Monday, Houston, Texas

Dr. Sebastian Fordman was monitoring the Solar probe. The telemetry readings did not look good. The Solar cycle for activity was about to hit its 13 year peek. All indications pointed to a very intense and active period. Dr. Fordman lifted the phone and called US Space Command. They would need to know that increased solar activity and radiation would drastically effect the global satellite networks and communications. All electromagnetic devices would be effected to some extent. The probe was registering very intense fluxuations in the corona. Flare activity would be stronger than the scientific community had ever seen. Already the first signs of increased radiation levels were being detected at monitoring stations across the Earth. The next seven months would see very unusual weather patterns and possible power and communications disruptions. None of this bodes well for the people of Earth.

Santiago, Chile

Damien Parker was having a very light lunch. The only person who had a connection with his internal information and its source had been eliminated. That made him feel so much better. It was almost too easy to arrange that hit. It was a quid pro quo, a small piece of information and a person who knew too much was taken out. Easy...too easy and it was a heady power to acquire. It was a taste and it was addictive. However he was not so powerful that he could challenge the titans who 'owned' the operation. He knew Lex had no clue this existed. If he did, it would be shut down. The boy was gaining a conscience and that was bad business. The worst part was the incredible influence Lex was going to gain. He knew Lex was now among the wealthiest people on the planet. Moreover, he had yet to gain his true inheritance. That irked Damien to no end. Lex was poised to reach the levels of Bruce Wayne, Warren Buffet, Tony Starck, Bill Gates, Warren Worthington II, and George Soros. Lex had everything he wanted. He needed fear to make Lex move suddenly. Swift and unanticipated actions always lead to mistakes. That is what Damien needed to happen. He needed Lex to be his own worst enemy.


Lex was trying to come to grips with the sudden death of Nathan Daniels. His father used the man for over five years as an agent for the most 'unusual' circumstances. The whole world changed in an instance, what had been an a game of one upmanship had now taken a major turn to the real. Lex knew that his father had no clue that he knew about Nathan. This was serious and his major pipeline for information was on his way to Europe. He needed information and he needed in ASAP. The main problem was his resources were tapped at the moment in that department. That irked Lex. He was now a multi-billionaire and his information supply was limited. His key spies inside Luthor Corp were loyal to the highest bidder and Lex was in no position to influence decisions inside the company at the moment. He began to pace and heard the noises of construction in the background. He was going to beg Jonathan and David to let the boys stay with him every night. That was his only hope at the moment. It was that or move out for now. Lex was beginning to feel overwhelmed and that was never a good sign.

Smallville High

Whitney was doodling in his notebook. He was bored, school had nothing left to offer him. He was going to graduate and he was going to spend the summer and fall working with Lex. Lex wanted him to help organize his asset structure. Whitney had picked up a few things over the years. His oldest brother was a very successful Investment Banker and all Jeff talked about was legal issues. So Whit had some basics when it came to finances plus his Dad had started him on book keeping when he was 13. Whitney knew inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, etc... It made him crazy that he already knew how to run a business before he could vote. His Mom was a CPA so she looked over everything and blah, blah, blah.

All Whit ever wanted to be was special. His hidden passion, his dream was a fantasy but growing up he wanted to be a wizard. He loved Merlin, Gandalf, and Ged. He wanted to be a Dragonlord and have adventures. He played with his friends and did the sports thing because that is what his Dad wanted but he wanted to transform into a hawk and fly away. He wanted to be an Elvenlord and take on the forces of Darkness but his family was rooted in the honest to God salt of the Earth Kansas reality. He made it a point to visit a bookstore whenever he visited one of his brothers. He had a savings account since he was five but he always managed to keep some pocket change and saved in order to splurge on a book. He had a fairly large collection. His parents did not mind as long as he did what he was supposed to. He did what we was supposed to, kept his grades up, did well on the Placement Tests, and won football games. He smiled inwardly because nothing worked out the way his parents wanted it to.

So Whitney let his mind wonder and could 'feel' Lex and Clark. It was a vague tingle that he could label. If he tried hard enough then he could tell what they were feeling. It was nothing specific and it required intense concentration. Thinking about his guys brought about an embarrassing reaction. Whit's cock went full mast. He reached down and adjusted himself but he had a good sized cock and it would be noticeable. He was in slacks and wearing regular boxers, not the Calvin Klein boxer-briefs he normally favored. He was not in Clark's league, that boy had two full inches on him and was thicker. He made Whit feel small and Whit was not small. Thinking of Clark's cock made Whit's drool. `Great now I'm going to soak my boxers.' He looked down and his nine inch tool was visible. He began to panic because class ended in five minutes.

Clark sprang wood and was very horny. He had been concentrating on his history assignment and his cock snaked down his leg. He was panting. He noticed Pete and Lana shoot him a look. Clark looked down and began to panic. He was achingly hard and needed a release. He wanted to scream he needed to shoot and soon. He had no idea what happened. He went from fine to desperate in one second. He knew Whit's schedule by heart and a place that would be deserted. He was going to have sex in school. Clark, Mr. Goody Two Shoes, Kent was going to break a number of rules because he needed satisfaction, NOW.

Whit began to take deep relaxing breaths and his dick, while at full length, was no longer rigid. He wanted to find Clark. He wanted out of school, he just wanted and that was the problem. He dick was hard again. `UGH.' Whitney was going to insist that he get off every morning before school. He had always thought of himself as a dominant person but he loved getting fucked. Lex, with his thick eight or Clark with his not quite foot long, hit him just right and made his ass hot. He enjoyed fucking but he had admitted to himself that he enjoyed getting it more. Whit was a sub and knew it. He needed Clark or Lex and soon.


`SHIT!' Whit stood up and brought his books to cover his crotch. Before he knew it Clark grabbed his elbow and was leading him quickly down the hall. He could feel Clark's need and it matched his own. They needed release and if it did not happen soon they were going to need to change clothes.

The Castle

Lex was suddenly very horny. He couldn't concentrate on the issues at hand. He heads to his bedroom and locks the door. He undressed and relaxed on his bed. He closed his eyes and could tell that he was aroused because his lovers were almost in a state of frenzy. He stroked his cock and could feel everything that they were feeling. Every action they were taking he could 'see.' It was the ultimate in voyeurism.

Smallville High

Clark took Whitney to a storage room that was abandoned on the third floor. He had both of their clothes off in moments. The passion and energy began to throb in their veins. It moved with the heartbeats and pulsed throughout their bodies. Clark carried a small bottle of lube in his backpack and quickly put it to good use. Clark entered Whit, holding him against him while Whitney wrapped his legs around Clark's thighs. Clark was floating and had no idea. He and Whit were having sex vertically. The very air around them was charged with energy. There was a side effect; the whole school was caught up in their passion. Every boy was sporting an erection, much to the dismay for those changing in the locker room. Every girl was having an intense fantasy of love unending. Clark and Whitney floated a foot above the floor and Clark drove deeper into Whit. Whit's cock was trapped between their stomachs, the friction driving him crazy but no real rhythm to find release. Time had no meaning, only desire and fire. Finally the intensity of it all culminated in an spectacular orgasm that drained the both of them. The whole school was released from the emotional spell. Many of both genders needed a release from the intense hormonal assault that had plagued them. Most of the students the day would be an exercise in frustration. There was no shame that day for guys to see other guys with a throbbing hard-on in the locker room. The bell rings and they quickly clean up and get dressed. They realize that they skipped second period. Clark and Whitney would be oblivious to what was happening the rest of the day. Whitney had Senioritis bad and was ready to ditch school at any time. Clark was caught up in Whitney's attitude. However, they did get back to class.

Lana and Chloe were coming perilously close to coming out of the closet. They had been effected like everyone else in the school. They wanted each other desperately. Chloe looked up from her locker and noticed that everyone had a desperate look about them except Whitney and Clark, who were walking down the hall, merrily chatting away. They had that freshly fucked look about them 'Fucking jerks!'

"Hey Chloe, how are you?"

"Horny...I'm so sorry, I did not mean to say that out loud. You and Whitney look happy...did you skip class?" Whitney has continued down the hall heading to his locker.

"SHHHH! We needed some private time. Don't say anything...please?"

"Clark, you and he are ALWAYS having sex. It's annoying. By the way, did you know that guy that was in Smallville looking for Lex is dead?"

" do you know?"

"Simple, Metropolis PD had, what looked like a major gangland hit last night. Only one body was found. He guy matches the description of `our' guy. I sent the picture to the Daily Planet and got confirmation that they are the same guy."


"Clark, I have some contacts that you are unaware of. So where did you and the Whitster sneak off to? I'd kinda like to use the place myself."

"Not telling. If I did then the whole school would find out and then I couldn't use it in an emergency."


"No, can't tell you. Have you seen Pete? My Dad wants to hire him and his group this summer. I'm being replaced."


"Don't worry, I'll tell you when I can but lets just say that there are many changes in the works."

"There are times I really hate you Clark Kent."

"Nah, you love me, too bad I am spoken for. Speaking of which here comes Whitney."


Lionel looked across the skyline of his city. There was no doubt that he was a modern day Baron and that Metropolis was his domain. The past was always something that was done, forgotten, hidden should the need arise. He looked down at the picture, something from his youth. Pain radiated from his long forgotten heart. The past could never be dismissed. The past always calls, refusing the mental barriers that held it in check. The past was a ghost, a spectre that whispered in the night and called in dreams. Regardless of how much one wished it away, the past was real, twisted in perception, burned in neurons. The past lived. The letter had brought the past back, resurrected it from its hollow tomb. The picture, proof positive that such a time existed once.

Oct. 1977

Charlie Fordman was looking something to do. He was bored, the team was looking invincible and Charlie was the leader of the defense. He went looking for Jonathan but he was busy, avoiding him actually. Charlie was tired of school and was ready to head out and find something to make him feel alive. That was the way of it. He rode past the Luthor lands and saw the lake that he and Jon went skinning dipping in. He loved Jon but wanted more than Jon could offer. He liked sucking on Jon's thick tool but all Jon ever did was give him a hand job. He wanted Jon to fuck him hard. He wanted a blow job. He wanted Jon to kiss him and that was the heart of the matter. Jon was using him to get off when he and Nell weren't seeing eye to eye. Charlie knew that Jonathan was his best friend but this relationship wasn't.

That was how it began for Lionel, the night he saw Charlie out by the lake sitting quietly. Lionel was in Smallville to check on things. He had to check on his ailing mother and was out walking by the lake. Lionel knew beauty when he saw it and the young man was beautiful. Long blond hair and a light dusting of facial hair.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I'm Charlie...I come out here to think. You?"

"I'm Lionel Luthor, my mother lives in the house on the other side of the lake."

"I'm sorry Mr. Luthor sir, I'll leave."

Lionel noticed the pain that the young man had and it drew Lionel in. Pain, the very foundation of the next few years. Pain, the beginning and the end. Pain, all that was left from that long forgotten past.

Lionel turned away from the picture and went back to finding an operative. He had learned that Nathan was dead but that was all. He had no specific information and knew that this was a dreadful sign. Nathan had been his primary operative for five years. Lionel began to make arrangements with his retired operative to get a new replacement online ASAP. Unknowns were a very dangerous items. Their very nature created chaos. The unknowns surrounding Nathan created too many scenarios many of which ended poorly. The game had taken a dangerous turn and Lionel had not courted danger in a long time. Perhaps it was just as well. This might also aid him in dealing with his son. He turned and looked out at the skyline again. The past and the present were merging, cycles repeating themselves.


