idea that we are involved."

"Whit, that evidence is slated to your parents as well. We have no choice. No more hiding, that is what gets us in trouble."

"Lex, we live in Smallville...Kansas...Republican country...conservative..."

"Clark, Whitney look let the limo take you to the bank and get the contents. I will get dropped off first and you can come pick me up. Okay look Smallville is a place where the obvious is overlooked daily. We can let this happen in plain sight and no one will be the wiser."


They walked into the City Club in downtown Gotham. It was wall-to-wall power lunches but none would compare to the Lex Luthor-Bruce Wayne lunch meeting. Lex wanted a very public meeting to announce where he was. The briefcase with all the information from the safe box was next to Clark. He could guard it and make sure it was the right one as well. Lex and party followed to table waiting with Bruce.

"Bruce, I would like you to meet Mr. Whitney Fordman and Mr. Clark Kent of Smallville. Guys this is Bruce Wayne whom you've heard me speak of recently."

"Lex, a pleasure to finally meet the both of you. I hold you both personally responsible for his recent behavior. Thank you."

Soon lunch began and Bruce asked questions of Clark and Whitney. Lex and Bruce talked about old schoolmates and other items. Soon two hours elapsed and Lex and Company departed for the airport. Whitney and Clark knew something had occurred during lunch but had no idea what happened.

"Lex what went on while we where there?"

"Simple, Bruce transmitted files from his PDA to mine and I gave him a promised file as well. The whole lunch was for him to meet you two. He wanted to make sure you are good for me."

Clark and Whit started laughing. "Hey Lex shouldn't everyone be worried about your influence on us?"

"BRAT! For that I'm telling Martha that you have no table manners."

"Lex, no my mom will KILL me, come on that's mean."

Whitney grabbed Clark's hand, "I'll protect you. I'll tell her you talk with your mouth full." Clark gaped at both of them and pouted. Lex and Whitney could not stop laughing.

Clark finally gave in after they took off for home and they had another round of incredible sex. Clark knew they loved him and he loved them. He was concerned what awaited them in Smallville.

Metropolis 4:00pm

"Mr. Luthor sir, Lex was in Gotham City this afternoon and had lunch with Bruce Wayne."

"Where is he now?"

"I can only assume that he is on his way to Smallville sir."

"You either know or you don't Damien. Do you have any idea what they discussed?"

"No sir I don't. Both of Lex's companions were with them at lunch."

"Interesting, keep me informed. I will be leaving London tomorrow and will be back in Metropolis by midnight."

Smallville 4:30 pm

Clark walked into the study carrying the briefcase. Whit and Lex followed shortly.

"Lex, how is it Super Boy over there carries the briefcase and you and I get stuck with the heavy stuff?"

"Lucky I guess."

Lex walked over to the briefcase and opened it. He began to sort through the contents and categorize them. It was easy because they were in clearly labeled folders. He noticed and envelope with handwriting on it. He opened it and saw a letter from his mother to his uncle.

Dear Michael,

I am very ill now and do not see how I will survive much longer. Please look after Lex while he is at Eton. Do not let Lionel be the only influence in his life. I am sending you a key and a password to a stash of information about Lionel. I love him but I am not the fool he thinks I am. The evidence is enough, and some by his own hand, to ruin him and possibly send him to jail. Beware of Lionel once Lex leaves England. Watch but do not interfere unless absolutely necessary. All my love and guard my angel.



Lex had tears running down his cheeks and his boys over his shoulders.

"I haven't seen her handwriting in years. All I have left is Lionel and pile of money."

Clark and Whitney each placed a hand on one of Lex's shoulders and Lex felt the compassion and unconditional love flow from them.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I meant blood relatives. Believe me you two are tied for first place on my list of favorite people. What else is in the briefcase?"

Over the next hour Lex actually saw what he inherited from his mother and from his uncle. His quick tally was $13.5 billion from Michael, the castle, a trust fund, an emerald mine, and a 13%stack in Luthor Corp from his mother. Combine that with Grandmother's trust fund and Lex was worth $25 billion. Lex realized he was now the wealthiest man under 40 in the United States and once Minerva JV was launched he would challenge Gates as the wealthiest American. WOW. He could rival is father soon because Lex had analyzed his father's recent moves and his dad was cash strapped. Oh, he was still worth more than Lex by a long shot but his liquidity was all but gone.

"I never knew that my father basically stole Luthor Corp from my grandfather. He has threatened people and blackmailed other companies with little impunity."