Whitney dropped Clark off at his house and headed for work. Whitney had to begin the transition from his family's direct ownership to the new partnership. He and Jeff needed to get everything inventoried from the stanchions to the registers. It was going to be a pain but his Dad wanted to get the sale over with soon.

Clark was not feeling well. He had a headache and could not remember having one since his permanent teeth came in. He was lucky because he did not need braces. His teeth came in perfectly but four molars came in at the same time and were done in three days. That was the last time his head hurt like this. Even the bruised ribs did not hurt like this. He felt horrid.

"Hi sweetie, how was school?"

"Fine mom, I'm going to do my chores and go over to Fordman's and help do inventory for the sale."

"You okay Clark, you look flushed."

"I'm fine Mom, don't worry."

"Okay dear, your father is out on the south pasture working with the herd."

Clark went about doing his chores trying to ignore the strange way he felt. He wanted to hurry so he could join Whitney at the store. Lex was going to come by after stopping by and having a chat with Lana at the Talon. What Clark really wanted was sleep but there was too much to do. He could not ever remember feeling this tired, even when he was stripped of his powers.

"Clark, you're here. Come on, Jeff and I have run the final tallies for today's sales. We have to inventory the store's infrastructure and then we can use those numbers to finalize the transfer by weeks end."

"No problem, where do you want me to start?"

"Clark, you okay?"

"Fine, where?"

"Start with the cash registers, I need vendor and serial number."

"You got it."

Lex did show up and helped catalog the storerooms that held the seasonal decorations. Whitney could not help but make fun of a dust covered Lex. Lex laughed good-naturedly and kissed Whit. Clark had walked up and despite his fatigue was aroused.

"I want one."

"Oh course Clark. You never have to ask for a kiss, there is an infinite and unlimited supply available." He kissed Clark but stopped him when Clark's hands started roving.

"There is however a time and a place for that. Sorry but work has to come first in this case. Trust me that will not always be the case."

Clark pouted a little kissed Whitney and went back to work.

Clark went home and was uncomfortable. His stomach was upset and his skin felt like thousands of bugs were crawling all over him. A shower had not helped him. He was thirsty but no amount of water helped. He gave up and tried to go to sleep.

Clark was dreaming...the vistas that had become so familiar came into focus. The winds were whispering to him. He could see events moving swiftly by yet could not make out an individual item. Events slowed and he saw a great war being fought. The mighty city he had witnessed being built was being stormed. Weaponry that only George Lucas could imagine was horrifyingly effective. Standards moved and different groups fought for supremacy outside the Citadel's gates. Clark knew instinctively that this city was the living, breathing heart and soul of his people. It was the center of all that was. The forces that held this city would hold the masses. He had no idea how events had reached this point but he saw the carnage that was the plains surrounding the gleaming city. The guardians of the tower stood sentry, no warriors would disturb them. This victory can not be tainted. The Houses must declare a winner in Council. Clark saw the witnesses, cloaked and hooded, watching in silent, ominous judgment.

Clark woke up covered in sweat. Lex had asked and had been rebuffed about Clark and Whitney spending every night with him. Lex had not pressed the issue with David or Jonathan and Clark did not feel like arguing. His dad wanted Clark to wait until summer to spend every night with Lex. He ached all over and wondered briefly if he had lost his powers again. He looked and his vision was fine he could see clear through the house into the storm cellar where his ship was kept. But the reaction to using his powers was a piercing pain in his head. He hurt so bad he wanted to cry.

Whitney and Lex each woke up from a dead sleep and felt the shadow pain that Clark was experiencing. Neither of them could pinpoint where the pain was coming from. It came from no part of the body and it did not come from the link. All it was a dull throbbing ache that was draining, a toothache of the soul. Neither would go back to sleep but they also could not tell that Clark was hurting deeply.

Clark got out of bed and went downstairs. He had never taken pain medication before, even when he injured his ribs. He found the bottle of Advil and took five. He went back and tried to sleep but it would be illusive. He gently rocked himself and cried gently, unable to comprehend what was happening. Finally sleep claimed him again but soon he had to wake and go to school. The Advil had had no effect on him. The pain had remained and Clark hurt all the more because of it.


Clark was able to get up and go to school and pretend that everything was okay. He was deeply worried, but he was no worse than he was yesterday and for that he was thankful.

Zurich, Switzerland

Roger was beginning to hate Europe. They did not speak English and if they did they had no idea what he was talking about. A hacker friend of his had placed three of the numbered accounts to banks here in Zurich. He had monitored the shift changes and the security but he was tired and would not try. He had bribed a banker with $50K in cash and found out the names on the three accounts. None of them were Luthor Corp or Lionel's. It at least gave him a starting point in researching the history. He also found out that these three accounts had less than one transaction a year for the last ten. The total assets held was a staggering $2.4billion. All of this raised red flags to Roger. `Why keep that much money dormant? It makes no sense.' He recorded his findings and moved on. He was going to hang here until Thursday and then head to Amsterdam. He knew that the Luthor family had used Amsterdam as a clearing house prior to World War I when they still held assets in Europe.


Lex pulled up to the farm. He needed to asked Jonathan some questions and he also was dropping off the prospectus for Martha to read. He brought the picture of Jon with Charlie Fordman. Lex assumed that his Mother had sent these items to his Uncle for safe keeping. That was the only logical reason for him to have been in possession of such items. He got out of his Porsche and walked right into the house.

"Hello Lex, what brings you here?"

"Good morning Martha, dropping off the prospectus and some pictures that my Uncle's estate had."

Jonathan walked in and saw the picture of him and Charlie. Jon froze, the words that Lex was uttering had stopped making sense. He hadn't seen a picture of Charlie in twenty something years. He wanted to forget, he wanted to scream, he wanted it to go away. He never told Martha...anyone about his senior year in high school. He hated what he'd done and what it had lead to. 'NO!' Jon thought, 'go away...its ancient history!' He sat down abruptly, tears in his eyes. Martha and Lex stopped and looked at Jon, but he was now lost in memories...and his own actions which had so changed his life and the lives of many. He had refused to acknowledge what he felt so plainly. He refused to think about that which haunts him. The one moment, when there is break...a clear break...the one point that historians could look at and say with no doubt...IF ONLY.


Jon and Charlie had finished smoking a joint. It was good shit. Jon liked to smoke on occasion. He picked up a beer and chugged it. Charlie was his best friend, his best pal. Charlie had told him he loved him. He tried to kiss him. Jon stopped him and said it was cool but he was not like that. That had been three weeks ago. Jon leaned over and placed his hand on Charlie's thigh. Charlie responded by placing his on Jon's crotch. Moments later Charlie was sucking Jon's dick like a pro. For Jon the bliss he felt was better than screwing Nell any day. He could relate to Charlie in ways that he couldn't with Nell. He came hard and Charlie swallowed. Jon reached over and gave Charlie a hand job. Jon was not a cocksucker. Jon was a man. He was the Captain of the football team and had ambitions for a professional career. Charlie leaned over to kiss him but Jon moved away and grabbed another beer. Charlie's face reflected his disappointment but Jon did not want to hurt his friend but he was a guy and guys did not kiss other guys. Jonathan Kent felt shame, not for what had taken place but because he was hurting his friend.

"Jonathan are you okay? Jon..." Jonathan was yanked back into the present. He looked and saw the picture after the homecoming game and all the great times he had with Charlie. It was all ashes and bitterness now. Guilt and horror and the pains of what might have been.

"Yeah Martha, I'm fine. I haven't seen a picture of Charlie in twenty years. Hi Lex."

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to bring back bad memories."

"Its okay Lex, just...unexpected. So what prospectus?"

"The lovely Ms. Lang tendered a proposal to renovate the Talon and turn it into a Caf and Bookstore. It has all kinds of tax advantages."


"So, LFK owns the property, not me. The decision requires other consent besides mine. Also...I need a personal assistant, someone I can you have any ideas?"

Jonathan did not follow the whole thread of the conversation. He was more involved in the flood of memories from his senior year and the humiliating event that had torn at him and cost him his best friend.

Buenos Aires

The security around incoming merchandise was sloppy at best. The guards were underpaid and overworked. A quite payoff was all one needed to get access long enough to steal even a container ship. The explosives destined for mining operations where picked up and walked right out the front gate. The detonation caps were also taken. In all over two tons of explosives disappeared into thin air.


Damien hid his smile as he cursed in Spanish at the incompetent Port Director. Damien made it clear that his company was going to be compensated for the lose of the shipment and that the mines would have to be as well. Damien did smile once he ended the phone call. Luthor Corp was going to claim twice the amount lost and take a write off. Then Luthor Corp was going to claim the liability payment to the mining operation, a lie. In all Luthor Corp would make five times the money it would have on a straight up transaction and half of it untraceable.

"Now if only everything else goes according to plan."

Damien was hesitant to place another spy in Smallville so soon after getting rid of one. It was a small town and new people stood out like sore thumbs. As much as he wanted a person on the ground there was no way he could get one there in the near future. He was going to have to use what resources he had available to him in the meantime.

Smallville, Later

Clark, Lex and Whitney all had dinner together at the castle. Whitney cooked. Lex and Whitney were worried because Clark was pensive and withdrawn. They had learned from Jon and Martha that Clark had an almost obsessive need for privacy at times. So the guys did not push the issue. They simply relaxed and enjoyed each others company.

"You know, I still can't believe you cooked tonight. I swear you bought it and served it like it was your own."

"Well, Lex, I'll take that was a compliment that my cooking rates as restaurant quality."

"I would not go that far."

"Bastard! See if I cook for you again."

"AW Whit, I'm was great, right Clark."

"Oh...I don't know. The pasta was a little over done and the vinaigrette a little salty. HEY!"

"You both suck you know that. I faked everyone one of my orgasms."

"Did not!"

"I should have!"

"It was wonderful but over complimenting the chef could lead to a culinary disaster later."


"Boys, we have a little time...lets go relax in the bedroom. It's the only place that is not a huge mess."

Clark was content to play a passive role in the proceedings. Whit and Lex didn't say anything and Clark did enjoy himself so that allayed their fears as well.

Clark was happy to be home. He loved them but he did not want to worry them that something was wrong. The body ache faded while they had sex but returned shortly after. Clark undressed and wanted a goodnight's sleep.

Clark was dreaming again, he listened as someone he could not see explained.

The peoples revere the life-bond. It is very rare, less that two percent of all the people are life-bonded, either different or same sexed it does not matter. But far more rare and considered sacred is the tri-bond. Only once in all the history of the peoples have three males bonded. Providence Be Praised. The salvation of the peoples and our modern government began there.

Clark woke up. It was the first time he had clarity in his dreams. He understood...but he didn't understand. His body hurt worse and his head hurt. He prayed for relief, just prayed because that was all he had left.

Whitney and Lex had seen and heard Clark's dream. A voice had resonated and though they did not understand the meaning, they understood that answers would come. Both of them noticed that strange pain was back and stronger. Neither of them knew it was Clark. The pain inhibited concentration. It mucked up the link. None of them could feel the other because the pain was forcing each one to concentrate on himself. All any of the three wanted was sleep. It finally came.

Wednesday - Houston, 4:30am.

Dr. Fordman was on a videoconference with Jet Propulsion in California and the British Observatory in London. The Hubble had taken mass spectrographs of the Sun and all indications were that a massive solar flare was imminent. Already two smaller flares had been issued from the corona in the last twelve hours and contact with the Solar probe had been lost. There was too much interference from the sun.

"Dr. Fordman, I think the consensus is to warn all commercial satellite operators and all governments to shut down and protect all orbiting assets. The Earth is in the direct path of the next Solar ejection."

"I have already placed US Space Command on alert. I can inform them of this decision but I am not the person who makes that call. I must end this and call the Director. He needs to inform the White House and they will warn the world."

"Dr. we are already seeing many effects around the world. Sudden loss of power, communications disruptions. If power were to go out, say in New York, late in the evening then mass chaos would ensue."

"I understand what you are saying but again, this is not my call to make. Gentlemen, if you will excuse me. I need to talk to the Director."


Clark got up early and used his PDA to tell Whitney that he left to go to school to finish his homework. He showered dressed and left, hoping to avoid his parents and any questions they might have. He had looked in the mirror and noticed that his complexion was paled and he had dark circles under his eyes. He tried not to worry but he had never felt this way before. He zoomed on his way to school and that was a mistake. The moment he stopped pain raced down his nerves and he felt like he was on fire. He screamed in agony mentally.

Whitney had not looked at his PDA. He had gotten up early and called Lex to see if he was okay. He told Lex he would check on Clark first thing. He pulled into the Kent driveway and headed into the kitchen.

"Good morning Whitney, he's not up yet."

"I'll get him up."

Whitney climbed the stairs and screamed.

Lex was still in bed but looking at his computer when his mind filled with fire and he was screaming in agony.

Jonathan ran to the staircase and saw a crumpled Whitney.


"Clark..." it came out in a strained whisper.

"What about Clark?"


"Where is Clark?"

"School... find Lex." with that Whitney passed out.

Jonathan ran out and climbed into the truck. He raced for the school and found Clark on the steps outside passed out. He picked his son up and was barely able to get him into the truck. He brought Clark into the house and saw that Whitney was conscious but dazed. The moment Jonathan pulled up and got Clark into the house he went to see if Lex was having the same symptoms.

Lex had fallen while trying to get out of bed. His body...everything was on fire. He felt strong arms pick him up and carry him downstairs and he felt a breeze on his face.


"Lex, its Jonathan. I'm taking you to my house. Clark and Whitney seem to be in the same shape you are in."

Whitney was standing when Jonathan pulled up. He waited for Jon to bring Lex inside. Lex perked up when he felt Whit touch his arm. The fires raging in his soul dampened down. The two went and saw Clark passed out on the sofa. They moved and touched him at the same time. It was like a lightning bolt, the energy coursing from Clark into Lex and Whitney. Both of them fell to their knees, gasping for breath.


Dominic was in a city of crossroads. This was the city where West meets East, a clash of cultures. He had some issues to clarify and some private projects that needed vetting. He had contacts in the former Eastern Bloc. He knew that all actions required information but he needed capital in order to BUY the proper information. He had found some intriguing plans for some new alloys Hardwick had been working on. A few quick calculations and Dominic had an idea for a vastly improved RPG (rocket propelled grenade.) The new alloy was itself a secondary incendiary device. A new RPG could be used as an armor piercer, then have the initial explosion and then the secondary fragmented explosion. Initial tests with the new alloy showed great promise.

Dom was meeting an old colleague to get some much-needed cash flow for himself. He needed an information source in order to play at the level he wished to play at. Right now the Hardwick transition afforded him many opportunities. Shipments could be displaced, experiments ended and moved to new locations, all kinds of things could happen in a transition and once the period was over and the dust settled, no one would be the wiser.

Dom had goals he wanted and he had a burning desire to take Luthor Corp. He had used Lex to play against his father but that ploy ended with his exile to Southeast Asia. Now he was here because Lex wanted him here. It was the worst position to be playing from, the middle. The odds were long that he could achieve his goals but the payoff if he could would be priceless. All he needed was information and money. He had a plan for the money and that would get him the information that he needed. After that all that was necessary was patience, it was a virtue after all.


Whitney and Lex struggled to get up. They wondered if that is what it felt like to get electrocuted.

"Are you okay?" Martha asked of the boys.

"Aspirin woulde be most welcome at the moment. Whitney?"


"Guys, what is happening?"

"I don't know. I was walking up the stairs to get Clark when everything hurt, inside my mind. is very vague after that until Lex got here...then we went to touch Clark and BANG, all over again."

"I was trying to get out of bed when it all went dark. I have no idea what caused this. What time is it?"


"I feel like I could go back to sleep. Martha, please, the aspirin, my head is killing me."

Martha leaves the room and returns with two glasses of orange juice and the bottle of aspirin. Both boys offer her heartfelt thanks and move to the side of their sleeping third.

Clark was dreaming, he had a vague sense that Whitney and Lex were there but he had no grounding. He felt lost. There was a maelstrom of pain swirling around him and he ached in ways he never had before. The voice in his head echoed deeply but the words and their meaning slipped past him. All the previous dreams of his hidden ancestry rushed by like people said when your life flashed before your eyes. He screamed but had no voice. He cried but had no tears. He sat up and cleared his eyes. His parents and lovers wore expressions of worry and all visibly lighten at his movement.

"Ugh...I feel like shit."

"Clark, language!"

"Sorry, mom. How did I get home?" Jonathan and Martha sit next to Clark.

"Whitney came over this morning and suddenly screamed. He told me where to find you. Son, what is going on?"

"No, I don't. I hurt, everything hurts and its worse after I use my powers."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Since Sunday, I guess."

Lex and Whitney crouch in front of the Kents. "Clark, why didn't you tell us about this. Whit and I have been worried. You've been so withdrawn."

"There is nothing that you could of done. I didn't want to worry you."

"Clark, we love you, even if we could do nothing at least we could share the pain. I think we have been feeling the side-effects any way."

"I'm sorry."

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

The headquarters for US Space Command was watching a real-time satellite feed from the Hubble Space Telescope. These same pictures were being monitored at all astrophysics labs and NASA stations around the world. A huge solar flare burst from the surface of the sun. Tons of plasma was ejected at high velocity out into space. The Hubble was watching the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum as well and what the scientific community saw astounded them. A solar storm of epic proportions was in progress and the Earth was going to catch part of it. The Commanding General watched in horror as the Hubble showed the vast radiation field that was moving along the solar winds.

"Get me the President."

The White House

The National Security Advisor was going live on every network, around the world.

"We are monitoring a serious situation in space. The President has ordered the FAA to ground all flights and to divert to the nearest landing site. NASA estimates that the solar flare will disrupt communications and possibly any electromagnetic device. There is a high possibility of power disruptions. Please, we urge all citizens to remain calm. Our best data show that the events will begin in approximately fifteen minutes." The press briefing room exploded with questions, few of which could be answered.

Gotham City

Bruce picked up a phone and dialed Wayne-Tech.

"George, power down the birds. Leave the ST-11s running but move them to a higher orbit."

Bruce had killed a number of communication relay satellites in order to protect them. He and many other operators would pray that the uplinks could be restored and that they would come back online. It would be a long day.


"Clark, it is not your fault. You did not cause this, we have no idea what did."

"Yeah, look...can I go lie down?"

"Sure Whitney, use the guest bedroom. In fact why don't all of you go...NO SEX!" Clark had a look of horror on his face when his mother said that. Whitney and Lex turned bright red and walked up the stairs. It was at that point Lex noticed that he was still dressed for bed. All three of them climbed in together.

Across the globe power began to flicker and cell phones ceased to work. Cable broadcasts went down and satellites stopped transmitting. The first wave of radiation was impacting the ionosphere. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in consultation with NASA, warned the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that the increased ionization would increase all storm strengths and intensities. The ability to predict the weather had severely hampered without radar and satellite coverage. This was new territory.

Clark screamed. Whitney and Lex had been holding him and felt the energy flowing through them. Blackness claimed all three.

The high priest looked over the plain and knew that an event of great magnitude was unfolding. One could never be sure if it was for good or ill until it had passed.

The young Princes from the Houses of El, An, and D'or met for the first time. It was by accident. Each went looking for an answer to the war. They met in the ancient grove in the hills near the Citadel. It was known for its meditative peace and the clarity of mind it brought. No advisors, no generals, just the three of them. The War had claimed many a family member and each had no desire to lead the peoples. But they lead three of the mightiest Houses left on Krypton. The House of El had the strongest claim on the Crown but the Prince's father did not want it. An and D'or still had powerful armies and lead strong factions. Providence was with them as it was love at first sight. For the first time in all of the history of the peoples, a tri-bond had formed between three males. The Princes ordered their forces to withdrawal from the fields of battle and to regroup. The Allies of the Houses were confused but could not fight without those supporting levies.

The high Priest grinned as he heard the news. Providence had tilted in the their favor. The peoples would see peace in this lifetime. The other forces that would claim power sought to press their advantage but could not find purchase. The combined might of the Houses claimed the Holy and capital city. But none of the Princes wished to be crowned. A Tri-Regency was established and all the Houses formed the Great Council. The Crown and Throne would go unused for the duration of the peoples. The war that had raged for forty cycles ended in less than a cycle after the bonding. Each Prince took a concubine to continue the lines of their Houses but a sacred tri-bond had formed. None would challenge it.

It was considered the single greatest event in all the History of the Peoples. All Houses gave up the keeping of an army. The Council would rule together. Never again would war ravage the planet. Peace had come to Krypton and the House of El was considered its author.

Smallville High

Chloe had watched the broadcast from the White House as it was transmitted over the Internet. She powered off the computer and did the same to every device in the Torch offices. School was being let out due to the emergency. She decided to disobey Lex and get involved in finding out what that mystery guy was up to. She knew where he had been staying. She checked her backpack and saw the small supply kit that she had ordered over the Internet two years ago. A cousin who worked for Dallas PD showed her how to pick locks when she was ten, for kicks. Little did he know that she used that information in blind pursuit of the truth whenever she had cause.

She found the duplex he had been leasing and went up the back staircase and jimmied the lock. She hit the light switch but there was no power. `Damn.' She brought out her digital camera and found that it was still working. She used it to take some quick snapshots. She got out her mini-flashlight and went snooping. She found his hiding place and place the disks and the papers in her bag and left. She had the leads she needed to find out what the hell was going on. Over all she thought the guy was sloppy. He got himself killed and left the info in a very obvious place. Who places vital stuff in an air duct.

The Kent Farm

Lex and Whitney slowly came to their senses. They saw Jon and Martha sitting next to the bed.

"What happened?"

"We heard Clark scream, when we got up here all of you were passed out. That was almost an hour ago."

Clark stirred and slowed sat up. He felt an intense pain in his eyes. He could feel Whitney and Lex supporting him from either side.

"My eyes hurt." he opened his eyes and a thin red laser emanated from each eye. The burst was short but the hole in the wall and the fire surrounding it testified that it happened.

"WHOA!" was the universal reaction. Clark had not closed his eyes but was staring at the hole. Lex and Whit were staring at Clark. Martha and Jon had put out the small fire.

"Do your eyes still hurt?" Lex asked.

"No, in fact I feel much better. What's going on?" Clark notices that the light switch is on but the ceiling fan is not moving nor is the light on.

"Power is out, some kind of solar storm is happening and its effecting all kinds of things."

"Maybe that is what is effecting you Clark. I'll call my brother, find out when this started happening."

"Sorry Whitney but the phones are acting funny as well. Wait until later and see. Look how do you all feel?"

Clark, Whitney, and Lex all say they feel better than they did earlier. They also notice that the 'tickle' in the back of their minds is nothing of the sort any longer. There is now a powerful point in each of their minds that has each other's name illuminated in neon.

"We had a strange dream. I think we lived a turning point in his people's history."

"We are bonded in truth is what I learned."