"Lex, what are you going to do with this information?"

"Clark, Whitney, I am not going to use this for anything...yet. I am going to use his current financial situation against him to buy me time and our safety. No this information is the final arrow in the quiver. No if I use this, it means that I have no options and right now I have plenty of options."

"Lex, Clark and I need to get home and bring our folks over here for our talk."

"Whit, Clark...I named you both my beneficiaries if I die. I also created trust funds for both of you that I need to talk to your parents about. I need you to know that this relationship is between equals. I don't and won't have all the answers. Clark you are an amazing person, a thinker and a hero and Whitney your intuition is uncanny and strategic thinking is amazing. Together, we are together no matter what...okay?"

Clark and Whitney pulled Lex into a group hug and again Lex felt loved and it was so wonderful, it scared him.

Whitney looked at Lex square in his eyes and smiled. "Lex, it will work out. My parents may freak but they love me and unless we are stupid I think Clark's parents are okay with this."

Clark hugged him and said nothing. He caught Whit's eyes and motioned that they had to go.

"Lex, Clark and I will be back in an hour or so."

"Well, you look great and your parents should be impressed. Why doesn't each of you take a car? Clark, the Mercedes and Whit, the Jaguar, complete the ensemble."

"Well...okay but if our parents's your fault."

Lex felt the presence of Clark and Whitney fade as they drove away but he could still feel them. He was comforted with that fact. He began to look around and roam through the castle.
'I hated this place. It was my prison and's MY home. This is my place.' His mind went into overdrive with ideas.
' home, everything I need is right here. I never thought about making changes here, I used the study, dining room and my bedroom. But it's MINE.'

Lex began to walk quickly around the ground floor. He walked outside and went around the perimeter of the castle. He could not keep the smile off his face.

'Well, it will need to be upgraded. New heating and air-conditioning system and totally rewired for the new home networking system that I'll want installed. I'm going to need a media and communications center. Definitely needs to be redecorated. I'll need to add a new wing and create an observation tower with the best optical telescope I can get. Those new solar cells we designed can be used as well as a new back up generator...Underground!' Lex walked up the steps to the entrance of the imposing structure.
'A new entrance, it needs to be more welcoming and a fountain out front would be a nice change. The lake needs to be defrosted, memo to self: ask Clark about that. All the landscaping needs to be redone. I want a conservatory for lots of plants and trees.' Lex turned and saw the Great Hall. 'That room needs to be totally redone. New windows for more light and a new stain of room so it isn't so damn gloomy.' There were tons of things Lex wanted to change or add. 'A new master bedroom designed with three in mind!' Lex knew this could be a great deal of fun.

Clark pulled up outside his house. He got out and saw a bunch of guys working on the farm.

"Damn Clark, you look good. Nice suit, who knew you, knew how to dress. What's up with the glasses?"

"Oh, hi Pete. Fashion statement I guess. Look I need to talk to my folks, I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Clark heard Pete's response and walked into the house. Jonathan was sitting at the kitchen table while his mother was washing a few dishes.

"Clark,! You look incredible."

"Son, nice outfit...glasses? You are home early."

"The glasses, fashion statement. Whitney said they gave me a sophisticated look. Mom sit down I need to tell you guys something and I need you to come with me to Lex's" His parents looked at him with concern.

"Mom, Dad...they know."

Jonathan and Martha stared at Clark and then looked at each other.

" did they find out?"

"Dad, the first night in Hawaii...I had a nightmare and I was speaking in a language I don't speak. I couldn't lie and they already told them the truth."

Martha held one of Clark's hands, " did they react?"

"Mom, Lex and Whitney knew that Lex shot me and they had...well...they love me. I like not having to hide from them. But we now are sharing dreams...we see each other when we sleep." Jonathan and Martha were stunned.

"Mom, Dad I need you to come with is very important. Please?" They walk outside and his parents see the Mercedes.

"A gift from Lex?"

"No...he told me to borrow it and complete the ensemble. We had lunch in Gotham City today with Bruce Wayne. That is why I'm in a suit. I like it though." They all got in the car and Clark drove to the castle.

Whitney pulled into the parking lot of the store. He got out and walked inside.

Chloe and Lana were at the front counter gossiping again. The strange visitor was still hanging around but he was not as ominous as he first seemed. They saw the door open and watched as a tall, handsome well-dressed man with short spiky, messy blonde hair and sunglasses strode in. They saw him look around and Lana placed him.