"Mom, I'm hungry."

"Some things never change. Come on the gas is still working so I'll make us lunch."


Roger had heard the warnings and had seen the press briefing from the American White House. Power went out and he snuck into the bank. He went to the file records rooms and found what he was looking for. He took pictures of each item and put them back into the files. He used four rolls of file and left. It had taken two hours and power was still not back. He was worried because the sun was setting and a total darkness would envelop Europe.


NASA officials still had power and were still getting a live feed from the Hubble. They were sending the feed out to anyone who could still get it. The flare was over but the corona still was unstable. NASA issued a notice that the season for intense solar activity would last until October, if it followed its usual pattern.

By sunset, most of the satellites were back online and functioning properly. Communications and power had been restored in the First World for the most part. In the Third World, there were still widespread power outages and communications disruptions.

"Dr. Fordman, phone...its your brother."

" the solar activity started on Sunday. This event was the strongest recorded flare. If it follows the normal pattern then it will last seven months and we are home free for the next thirteen years. Why?"


"Okay, well nice of you to take an interest in my field of work. Look I'm busy but I'll call when I have a free moment. Love ya, bye."


"Bye." Whitney hung up the phone.

"Well he said it started on Sunday and that today the strongest flare ever. It should end by October."

"Well, at least we have an idea what is causing me to feel so...itchy and achy. It helps when I touch either of you, it calms me down."

Lex started chuckling, "Yeah because we ground you. To us its like a major static shock, if I still had hair it would be an instant perm." Whitney started choking because he was laughing so hard.

"Son, do you have any idea what happened with your eyes earlier?"

"No, there was PRESSURE behind them and they felt hot...then WHOOSH, laser beam. At least if I have those symptoms again I'll know what it means."

Jonathan started pacing, "Guys, why don't the three of you sleep in the loft together. It is still cool and I think it would help if you are in close contact. I'll call David and Anne, okay."

There was no arguments from the boys and they headed out to makeup the fold-out bed and get some rest. They quickly fell asleep and the dreams came and claimed them quickly.

Jor-El walked up the steps to the ancient home of House Ki. He was here to meet Lara. If the House of El was the mind of Krypton, then Ki was its soul. More High Priests and Priestesses were from Ki than any other House. Jor-El was already the Head of his House and sat in Council. He was Krypton's greatest scientific mind but he was the leader of dissent. He and Lara had been betroved by their fathers when they were young. Jor-El had followed the courtship rituals and truly loved his future mate. Secretly Jor-El had hoped they would have a life-bond but that was not to be. An ordinary binding ceremony was called for. Lara was a possible High Priestess in the future. Her Uncle was the current High Priest.

"Good evening, my love."

"Good evening, why so glum?"

"The Seers can not see, the minds do not hear. We are all blind."

"Jor-El, you are the Heir and the leader of the peoples, do not be hasty."

"My love, we are dying race. We, you and I, and those who support me must find a way to save some legacy. If only one survives then we, as the peoples, will survive."

"My dearest, are you so sure?"

"Yes, but we will live and have our ceremony as custom decrees. Please bear my son for me?"

"I have dreamt of our son. Handsome and strong, of mind and body, and a soul worthy of the Priesthood. He will be the legacy of both Ki and El."


The boys woke up feeling totally renewed. Lex looked at his watch and saw that it was only 6:00am. He rolled over and began to lick the nape of Clark's neck. Whitney took his queue mentally and began to lick Clark's nipples. Soon Clark was being licked from head to toe, front and back. His skin was so sensitive but they were intentionally avoiding his genitals. He had had enough and counter-attacked. He soon had Whit panting as he placed his hands between his thighs and began stroking Whit's opening, teasing really. Clark stopped and turned to Lex and did the same thing. Soon Lex was in Whit and Clark was in Lex, moving in a steady rhythm that set them all on fire. All too soon it ended, but in the nick of time because Martha was at the base of the staircase yelling that it was time for the boys to get up, get ready, and go to school. Clark would have died if she had heard all the ruckus they were making. He was not that lucky because the smirk she gave him said it all.

Gotham City

Bruce Wayne sat at his desk and considered the moves available to him. He was not close to many people. Alfred was his mentor and best friend. More like a favorite Uncle than anything else. He pondered his relationship with Lex and sighed. They had grown closer since Lex had moved to Smallville. He was happy that Lex was happy but that did not solve his problem. Bruce was one of the wealthiest Americans. Fortune Magazine did not count the vast fortune that belonged to his charitable foundation as his. That would have placed him at number one easily. He did not know how to approach the Minerva issue. He was also pleased that all the satellites were operating again. Overall, only three American birds had failed and all three were due to retire at some point this year anyway. His primary completion for those would be GE.

"Mr. Wayne, your 10:30 is here."

Into the plush executive office walks Tristan Fordman. He worked for Cooper, Lyons, & Reynolds, the Investment Banking and Law firm that handled all of the Wayne accounts.

"Welcome Mr. Fordman, please have a seat."

"Thank you Mr. Wayne."

"I asked you to come here today because of a matter that has recently come to my attention."


"You are acting as a trustee for your youngest brother for a company that was formed by Lex Luthor. Correct?"

"Yes sir."

"I've met your brother and are you aware that he is...intimately involved with Mr. Luthor?"

"Yes sir, I am...May I ask where you are going with this line of questioning?"

"I have some private dealings with Lex. You have played lead on two major acquisitions and you are a full partner. I want to know if you see a conflict of interest."

"Sir, I was unaware of any business being conducted with Mr. Luthor. However, my dealings with him are more...familial in nature. I can't know at this time if there is a conflict of interest."

"Very well. You've been with CLR for eight years. I want you to move back to Smallville. You are to be my business liaison with Lex. Your brother passed the Bar with flying colors. He will be one hell of an attorney. Make him your primary asset. I will clear all this with Lex. You know how to navigate in the world of high finance. CLR will be informed that all dealings between Wayne anything and Luthor anything will be handled through you. This file is the primary reason that I need someone acceptable to both parties. You are that man. Trust me, this is going to make you and your family very wealthy...not that Whitney isn't already."

Tristan picked up a folder and was shown into a private reading room while Bruce went on to conduct other business.

Minerva JV was based in the Bahamas. The main research facility was in Florida. The two auxiliary facilities were in Texas and California. Only Lex and Bruce knew the revenue streams that Minerva had already bolstered. There were five major research lines that Minerva had; Bio-Technology, Energy Sources, Weapons Design, Aerospace; & Aquatics. Aerospace and Bio-Tech were overlapping fields with Wayne Industries and Luthor Corp but those were public companies that could not justify the fields of research that Minerva was pushing. Already a few different patents in the Biotech field were yielding major results. The new solar panels had won a contract from NASA and every company that designed satellites. The cells required less surface area and held energy in reserve for days. More importantly, a new fuel cell had been invented that in conjunction with the solar cells could power an entire house for five years with light from the sun for twenty percent of the time. Lex and Bruce had achieved the long desired breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion. The test reactor has half the size of a standard nuclear plant. The Energy line was poised to destroy the regional power companies. A new synthetic fuel had been engineered, it would replace gasoline. It was four times as fuel-efficient as a hydrocarbon based fuel and burned seven times cleaner. It was on all accounts a major coup. Lex and Bruce needed to discuss the implications of such a discovery. Neither of them had the refining capacity to place the fuel on the market and to make it competitive with gasoline. The aquatics group had found a way to create new hydroponics on the sea floor and to differentiate the pressure levels. That research would have a direct correlation of the aerospace group and the pressure problems they faced as well. Tristan read all of this and more. This one company was on the verge of rewriting the global corporate world. Few companies would be able to defend themselves from this young powerhouse. Tristan was amazed.

Bruce picked up the phone and called Lex

"Lex, its Bruce. I am sending Tristan Fordman back to Smallville. I know he is a trustee for Whitney. He is to be the key liaison for all matters Luthor and Wayne. Is that acceptable?"

"Bruce, you could place him in a very tight predicament. I'm assuming that he will find out about Minerva?"

"He is reading the file right now. He knows his stuff and he will be loyal to his family and by that association to you as well. I want the other Fordman, the attorney, to be his primary assistant. Remember, this is top secret. WE still have to figure out how the final launch will take place."

"Bruce...that is a discussion for another day, the end of the summer at the earliest. The Fordmans are perfect for the liaison role. I have had similar thoughts about their unique skills and position. Let me know when Tristan is due back so I can tell Whitney."


Bruce waited until Tristan had finished with the file. Bruce and he had lunch in the executive dinning room, alone and discussed the nature of Minerva and the deeper implications. The talk took two hours and Bruce emailed Lex that Tristan would be back in Smallville in one week.

Bruce seemed to be doing a great deal for Lex recently. He had covered up the file extraction up in Toronto. He did whatever Lex needed him to do. He pondered the root of his actions and could come up with no other reason than that he cared. Bruce stopped for a second and began planning his next move. He had competitors of his own that had to be watched.

Smallville High

Whitney was running on the track. This was the first decent workout he had gotten in weeks. He knew he looked better now than he did when he worked out daily. On some level it did hurt that a shift in genetics did more for him than he could himself. But his own vanity won out and accepted that he did not have to try as hard to look this good. He let his mind drift, he was aware of the emotions that every person around was feeling. He could also detect a lie a mile away. He did not know what to think. He thought it might be related, had to be related, to the genetic manipulation that he was undergoing. Lex and he were having blood samples drawn this afternoon for another mapping session, only this time there was going to be a sperm sample as well. Lex wanted to know how deep the changes ran and to see if they could transmit the 'virus' as well. Whit walked back to the locker room and saw a group of sophomores and juniors doing nothing.

"Look, it's the Queen of the school."

"Stow it Patterson, the insults are getting old."

"Fuck you Fordman! Its time you learned your lesson. You are no longer welcome here and your status as a jock is revoked. You are going to Reilly Field and get strung up in nothing but your jock." The six football players advanced on Whitney. He had no avenue of escape. 'Oh Fuck!...CLARK!'

Clark was in the Torch offices looking at Chloe with indignation and amazement.

"What where you thinking? You went and BROKE INTO HIS APARTMENT!"

"Clark, the guy is dead, he is not going to mind."

"The police might if they find out where he was staying."

"I found out that this guy is listed as John Doe4-7, he is not a priority."



'Whitney' Clark suddenly feels a rush of panic and knows Whitney is in trouble. "I'll be right back." Clark leaves the office and heads to the locker rooms as quickly as he can.

Whitney moves out of the way as the first punch is thrown. He has no technique when it comes to fighting, just basic schoolyard training but his reflexes are lightning quick and he delivers a swift kick to the mid-section of the first guy. He follows with a left upper cut to the boy behind the first attacker. But as quick as he was, six on one is an unfair fight. Whitney managed to break a soph's nose and racked the leader in the groin but soon he was on the ground and kicked in the ribs and back. He can feel the hands ripping his clothes off and he is being picked up. All he is wearing is his jock and he is going to be carried out the back. He was being treated like a puny freshman.

Clark saw a group of guys carrying Whitney out of the locker room and he moved. He pulled the two guys in back and slammed them each into a wall. The dropped like bricks. The other four turn and Whitney is dropped.

"So Kent, come to rescue your boyfriend. Guess you liked being `scarecrowed'! Your choice."

Clark grabbed the first guy and threw him into the other three. Whitney was standing now and holding his side. The leader of the gang got up and Whitney hit him in the chest and then broke his jaw with the next punch. Clark grabbed Whit and pulled him into the locker room and helped him change.

"Nothing is broken but two of those thugs have concussions, one broken jaw, a broken nose, and one guy has two fractured ribs."

"FUCK THEM! Sorry, thanks Clark. I was on my way to Reilly Field..."

"Well, from experience, it's no picnic. At least I had on boxers, from the looks of it you weren't going to have much on."

"Lets go...please?"

"Wait, come with me to the Torch office. Chloe did something I could kill her for." Whitney picked up on the flood of emotions Clark was going through and got the image of Chloe Breaking and Entering.



"Well, I can't put on the tough guy act at the moment. We'll let Lex deal with her."

"Okay buy we have to make sure she shows up." Clark and Whitney walked out and Whit stood tall, his ribs already feeling better. The football players were slowly getting up and saw Clark and Whitney and fled as best they could.

Chloe saw them walking and saw Whitney wince when he sat down.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I was on the list for gay bashing today."

"Oh God! Pete was worried that some guys were going to go after you. Are you sure you are okay."

"It is not me that I am worried about...what were YOU doing? After Lex TOLD you not to."

"Lex said I could do research."

Clark's temper snapped. "Research does not mean BREAKING AND ENTERING!" Whitney and Chloe were stunned. Clark rarely lost his cool. Whitney gave Chloe a look and she had the decency to look chagrinned.

"Fine, I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as you will be when Lex finds out. So lets get this over with. Where are Lana and Pete?"

"Lana is at the Talon and Pete went with her."

"Huh...feeling threatened?"

"No asshole! God Clark, some days I wonder why I like you."

They headed to the castle in two separate vehicles. Clark drove Whitney's truck and Whitney rode with Chloe. Lex was on the phone when Clark walked in.


Lionel paced his office; he needed to find the perfect angle to get Lex's approval for the new COO. Lionel was disgusted that he could not just demand Lex accept his nominee.

"Sir, your son is on the phone."

"Lex, how are you?"

"What do you want?"

"Can't I ask how you are doing?"

"It is out of the norm for us, hence my original reaction, what do you want?"

"Lex, I need your tacit approval for a new COO."


"Nicholas Brady, currently with Fleet."

"..." Lex was silent. That name brought shudders to him. He unconsciously brought his arms around to comfort himself.


"Send me a file, I'll review it. The next Board meeting is late next week. I'll let you know before then."

"That is acceptable. May I make a suggestion? You need a personal assistant of some kind."

"I take it that you already have a list of candidates."

"I did but I threw it away. We have an agreement and a suggestion is not a criticism."

"I'm impressed. I have to agree, it would make life a little easier. Thank you, anything else?"

"When am I going to meet your friends?"

"I'm not sure, I'll try in schedule it before the end of the month."

"Very well."

Smallville, the Castle

Lex stared at the phone. `Nick Brady...asshole extraordinaire!' Lex thinks back to his first semester at Princeton and meeting Nick. Tried not to think about it but it came back.

It was right after the horror of Christmas. He was away from all his friends (HA!) and knew no one at Princeton. He did not doubt his ability to achieve academic success. He doubted his ability to remain sane while here. He assumed the Luthor faade, the mask of haughty boredom that he learned so well from dealing with his father. But masks hide and Lex hid from the painful truth of Christmas. He was sober for the first time in two years and could not deflect the pain like he had in the past. He could hardly recall the first two months at school. It was not until Spring Break; when he found himself at lose ends that he seemed to wake up. That is when he met Nick.

Lex sighed. Nick had been everything he wanted, needed, hoped for. Nick was not like any of his tricks in Metropolis. Nick had intentionally hurt him. He found out that Nick had a bet with his buddies that he could get the elusive Lex Luthor to date him. Lex was lucky that he never took him to meet his father. Nick was also the one responsible for introducing him to Victoria Hardwick. Nick had gone to New York for the weekend without Lex. Lex had followed and found him at an exclusive club, fucking two girls in a private room.

"What Lex...did you honestly think I would want you? No but you made me very rich. One hundred grand that I could get you to follow me like a bitch in heat. You did, thanks. By the way, your technique sucks." Lex had fled from the room. He did not love the man but the reject hurt on top of everything that had occurred in the last few months. He literally ran into Victoria. She had been very nice and soon they were drinking. She had just had a messy breakup of her own. Lex woke up in her Manhattan hotel the next morning. He could not believe that he had done that.

He returned to Princeton and acted as if nothing had happened. He saw Nick talking to some friends and Lex just ignored him. But all of Nick's buddies started laughing as he walked by. Lex was thankful that he still had that mask, no dignity but he had the mask. He remembered the night he found out that Victoria was a Hardwick. He made it a point to date her after that. Anything to make his father angry but he was seeing a woman so he had to be happy on some level.

Suddenly Lex started laughing. He had sworn off men that night, he would only see women. That all changed when he crashed into a 15 year old farm boy. A boy who had shattered all of the defenses he had painstakingly built. A boy that opened him up to love, who lead him to yet another lonely soul. He could not stop laughing. All that pain, suffering, loss and here he was standing in a castle undergoing a renovation project of immense proportions. He was building a monument to his love and the future.

"What is so funny?"

"The past, not in the `ha, ha' way but in the ironic way."

"I see said the blind man."

"Clark, are you okay?"

"Yeah, adjusting to the helps knowing what is going on."

"Where is our unholy third?"

"Right here and I am not unholy. I can be evil though."

"I know...what brings you to the rubble that is my domicile?"

"Do we need an excuse to see you?"

"Well now that the drive is an obstacle course..."

"The way Whitney drives, it's an improvement."

"Okay, did I miss the memo proclaiming it `Pick on Whitney Day'?"

"No memos necessary, that option is always available." Lex walked over and kissed him, then and kissed Clark.

"I am glad to see you. I was reminiscing. Chloe, I didn`t see you." Lex glares at Whitney and Clark.

"Don't worry, I already figured out that you guys are a threesome. Strange but cool. Clark?"

"Lex...Chloe has something to tell you."

The stuff Chloe found was some research that Dr. Hamilton had been conducting. The other was contact information the Nathan had should he need avenues of escape. One of the names leapt at Lex and he smiled. Contacting the man could be a great deal of fun and an opportunity to take Clark and Whitney for a walk on the wild side.

"Okay Chloe...I guess I need to be more specific when I say something. Now the moral and ethical level that Clark lives with exceeds mine. Whitney can have a puritanical streak as well. I on the over hand say Bravo. As for the actual breaking and entering, you should know better. We have no idea what he was up too and that was an unnecessary risk on your part, BAD GIRL. You will make one hell of a reporter or Chief Information Officer someday."

Chloe left after giving Clark and Whitney hell for making her feel bad. She thanked Lex and headed off to the Talon to see Lana and Pete.

"Whitney, what happened earlier. I was on the phone with my father when I felt panic."

"I was going to be 'scarecrowed' so some underclassmen could feel like real men. Clark rescued me. I have to say, my reaction times surprised me. I'm willing to bet that you can take your fencing instructor easily now."

"Really? How so?"

"I moved faster that I thought possible, nowhere near his speed but faster than I should. Everything that they did was in slow motion and I was able to counter it. The major problem was that I was out numbered."

"Do you still want to have the samples taken?"

"Can it be a fun semen extraction?"

"As long as the sample is not contaminated, I'm all for it."

Clark looked at Whitney, "How are the ribs?"

"Fine, I can take a deep breathe without any pain. So upstairs?"

The guys went to the bedroom and the samples from Lex and Whit were collected. They rested and Toby showed up to get the blood samples. He took those and the semen samples and packed them up for Lex. He left and then Clark and Whitney left as well with the samples. The samples were then sent by Federal Express to the San Francisco lab.

After the boys left, Lex made arrangements for him and the boys to be in New York City the following Friday. One of the parties of the year was being held and one of the patrons was Basil Jaxson. Basil was a wealthy information broker. He could find or lead you to anything for a price. It had him loved and hated, usually at the same time. But Lex had heard he threw a great party and Lex could not wait to get Clark and Whitney all dolled up.


Lionel was looking at the photos of his son and his lovers. He had to admit that his son had excellent taste. Lionel was jealous, Lex had never worked for anything that he had. Every last bit of it had been given to him. He was never going to have to make choices that would lead him down the path of denial. Lex denied himself nothing. Lex had done every drug despite his clear orders not to. Lex had fucked any man he wished to despite the possible publicity. Lex was always looking for the next big thing, until now. Lionel stared at the pictures and wondered if it was possible that these two...boys...had tamed the savage beast that was Lex. If so could they be used to control him. All Lionel knew was a Luthor-Fordman match had not worked in the past. Lionel picked up his martini and looked out of the mansion's bulletproof windows and tried not to think about all that Smallville had ever meant to him.


Jonathan was having trouble sleeping. He told himself that it was his concern over Clark but he looked on his nightstand and knew he was lying to himself still. He was remembering the past as it crashed through his mind like a tsunami.

"Jon, please tell me what the problem is...I know its not Clark. He will be fine. What is concerning you?"

"Martha, if I tell you...will you still love me and forgive me?"

"Jonathan...tell me."


Jonathan was down by the lake and was relaxing near Charlie. School and ended and they graduated. Jonathan was going to go try out for the Metropolis Sharks. That was all he ever wanted to do was play ball. He and Charlie had not seen a great deal of each other recently. Jon had to spend time with Nell. She wanted to go to all the parties and the Prom so Jon did as she wished. But now she was hanging out with her sister at the Talon and Jon was here swimming with Charlie and smoking a joint. They had a bottle of tequila and it was rough but Jon felt great. Charlie came over and ran his hand up Jon's thigh. Jon reacted like he normally did.

"What are you boys up to?" Jon turned around and his head was spinning. He saw three people but knew it could only be one. It looked like the elusive Lionel Luthor. Charlie said he had met him from time to time but never said anything other than that.

"Nothing swimming and drinking," answered Charlie.

Jonathan didn't say anything but in his drunken haze he thought that Lionel had to notice both of them had boners that would not quit. He sees Lionel begin to strip as well. Jon knew immediately that Lionel never played football, baseball...maybe...but not football. He had no muscle mass unless he was the kicker. Suddenly Jon felt Charlie's mouth on his dick and he could not stop the moan. He felt hands rubbing up and down his body, it felt so good. He was so drunk and so stoned he had no idea what was where. He felt his dick fall free from Charlie's mouth and then he felt something slick near his ass. He felt something push in an he moaned in pain and pleasure. He looked up and Charlie's dick was rubbing around his lips. Before Jon knows it he is sucking his best friend's cock for the first time. Part of his brain is trying to grasp the situation but the dick in his ass is nailing his prostate and ending all debate. `I'm getting fucked! I'm sucking cock! STOP!' he screams in his mind but his body is betraying him. He hears Lionel's moan and feels the cock in his ass expand as it unloads. Charlie is shooting in his mouth at the same time. Jonathan does not realize it but he has shot his load, without anyone touching his cock.

"The fuck!"

"That is exactly what happened Jonathan and it was a good one. Thanks." Lionel says as he is dressing and leaves. Jonathan sees Charlie in the lake and sees Lionel walking away. Jon gets up and walks over to the trees and heaves his guts out. The shame that he has been fucked hits him. He can feel Lionel's come running out of his ass and he pukes again. He is humiliated, he sucked cock and got fucked, claimed...MARKED. In Jon's mind he was no longer a man.

Charlie sees the scene and walks up to Jonathan. "You okay man?"

"Stay the FUCK away from me!" Jonathan grabs his clothes, dresses and has no clue how he managed to drive home. He slept in the hay loft of the barn. He could feel the burn of the cock in his ass and taste the unique flavor that a dick has. He wanted to die.