"Hey Lana, Chloe is Jeff around here?"

Chloe could not stop staring at Whit. "You look GREAT! WOW, sorry, yeah he is in the back, I'll page him."

"Thanks and thanks for taking my shifts for me."

Lana could not believe that this was the same guy from last week. " the haircut look GOOD in a suit."

Whitney was blushing from the attention and was happy to see Jeff walking up to the counter.

"Jeff, I need you to come with me, I need to pick mom and dad up and head to Lex's house." Jeff was about to say something but was cutoff. "I'll explain everything okay but I need you now." The brothers walked out of the store, got in the Jag and headed for home.

Lana and Chloe exchanged a look. "See, I told you that there was something going on. He was driving a JAGUAR and that suit was not cheap. Hell, those sunglasses looked expensive."

"Chloe, do not get overexcited. We don't know but we will find out. Damn he looked good. Any chance he'll have me back?"

"Lana...I'm going to ignore that comment and remind you that Clark would not play fair if you tried."

Whitney and Jeff got out and headed into the house. Their parents were watching the local news when they noticed Whitney.

"Whitney you're home early, wow very nice look but do something with that hair."

"Mom, dad I need you to come with me, please everything will be explained once we get there."

"Son, where are we going?"

"To Luthor Castle, I need you to meet and talk with Lex, please?" Whitney noticed his parents communicating without saying a word. They got up and headed for their bedroom to change. Fifteen minutes later the Fordman's were all in the Jag and heading to the castle.

Lex finishing writing his notes down and mentally calculating the costs of renovation when he could feel the boys getting closer. '$6 million and that is on the conservative side. I want all this done before mid-summer.' Lex peered out the window and saw both cars pulling into the driveway. His heart rate accelerated and he forced himself to calm down. He walked to the door and opened it waiting and hoping that this would turn out correctly.

Whitney walked up and introduced his parents. The Kents quickly followed and Lex leads them to the Parlor room. Lex, Clark and Whitney take a sofa on one side of the coffee table and their parents sit across from them. Jeff takes a seat in a chair off to the side.

"I've asked you all here because circumstances require it. Mr. And Mrs. Fordman, this is not the way I wanted to meet you and not the way I wanted to break this news. The three of us are in an...unconventional relationship. I am very much in love with these two young men and I am loved in return."

Mr. Fordman looks down then looks Lex in the eye, "I'd gathered that Mr. Luthor. We discussed this possibility a few nights ago and I want my son to be happy. Life is precious, as I recently learned, and I want him to make the most out of his."

Lex raised his hand to cut stop David Fordman's words, "Sir, I apologize but I must explain why you are here and if you still feel that way then I will be the happiest soul on the planet."

"My father wants to hurt me and the only avenue that is open is through my love life. You will be receiving a package soon, perhaps even tonight, that has that potential."

Jonathan responded, "Lex, what is in the package?"

"My past. I told Clark and Whit the abridged version but all of you need to know the truth. Only my father and the people who were involved know the story. It was Christmas Night and I went out with some friends. I was a rebellious punk intent on making my father respond to me. I was very into the underground drug scene in Metropolis. I thought I had created the best synthetic drug that left no side effects. That night some people took it and mixed it with cocaine. They went crazy. Two people died from the toxic reaction and two others are still recovering three and a half years later. One person went psychotic and killed two people in the club and then killed himself. In all five people died and a dozen or so were effected. I saw the whole thing and got stabbed and broke my leg trying to stop the killer. My father covered the whole thing up. The police could not link me to the drug since it was sold through someone else. I know the truth and so did my father. On the table, in the folders, are the copies of the events of that night. I was sent to Princeton after that. Dad arranged it to look like I was expelled from Met U. to create a plausible story. I was in therapy for two years following that incident. I haven't touched a drug since. I will put up with the hell that is being Lionel Luthor's only child because I deserve it. I don't know that my father ever loved me." Lex did not notice it until then but Clark and Whitney were each holding one of his hands. Lex saw Jonathan get and crouch in front of him.

"Lex, thank you for being honest and telling us the truth. To be honest, when I first met you I thought you guilty of a lot worse. I'm not going to sugarcoat this but you know what happened and you know your role, only you can forgive yourself. What have you done to repair the damage?"

"I did what I could. I made sure that we paid for all the medical bills but dad didn't want me to ever let it get out that I knew anything about this at all. The best I could do was funding an anti-drug campaign at Met U."