The following day he found out that Nell was leaving him for Lionel. She was moving to Metropolis and start a modeling career, just like she always wanted. Jon had been a daze since he found out. His parents worried but Jon helped on the farm and did everything the way he was supposed to. It was three weeks since the event at the lake when Charlie came by.


"What are you doing here?"

"Came to see how you are holding up. None of the guys have seen you around since Nell left."

"Been busy."

"Jon, talk to are you?"

"What do you let that me."

"No he didn't Jon. You never said no and you got off."

"I never said yes and I was drunk."

"You liked it."


"Gladly...Jon, man...come on, lets go have a beer and smoke a fat one."

"No...I can't"

"Why not?"

"Charlie...I'm not that way, no matter how're my friend or were but I can't."

Charlie walks over and places his hand on Jon's crotch and rubs the length of his hard dick. "You are saying one thing but your body is saying something else. Nell is gone but I'm here."

Jon sinks to his knees and can see Charlie's hard dick. All it would take would be for him to reach over and touch it. Take it and place it in his mouth and suck it, while he was sober. All the fears and issues Jon had been dealing with came to a head and he pushed Charlie away.

"NO...I'm not a faggot! Get away from me...I never want to see you again!" Jon turned and went back to working in the barn.


Lionel remembers the third time he met Jonathan Kent. It was the tryouts for the Sharks and Lionel knew that Jonathan wanted to play pro ball. So he made it a point to be there. Jonathan was clearly effected by his and Nell's presence. Jonathan had not made the cut. That night Lionel had sent Nell packing. He gave her enough money to try her hand out on the West Coast. He knew she would be back. She had no talent or not enough of it to make a living as anything other that a mistress. It was two months later that Lionel ended his infatuation with all things Smallville when he threw Charlie Fordman out of his bed. He gave him some money and told him to keep the Harley-Davidson he bought him. He warned him that if he ever told anyone about this he would find himself among the lost and never found. It had been three months later that his engagement to Lady Katherine Weston had been announced.


Jonathan watched for Martha's reaction. He looked at her, "He came looking for me after about three months after I told him I never wanted to see him. He was drunk and begged me to listen to him. He told me that he had been involved with Lionel and Lionel wanted to have me, wanted to be able to say that the only guy to ever...fuck me... was him. He said he was sorry but Lionel promised him the world. He BEGGED for my forgiveness. He said that Nell had nothing to do with any of this and not to hold it against her. She was gone and it was over. But the words, they hurt. I had been used by my best friend...used so he could escape. Lionel had taken my self-esteem, my girlfriend and my best friend. I told Charlie to fuck off and that I hated him. He...that was the night of the motorcycle accident. I...I am...I killed my best friend. If I had stopped, if I had forgiven him, if..."

"Jonathan stop. This is the first time you've ever said anything. Have you ever grieved? Jonathan, it is not your fault. He was drinking and driving, if you had gone you both might be dead. Jonathan, playing the `what if' game never helps. You buried all of this didn't you?"

"Yes...all but my hatred of Lionel. I saw him at the funeral. He walked up and asked how I was doing...All I said was that he was responsible for ruining Charlie's life. He wanted Charlie and used him and threw him away. I figured if Lionel was to blame then it couldn't be my is." For the first time, Jonathan let the tears fall for his friend. All Martha could do was hold her husband and wonder why Lionel wanted to hurt Jonathan so much.

In his bedroom, Clark heard the whole story and cried while he listened. His Dad had been so good about his relationships with Lex and Whitney. He was so supportive of him and his sexuality. Clark wanted to comfort his dad but he should not have heard this. He knew some of the past and wanted to find out why Lionel hated his dad so much he set out to destroy him.

Friday, Amsterdam

Roger was beginning to hate flying. The solar storm had disrupted global travel and it still had not recovered. He knew that NASA was keeping the European Space Agency informed and they were keeping all of Europe informed but it was a hassle. The total number of flights had been trimmed by thirty percent, in case another huge solar storm erupted and all radar and communications were rendered useless. It plain sucked was all Roger could think. So he had taken a train from Zurich to get here. He already had contacts in the city and had used them. The trail of accounts brought him to six more banks and another twelve accounts totaling $7.9billion. The same modus operondi, accounts that were used less than once a year but with huge balances. He was booked on a flight back to the States. He needed time to make sense of the information and he knew Lex liked to see raw data.


//The Vice-President of the Columbia was pulling into an underground garage. He was going to meet with the DEA Agent-in-Charge. He never knew what ended his life.//

All Damien could do was laugh. CNN was reporting the car bomb and multiple factions inside Columbia were taking credit. Already the number of fire-fights across South America had escalated. He had no doubts that things were going to get very tense down here. So long as the profits flowed he did not care. He had already transferred the first payment to the Caymans.


Clark and Whitney brought dinner and went up the sitting room adjacent to the bedroom. It had been a quiet day. They were looking forward to dinner, a movie and lots of sex. Lex was waiting and was serving mineral water with dinner.

"So, what's for dinner?"

"Meatloaf, mac and cheese, and a salad."

"Okay, I haven't had meatloaf in...ever come to think of it."

Clark starts laughing, "So as we introduce you to things, you get to introduce us to things."

"Speaking of, next Friday we are flying to New York, there is a huge party on Saturday night that one of Nathan's contacts will be hosting. It is going to be wild."

"You know, when you say wild, I get a feeling of dread."

"Come on Clark, its New York and Lex is a lot of fun."


Later after the guys have had their bedtime workout session. They get comfortable and fall into a gentle sleep.

The Hubble has been watching a series of small flares. All told the radiation levels will match a strong flare but nothing like the flare on Wednesday. The radiation levels around the Earth have been building slowly but the next solar wind spiked the readings. There were minor disruptions, nothing major.

// "Lara, he is beautiful, all that we could have wanted and more. We shall call him Kal-El."

"Yes, he is all that we wanted and more, if he could grow up, here on Krypton, he would be a great prince, a gift of Providence."

"That is not to be..."

The boys watch as the scene shifts and they see people running through then streets. There is a general panic.

"My son, you shall go to the Planet Earth. You will look like one of them, be like one of them. But the yellow sun will alter your molecular density, you will defy their gravity. You will carry all that we have, all our hopes. Here, you would have been the best of us, there you will be different but noble. You are the end of our race but you carry in you all that we are and have ever been. You are the heir of the House of El and child of the House of Ki. You are at this time nine Earth months in age. By the time you reach Earth, you will not yet be three Earth years. You will not reach full maturity until you are nearly 24 Earth years. Your mother and I will always be with you. Good-bye my son, you carry our hopes and are our new beginning."

The image shifts and suddenly the guys are being addressed directly. There is a tall dark haired man with chiseled features and a lovely fair-haired women with him.

//My son, you are all and more that we hoped. You are a true son of Krypton. Do not worry, all the answers will come. The tablet will know when you are ready. This...we did not foresee. You are so young and tri-bonded, for only the second time in our history...three males. We knew you to be special...//

Clark has tears because he knows that these are his birth parents

//My darling son, you are so beautiful and your mates are the perfect balance. Know that we love you...what gifts Krypton could bestow upon your loves, she has and they will grow as you do. Providence allowed us this one visit Kal-El, ever shall we be a beckon of light for you.//

//My son, your development has been disrupted by your sun, but it shall pass. Your family on Earth has done so well, they are your parents in more ways than we could be. Destiny conspired against us, if we could have kept you we are us. Be happy my son, keep, love and guard him well, children of Earth. We will always be here...farewell.//

Clark woke up as did Lex and Whitney. Clark cried from the happiness of seeing his parents, the joy of knowing that he was not abandoned, and the loss that he never had a chance. Whit and Lex held him as he unleashed his emotions. Soon, he hugged them and drifted back to sleep. He was content. He would wait for all the answers but he knew who he was, Kal-El, last son of Krypton and Clark Kent, adopted child of Earth.


Clark woke up and wondered what to tell his parents that...well he had met his parents. He had not had a chance to see his Dad since he overheard that conversation with his Mom. He wondered if he would feel any different. Clark could not help who he was and now he was bonded, forever, to Lex and Whitney. That started a whole round of questions in his head. These were the only two people he had ever had sex with. What if he lost his virginity to someone he hated, what would have happened then.

"The way I figure it, my love, is that question will be answered in the future. You are stuck with Whit and me so might as well get used to it."

"Where is Whitney?"

"He is swimming in the pool. It is getting taken down sometime this week so he wanted to get in a good workout. Come on lets join him."

"Okay." They go down to the pool and see Whit cutting through the water with smooth strokes. He was swimming naked and Clark and Lex were turned on.

"Would you guys stop! Can't a guy swim in peace without being treated like a sex object." He has a smile on his face and swims to the side nearest them.

"Whitney, you are a sex object, so do you want us to join you or you to join us?" He climbed out of the pool and ran a hand down Lex's abdomen.

"I'm fine anywhere." He kissed Lex while his hand reach out and snagged Clark. They made their way back to bed and spent the morning there.


Roger was so glad to be back. He had sent a copy of his findings to Lex and was now beginning the investigation into Nathan Daniels murder. He found out that the police had no id on the body. That bothered Roger because he knew the name before he left for the airport. He had a positive report that stated Nathan Daniels was dead. Roger was even more wary than he had been before. All kinds of scenarios were playing in his mind and he would not put it past Daniels to fake his own death. Roger did not even bother to unpack and headed to the castle.


Clark walked into the kitchen and saw his Mom sitting drinking a cup of coffee.


"Hi Clark, how was your night last night?"

"Great, where's dad?"

"He should be down shortly, then we are going to a movie."

"I'd like to talk to the both of you."

"About what son?" Clark saw his dad and he looked tired. Clark dropped his head and his parents noticed. Martha got up and hugged him.

"Clark, what's wrong?"

"Nothing...I'm sorry...I overheard you telling mom..." Jonathan looked pained but sighed and hugged his son.

"Clark, that had nothing to do with you and that...I know how that sounds but times were different and I am happy the way my life turned out. I will always carry guilt about that event but it in no way changes my love for you or how I feel about your relationship. They will always be welcome here. Clark, is something else bothering you?"

"Not bothering me but...last night I met my birth parents. Lex and Whitney met them as well. It was both joyful and sorrowful because that is the only time I will ever see them and talk to them. They did not abandon me but sent me here to survive the end of my planet. I may not know all the answers until I'm nearly 24 but I will learn them and I'll be patient. They said they could not have done better at raising me that you did. you and thank you for everything." Martha and Jon hugged their son and he hugged back. Clark knew that there was more to a family than blood.


Roger pulled into the disaster area and walked into the castle. He saw Lex sitting with Whitney and Clark asleep next to him. They both woke up as he approached.

"Lex, we may have a problem."


"I can not confirm that it was Nathan Daniels that died. The corpse is officially listed as John Doe4-7. I have placed two polite inquiries and Metro PD has the case is on the backburner. The original file listed it as a hit. Something is wrong and Daniels may have faked his death."


"Lex, I don't know. Here is a file on the money movement abroad, I'll pick up the trail in a week. I think Daniels offers a fresh trail and could be a bigger payoff. By the way, your father has called for his old 'informant'. He thinks Daniels is dead, from the looks of it."

"Very good Roger. Anything else?"

"I'll keep you appraised." Roger turned and left.

"Is there anything that goes normally in this town?"

"Lex...define normal."

Sunday, Santiago

Damien finally received the last batch of information from the now deceased Nathan. He looked it over and saw that Dr. Hamilton warranted closer attention. He wanted a sample of some of his research. He looked at the employee profiles from Smallville and selected his target.

`James Beels, gambling addict, massive debt, numerous final notices, eviction imminent...perfect.'

Damien picked up the phone and Jimmy answered. He made it clear what he wanted and where to find it. He would get his debts paid off and some cash in the deal. If not, some friends of his were going to come and collect. He wanted something tangible. He told him where to deliver it and that it had 48 hours to reach its final destination. This phone never happened and Jimmy understood perfectly.

Fordmans' House

It was a family gathering that Lex had never been to, a celebration. Jeff had passed the Bar with flying colors and Tristan was coming home. Not only that but Sebastian was famous, not in the best way but he was now renown. It was amazing that accomplishments could be acknowledged and shared. For Lex everything had been a competition. It was a different point of view and one that he liked better than the one he had grown up under.

"Clark, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm jealous that Whitney grew up with such a big family. I never had an older brother, I know its wrong but I can't help it."

"Clark, you are only know what I mean. Being an only child, I can understand but think about it, you never got beaten up either. He was the youngest, he must of taken a lot of abuse." Whitney walked up and smiled at them.

"Jeff beat the crap out of me once or twice and I learned my lesson. Come on, lets go up to my room."

"Whitney, we can't have sex while everyone is here..."

"Clark, we aren't. I wanted to relax and show Lex my book collection. It may not be English Lit, but I love it. Besides Clark, you can look at my Star Wars stuff."


Lex had never been here. He saw that Whit had a full-sized bed. The room was neat, several shelves covered in trophies. There were three bookcases filled past the recommended amount and several posters. Clark saw the hanging models and the display of Star Wars action figures. He and Whitney had never done anything but have sex in his room before. He finally got a chance to look at all the cool stuff. He ignored Lex and Whitney.

"Your parents had no clue you might be gay? I don't see a girl hanging in here. Just..."

"Those are all sports stars, so no they didn't. I can play it straight thank you."

"We know...have you really read all of these?"

"Yeah. I traveled a lot so it was the best time to read. I have every book I've ever bought, even if I didn't like it."

"Tolkien, Asimov, Herbert, Le Guin, Silverberg, Lackey, Weiss, Capote, King, Koontz, Clancy, Dumas, Shakespeare, Michener, and C.S. and Sinclair Lewis. Plus all these others. Wow and you've read ALL of them?"

"I completed more than half, but I started all of them."

"Better." Lex kissed him and said that if they were up here too long then everyone would get suspicious. Clark was mad because he want to check out the stuff in the closet. He saw a Lego Tie-fighter that screamed `play with me.'

Monday, Metropolis

Lex waited in the conference room of the posh Adams-Mark Hotel in downtown Metropolis. He was having his meeting with Nicholas Brady here because he did not want his father sitting in on the meeting if it was at Luthor Tower. Lex rarely got nervous but Nick was a wound that never healed. He looked over the file his father sent and had to admit that Nick was doing well. He didn't want to explain to his father his reasoning for denying his employment. `I'm sorry dad but he is a prick and I hate him.' Wrong Answer! So Lex needed to find something that would keep him away. He didn't want to deal with Nick, ever. Lex looked up and saw the tall, handsome man that was Nick Brady. `Damn, he still looks good. I was hoping we was going bald or gained a ton of weight.'

"Good morning Lex, to be honest I did not expect this meeting to take place."

"It is Mr. Luthor to you, sit down."

"So Mr. Brady, how did you gain an interest in employment at Luthor Corp?"

"Simple, your father sent me a note asking if I would be interested." Lex kept the mask in place but he was raging inside.

"Indeed. The COO position is the most demanding in the company. I call it the `rat bastard' position. It is the henchman of the company, the hatchet man, the bad guy." `Right up your alley, asshole.'

"I knew I would work closely with your father but `rat bastard' is a tough description."

"The previous two occupants lived up to the job title very well. There is no love for them in the company. Dominic Haynes and Damien Parker, ring any bells?"

"Can't say that I do. What is really going on here MISTER Luthor?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why am I being vetted before an actual interview with the Executive Committee? Your father invited me, to look into the position. By all accounts I am the only candidate for the job."

`Snug fucking BASTARD!' "The why you seek is none of your concern, internal politics. Why are you considering leaving Fleet?"

"COO is a nice title and the base pay is a good sized raise. Luthor Corp is in acquisition mode and that is my area of expertise. I'd say the fit is natural."

"Anything else I should know?"

"I'm single so no outside distractions. I have only one obligation and that is political in nature." Lex's mask held when he said `single' but he would have snapped if he could. `The prick is BAITING me.'

"How was Harvard?"

"It was great and how was the rest of your time at Princeton?"

`Valid, must have a valid reason.' Lex could not contain his emotions much longer, "it was fine. I actually studied, Summa Cum Laude."

"I know I was there when you walked."

Lex had no response to this. He sat there waiting for Nick to elaborate.

"I had friends in your class so I went down to see it." Lex is gratified to see that Nick has lost a touch of his composure. Lex continued to remain silent and let Nick's composure crumble bit by bit.

"Well Nick, since I asked for this meeting it is customary to provide lunch, what would you like?" Lex was now in the driver's seat and was going to take this fro a spin.

A seductive smile crossed Nick's face, "If I remember correctly, you like Veal Marsala on a bed of angel hair. Dessert was usually something simple." Lex sat there and tried to remain calm. The first real date they had, that was exactly what Lex had ordered. The waiter had brought out some fresh fruit. Lex was on the defensive again. `DAMN!'

"That would be more of an evening meal, I was referring to lunch." The icy tone hit Nick and his composure fell again. Lex sat there and waited.

"Okay, how about a salad then?" Nick said this and dropped his gaze.

Lex sat there and let a smile grace his face for the first time. He could not help it because he was so happy that he was in a relationship. He was immune to the charms that Nick had in abundance and that was a source of pride. It helped to heal the wounds he had so casually inflicted.

"Perfect, I'll answer anything you want to know about the company. I'll second my father's nominee for COO. Congratulations." Lex stood up and shook Nick's hand. Nick was surprised and smiled at Lex. Lex would guide Nick into his corner. His father's choice would belong to Lex and that would hurt his father far more in the long run.

"Really...I thought...never mind. So, what role do you play in Luthor Corp?"


Jonathan is driving back from the castle. He cannot believe that he actually supervised today while Lex was in Metropolis. He hated to admit it but he liked having Lex for a `son-in-law'. It made things interesting and Clark was happy. That was the key really, Clark was happy. Jonathan smiled and was singing along to the radio. His son no longer sat in his loft and brooded but had fun. Jonathan still worried that Clark was too young to be married basically, but some kids his age already had children of their own. That thought stopped Jonathan. He secretly wanted a ton of children and despite Clark's origins had hoped to have a bunch of grandkids. He shook his head and focused on the positives at the moment.

Jonathan could not believe the guy behind him. He was driving like maniac. He was trying to run him off the road. Jonathan could not pull over on the old muddy road and he was not going to accelerate, that created more problems. He had no idea what happened but he was the other truck go flying into a crash. Jonathan got up and pulled the injured man from the wreckage. He sneezed, forgot what it was that caused the sneeze and flagged down help.

Clark walked in the house with Whitney and saw his dad making out with is mom. Clark had not witnessed such an outburst since an unannounced early dismissal. He cleared his throat and heard his dad laugh.

"Clark, I'd figure you are getting enough action that this would hardly bother you."

Clark and Whitney could not help but blush. Martha was shocked.

"Dad, are you feeling alright?"

"Never better Clark."

Lex walks in, "Jonathan, are you okay? I heard you were involved in incident."

"Dad, what incident?"

"Clark, your father rescued a man from a truck accident. He's been acting strange since he got here."

"Lex, nice Jeep."

"I got it to navigate around the grounds, makes it easier if paths are blocked."

"Good excuse but you want to act your age. Even his guy knows that the Jeep is the gay vehicle of choice."


"What, Lex is allowed to act his age. He also is itching to show off Clark and Whitney. Power, youth and beauty, if ya got it flaunt it. I'm going to take a nap."

Four sets of eyes follow him as he heads upstairs.

"What was that all about?" Lex asked.

"I have no clue, but it is a nice Jeep." Martha said with a smile and went up to check on her husband.

Whitney and Clark looked at Lex. "So you want to show us off, eh?"

Clark walked over and draped himself across Lex's shoulders. "You want to act your age?" The three of them headed over to the loft for a little exercise.

Clark was walking back to the house after seeing Lex and Whitney off. He saw his dad swaying and trying to hold himself upright.

"MOM!" Clark ran and grabbed his dad as he collapsed.

Lex and Whitney walked into the hospital. Whitney hated this place and Lex hated hospitals in general. Only in maternity did there ever seem to be good news.

" is he?"

"Lex, he's in a coma just like the guy he rescued."

"Clark, don't worry. We'll find a way to get him better, okay? Whitney stay here, I have a few phone calls to make."

The accident site

"Chloe what are we looking for?"

"I don't know...a clue of some sort. Anything that is out of the ordinary."

" you love to remind me, this is Smallville, and everything is out of the ordinary."

"Funny...this is serious. The only point of contact they had was here and they are both in a coma."

Chloe hears no response and she sees Lana sneezing. "Lana, you okay?"

"Never better."


Damien had not heard from the contact and the 48-hour period had expired. Damien wanted samples more than he wanted blood spilt, however indirectly. Damien was convinced that Dr. Hamilton held the key to the future. Lex would not hide such promising research unless it held great promise and offered a way to take Luthor Corp. That made this more imperative than arms dealing. Luthor Corp was an old company, but flexible and the Luthor's had a ruthless reputation. Solid cash flow and cyclical and counter cyclical business lines made the company one of the best at weathering storms. Luthor Corp would survive the business wars as it had in the past. The Luthor family survived the relocation from Scotland to the United States. They had liquidated almost all their European assets on the eve of World War I. They had transformed themselves into 'Merchants of Death' as many progressives in the Twenties called the companies that profited from the Great War. The Luthors moved the distilling and beer making from the Heartland to Canada scant months before prohibition. That was the key to their survival, the ability to read the signs and stay one step ahead in business. They had tons of contacts during Prohibition that allowed their `brands' to flow like water. Those contacts remained handy currently.

Damien knew that there was far more to the Luthor fortune than was disclosed. He had looked and could find no sign of monies coming from overseas prior to WWI or after. That was interesting because before the war, most of the family's income was generated from Europe. The family lacked the respect of other `titans' from that era. John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan, all men who used any means to achieve their greatness but that respect was never heaped upon Fredrick, Lawrence or Liam Luthor, Lionel's great grandfather, grandfather and father. Damien knew the family history, it was there at the corporate headquarters for all to see. It was the illusion that Luthor Corp was a family company but any who were close knew the truth. The Luthors were a pack of vampires, feeding on the souls of the innocent and living off the blood of those they crushed ruthlessly. Admired or hated, mostly hated, the Luthors were a lesson in success. Damien wanted that legacy. He wanted the power, wealth and fame. All those things Luthor Corp could bring if Lex were only a memory.


Dominic looked and saw that the first `inventory' had taken place and there were some small discrepancies. That was not a problem, he simply wrote them off with a wave of a pen. The primary accountants that handles these matters would be fired soon anyway. The new books would reflect even smaller inventory levels. Dominic had already received prepayment for a number of items. That was the point, money for information and the first piece of news was not new. Nathan Daniels was dead. It surprised Dom, he thought the bastard was too tough to ever die. Dom had used him a time or two but did not relish it. Lionel pulled that ogre's strings and Dom wanted no part of it.