"Lex, I'll admit I do like you. I know your past now and I'm not going to judge you on something that was partially your fault. Because you made the drugs does not mean you forced people to take them. You are a good kid Lex and you are a kid. You have had too much thrust on your shoulders by your father than you needed."

"He is all I have left. My uncle died last weekend."

"I didn't know you had an uncle."

"My mother's older brother."

Anne spoke up, "Lex, I knew your mother, wonderful lady. I, we never got the chance to thank you for going in and trading yourself for the kids. That was brave. Tonight was also an act of bravery. I think Katherine would be proud. We all do things that we are not proud of, I know you from your actions, not a bunch of papers. Since you are seeing my son, I would like you to come to dinner once a week. That is a mother's right and duty."

"Lex, that goes for Martha and me as well. We will trust you with our most precious treasures if you let us in your life as well."

Lex was floored. His relationships would be accepted but monitored. He could accept that. It was a small price, in fact it was not a price at all but it could turn into a great gift. "I would be happy to have dinner with each of you once a week. I inherited a ton of money this week from my uncle. I can be free of my father but I have to strike a truce first."

Jonathan had moved back to the couch and looked at its other occupants. "What kind of truce?"

"I want him to leave me alone and leave Smallville alone as well. I need at least a year to integrate my holdings and get these two up to speed. I would like Whitney to learn the business because he has the aptitude for it. Clark is destined to be a great thinker and philosopher perhaps a best selling writer. I don't know, what I do know is Whitney is the only person who has a winning record against me in chess and Clark out debates me all the time as well. Believe me these two keep me on my toes."

Jonathan chuckled, "I don't doubt it."

David stood up walked over and shook Lex's hand. "I'll see you on Sunday, I have to get home and take my medication. Whitney, I'll assume you are still on vacation."

"You don't mind?"

"No but..."

"My truck is out front if you want to take that home."

"That will be fine son. Good night." Jeff, David and Anne wall left leaving the Kents and the boys.

"Lex, Whitney...Clark told us that you know the secret."

"Sir, we would never betray Clark or you. Please tell him that you agree that we will not take a blood sample and have it analyzed."


"Clark, what is he talking about?"

"It was that dream thing I was telling you about. We don't just dream but we can feel each other like in the background. It is comforting to feel that presence. Lex and Whitney are having their DNA mapped, we think that some of the changes are due to...fluid exchange."

"You mean that you have not been practicing safe sex!"

"Dad, stuff happens but ...god dad, I'll explain later. Can I stay also?"

"Clark, you just told me you were irresponsible and you want me to trust you?"

"Mr. Kent... it is not what you think."

"What is it then Whitney?"



"Jonathan, dear use your imagination and remember how you felt when your parents grilled you. Clark, yes you can stay and I am curious about this bond you three are developing and no Clark no testing. Jonathan what is done is done, lets go home. I'm sure you want to make sure the kids did everything you wanted them to."

"Fine, Lex thanks for all the help but you overpaid most of them. Good night boys."

"Well that went pretty well Lex. Other than constant supervision by our parents, they did like the way I looked. Chloe and Lana were drooling, it would have been funny if I hadn't been in a hurry."

"Yeah we do look good. Cheer up Lex, you get to keep us."

"Guys, I am very happy. I'm still making plans. I want to remodel the castle and help plan OUR futures. I want to enjoy this next year but first I have to deal with Lionel. That will happen Friday. Lets go upstairs and go to bed. We will deal with tomorrow on the morrow."

Metropolis, late

Damien received word that the Fordman kid had been seen in Smallville. That was all the confirmation he needed that Lex was at the castle. He knew, as much as Lionel claimed to despise his son, he would never destroy him. No Lionel needed to be forced into that decision. Damien needed evidence that Lex was up to something.

"Nathan, your current assignment is being augmented. Triple your normal fee. All the information you require was been sent. Oh, commence to targets and deliver the goods. One other thing, for the duration of this assignment, you report to me only. Keep me appraised, out."

Now if only Lex was up to something and it was damaging enough to force Lionel's hand.

Thursday, Smallville, sunrise

Jonathan walked out the back door and found a packet sitting on the steps. He opened it. It was all the information that Lex had provided the night before. He took it with him and dropped it into the shredder. It was garbage and for the first time Jonathan thought Lex deserved better.

Jeff walked downstairs and saw the packet stuck in the mail slot. He did not even bother opening it but took it to the garage and set it on fire. He liked Lex and as unconventional as that relationship was, it looked like it might work, given a fair chance.

Lex walked into his study and saw his cell phone was flashing. He opened the voicemail. Nixon had been unable to intercept the operative and did not want to be spotted removing items from porches. That would cause more problems if he was caught. Lex would have to agree but he had covered his bases. He settled down and thought about the dreams last night of a revamped castle. He would turn this place into a real home and center of an empire. All he needed was time and space and both could be bargained for tomorrow.

Metropolis, approaching midnight

Lionel's limo pulled up to the Manor House and he ascended. The meeting in Washington had been a lesson. He needed to recruit a solid opponent for that damned Senator. Lionel had been one of his major contributors and he needed to learn that betrayal was always repaid in spades. He was glad to be home. Damien had the packets delivered without his consent and Lionel was furious. He had been holding that card in reserve, as leverage against Lex and now that arrow was wasted. Lionel poured a drink and pondered his options in dealing with his son. Lionel decided to sleep on it. He was tired and had wayward lawmakers to discipline. Lex could always wait another day.

Friday, 10:00am

Lionel was looking over his mail when the door opened and he saw Lex. 'So he comes to deal with me, fine.'

"Lex, I was unaware that you were on the schedule."

"Dad, I cleared the next hour. We need to talk."

"Where have you been? You were needed in London, to close Hardwick and deal with other board members."

"I took a vacation and you know that because you had my past revealed to my companion's parents. The ploy didn't work, I still get to see them and they love me."

"Lex, they are a weakness and you need to drop them."

"You have nothing left in the arsenal old man. You're spent; I however do have a few cards to play. I don't need you anymore. Uncle Michael left me a huge legacy and Luthor Corp is now only a part of my portfolio. I know your secret. You have no cash flow right now. You can't defend yourself or the company from outside forces. YOU NEED ME!"

"Lex, don't push me. You have no idea the sacrifices that have been made for this company."

"So the company is more important than me, right. I am only a name, a purpose, an end to the means. Well I know what would really get you...Indifference. You are so bound up in the Luthor Family legacy that you forgot that it is made up of people. Guess what dad; I could give a shit about Luthor Corp. I will build my legacy and I do have a destiny. I will achieve greatness with or without this place."

"You can't achieve greatness while you have a weakness. Those boys are a weakness."

"No, they are the best part of me. They are my strength. I have a proposal, take it or leave it. It is not subject to debate. I know that you are very weak. I will support you against the rest of the board and shareholders. I now hold 15%, together we have 49% of the Class A shares. In return, Smallville is my fiefdom. The castle is mine by inheritance and is going to be MY home. I am resigning as a line officer from Luthor Corp. I will stay on as a director. Gabe Sullivan will be in charge of the plant. You will do nothing to harm Smallville AT ALL. Oh, and for one year you can't criticize me. I am going to take my time and understand what I own and develop a comprehensive strategy for the future. Last but not least, bring Dominic back and make him head of the transition team for Europe. His exile is over and Damien gets to run South American operations from Santiago."

"Lex, we don't have a real division in South America."

"I know but Damien wants to take my place. You forget Eton teaches Palace Intrigue 101, you failed to destroy the best part of my life, he pays the price."

"And if I don't agree?"

"Simple, I get your credit rating evaluated. You may have a ton of assets but you have no cash flow. As you are under scrutiny, I invite a coup by the board or I just walk away leaving my proxies open. You have no way of raising capital outside of Luthor Corp right now and if I take that avenue away, what do you have?"

"I see, perhaps you are getting good at this game Lex. I'm proud. Researched, wellreasoned, viable options and plans of attack, if your Uncle had not died what would you do?"

"I have contingency plans. Take it or leave it dad."

"One caveat, I want to meet these boys that have pushed you to defy me and your training. I am curious because I do care Lex. I...when your mother died so did I. All I had left was the family name and you. I pushed you and pushed you and you never reacted by growing stronger. I hope you have better luck in love than I did. Agreed, but you must come back as a line officer in a year. I will not allow you to be indifferent about this company. Oh, the next move is mine. I will not allow you to rest on your laurels."

Lex turned and left the office. He was happy but cringing. His father now had an inkling of what he was capable of and that meant Lionel would come after him harder. Lex smiled, at least Smallville was off limits for now and he had gained a measure of respect and peace. He needed to get Whitney and Clark on the same page. One year was all he had before the world would intrude. He would need all the help he could get.

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