He learned that Luthor Corp had in ,Ares Machines previous incarnation, supplied numerous weapons to guerilla forces world wide during the Cold War. They helped a number of regimes find the trash heap of history. Play the ends against the middle and money was to be made. It was how the Luthors played the game. Dom wanted it all. He would claim it in the future. It was his destiny.

Tuesday, Smallville

Martha was in Jonathan's room when she saw the doctor walk up. She went out to talk to him.

"Mrs. Kent I have bad news, Mr. Beels did not make it."

Martha did not say anything, she went back into the room and kept vigil. Her only thoughts focusing on Jonathan to fight.

Smallville High

Chloe was looking at the pictures she had taken the night before. She saw Dr. Hamilton as she turned around she saw Lana walk in dressed very un-Lana like. `Something is not right." She walked up to Pete and kissed him full on the mouth. Chloe's heart dropped. Lana walked by and waved at Chloe and blew her a kiss. Chloe could not breathe. Clark walked up.

"What was that?"

"I...I don't know. Clark...I took a picture of Dr. Hamilton at the crash site last night. I think you need to tell Lex. I need to check on Lana."

Chloe turned and ran before Clark had a chance to respond. Pete walked up to Clark and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Clark man, what re you doing here? You should be at the hospital."

"Nothing to do there but worry, at least here I'm distracted. If Mom needs me she'll call." He held up a cell phone.

"When did you get that?"

"Lex has been holding one for me, he figured if I ever needed one this was the time. The problem is possible solar interference."

"How you doing?"

"Pete, why did Lana kiss you?"

"I have no clue and I DO NOT want to face Chloe at the moment. She might rip my balls off."

"Pete, you won't miss them because you will be dead."

"Clark, that is so not cool. Please keep Chloe away from me."

"Protection costs are expensive Pete, I don't know if you can afford it." Whitney hugs Clark from behind and kisses him on his cheek.

"What can't he afford?"

"My services as a body guard. Chloe is going to kill him. Lana walked up and kissed him."

"OHHHH, yeah I'd hide for the rest of the year. Clark, why are you here?"

"Whitney, don't start. When your dad was in the hospital did you miss school?"

"No...but the circumstances are different."

"I can't not do anything, okay?"


Lex received an email that told him of the findings and Dr. Hamilton being at the site. He summoned the good doctor to his office, such that it was. He wanted answers and he wanted them yesterday. If Jonathan died he would never forgive himself. He knew that Beels died and that he was a Luthor Corp employee. Lex wanted to connect the dots but wouldn't, not yet.

"What do you want Lex?"

"I want to know what killed Beels and has Jonathan Kent in a coma!"

"It is the Nicodemus plant. I used the rocks to revive the dormant seeds."

"You are supposed to study the rocks, not use them for your own private research."

"It is about the properties of the rocks and what they can achieve. It is PURE science."

"I want you to find a cure, NOW!"

Chloe could not find Lana and was concerned. She was angry and humiliated in a way. Finally she ran into Lana in the parking lot.


"Chloe..." Lana passed out. Chloe went and saw she was sick. She called an ambulance.

Clark came running out when he saw the ambulance and saw them taking Lana.

"Clark, I think Lana picked up something from the same place your father did."

"Come on, we have to get out there and find out what is going on."

"No, I'll go with Pete. I need to talk to him anyway. You go to the hospital and see your Mom, okay?"


Dr. Hamilton find the remedy for the plant and sends it to Lex. Lex gets the remedy to the scientists in Metropolis.

Chloe and Pete head to the place she knows Hamilton works from. They see a number of experiments but find no clues about the plant. She sees a blue rock in a pile. She picks it up and places it in her pocket.

"Chloe...Come on there is nothing here."

"Pete, why did Lana kiss you?"

"I have no clue. I like her but you two are together, besides I'm dating Heather."

"Heather? The junior?"

"Yes, what, she likes me and I think she is great. Are you feeling threatened by my awesome manliness?"

"Clark and Whitney have manliness, you've got short man syndrome."

"Ouch! Come on lets tell Clark that we did not find anything."


Roger is on the trail but can not find any information concerning Nathan Daniels or John Doe4-7. There were no records of Nathan Daniels that he could find in a public registry. Metro PD had been unable to match the fingerprints to anyone else either. It made no sense. He reviewed the facts as he had them. Nathan Daniels was a mercenary operative and that meant that he had an assumed identity. His death was not being investigated even though it was identified as a hit. When put together it spelled cover up. That begged the questions of who and why. He placed a few discreet calls and began calling in favors. Someone in Metro PD had to put a cork in this and it had to be high up.

Wednesday, Smallville

Lex walked into the hospital and saw that Jonathan was awake and Lana was as well. He was calm again. Hamilton had almost killed his lover's father and that was unforgivable. On the other hand, Hamilton was invaluable in researching the rocks. He needed a secure facility and better resources. Lex thought about it but wanted to make sure Martha and Jon were fine.

"Lex, I hear we have to thank you for the cure."

"Sir, I was also the problem. The item was part of a research project I was funding in relation to the meteor rocks. I'm sorry. I'm glad you are fine."

"I am too Lex. I never thought I would be telling you that you can't control everything. We can have this discussion tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Where is Clark?"

"He's with Lana at the moment. Nell has been worried sick."

"Understandable, thanks again Lex."

Clark left Lana with Chloe and Nell. She did not remember kissing Pete and he wondered if his dad would remember what he had said to Lex. He saw Lex walking towards him.

"He's getting out tomorrow. Your Mom is going to stay and keep him company. Don't worry, it is purely a precautionary measure. Okay?"

"Yeah, where is Whit?"

"He went to Metropolis to pick up Tristan. He knew Jon was out of the woods so he went. Jeff wanted to stay and help Anne. David had a bad night last night."

"Is he okay?"

"Clark, David's heart is weak. He has some other problems that the doctors are working with. He isn't in the hospital because he is stable but THEY would prefer it but he won't come back unless it is necessary."


"Clark...David wants to see Whitney graduate. Understand?"

"No. How do you know this?"

"David told me, he also told your parents. He is not getting better. He wanted to warn us."

"Does Whit know?"

"I don't know. I'm of two minds about this and it is something that David needs to work out. I knew my Mom was dying and Whitney knows that his Dad is not on solid ground. Anne knows and I would suspect Tristan knows as well."


"Come on Clark. Lets go home. I'm staying with you tonight at the farm."


That night Lex slept in Clark's bed for the first time. He and Clark relaxed and talked about nothing. Lex took sweet delight in getting revenge on Whitney. He slowly entered Clark and kept Clark's orgasm at bay for as long as he could. From experience he knew Whitney was getting a front row seat but he knew Whit was in no position to get relief. When he and Clark finally went over the edge he heard the faint echo of `BASTARD!' ringing in his head. He went to sleep with a smile.

Whitney was in the truck driving back when he felt the slam of desire course through his system. His cock was erect and Tristan was thankfully oblivious. The entire trip home he could feel the passion and need growing, like the wet spot in his briefs. `Lex is doing this on purpose. He wants me to come in my pants.' Whitney used his own stubborn streak to force his body to calm down. He was thankful his t-shirt was untucked and his button down was as well.

"So Whitney, bored with school yet?"

"You have no idea."

"Mind if I doze off. Its been a long week."

"Go ahead." Whit was glad because he was not able to focus on a conversation right now. He was getting visions of Lex slowly fucking Clark with his fat cock. He could almost feel it himself. Finally he felt both of them explode and he was relieved. He was going to get Lex. `Bastard did it on purpose.' He pulled up and helped Tristan with his luggage. He had found a place to live but it would not be ready for another two weeks. He would stay in the guest room until then. Whitney excused himself and ran to his room and shut the door. In no time he was naked and jerking off his aching cock. It did not take long before he was groaning and spurting. He sighed, wiped up and passed out. His last thought was that Lex was going to get it.

Thursday, Metropolis

Roger could not get a crack in the case. This reeked of power and it also had inside job written all over it. He had no choice though. Lex wanted him back on the money trail. Roger would follow this as best he could. All his instincts screamed not to give it up but someone was covering some serious tracks and he did not have the time or the resources to pursue the matter. He left a report for Lex and got ready to head to the Caymans. He was ready for a vacation.

Lex hated Board meetings. He called them `bored' meetings. He had to play nice with morons and people he could not stand. There was the new COO, that could be fun. Also the issue over dividends and other restructuring issues. He was mentally preparing himself so he would not throw anyone, including himself, out the window. `I could flirt with Nick all meeting. It would piss dad off and make a very bad impression for him with the rest of the Board. Okay that is entertain Lex, option one. What else? Bait Lisa into showing just how ignorant she is about the company, no too easy. I'll have to consider it. Don't want to use option one yet, that might be more effective when he has been here for awhile.' Lex walked in the Board room and saw his father looking happy. `It is going to be a long day.'

"Son, you made it, and how are things?" `Correction, a very long day.'

Smallville High

"Clark, you okay?"

"Yeah Whit, a little queasy. Must be flare activity."

"Bastian said it would likely last until October."

"I know but I was hoping that it was calming down. Its been a week since I've felt bad."

"Clark, remember, you aren't fully developed and this IS going to play havoc with you. On the bright side, that super flare probably helped acclimate you a little."

"Can we leave yet? Chloe and Lana aren't seeing eye to eye and Pete and Heather are off `studying' at his house."

"Well, we could go study...I would love to get Lex back."

"I feel like I'm being used."

"You are but you like."

"Yeah...I do but I have a head ache."

"Liar come on. He is still in his meeting. If we are lucky he can be seriously embarrassed by his reaction."

"He is going to kill us both."

"Can't, then he is committing suicide."

"Whitney, shut up and lets go. I am horny now."

Whitney waited until Lex was out of his meeting before having sex with Clark. Lex would suffer the way he did on his way home from Metropolis but at least he would not have a major erection in front of business associates.

Lex pulled into the Kent homestead and checked on Jon before walking into the loft. Clark kissed him and soon was on his knees taking care of the problem Lex had the entire drive home. Clark's talented mouth soon claimed the prize it sought.

"Thank you. You are ready for our flight tomorrow? Where is Whitney?"

"Yes, I am. He went home to have dinner with his family. He was nice to you so don't be mad."

"I am thankful he showed restraint. He could have been cruel and he wasn't. So, I have to go pack. I have no idea how people do not live without servants. Boggles the mind. Love you."

"Love you too." They kissed and Lex left.

Friday, Grand Cayman

Roger was in paradise. This was the life he was meant to lead and could if he could deliver the goods for Lex. It always amazed him how much easier life was when one had the money to bribe people. A little money to grease the wheels. It was amazing. What was better was one of the accounts that was linked in Amsterdam had recently had a transaction. It was small compared to the balance but it was a footprint and that made life a lot better. He would have his answers by Monday. Money did not speed things up around here. There was no such thing called a rush. It was too mellow. Roger decided to relax. After all he was in paradise on Lex's expense account.


Lex was not happy because the boys were late and they had a plane to catch. It was late afternoon and school had been out for almost two hours. He had finished making arrangements for Hamilton's lab to be relocated to the old Cadmus facility outside Metropolis. It would happen early in the week but that was the best he could arrange. It would keep spies out and him in. He had no clue who was more dangerous, Hamilton or the creatures the rocks created. He looked at his watch and forced himself to be calm. `It never fails, when he have to be someplace at a certain time, someone dawdles and makes us all late.' He sees the truck pulling up and can 'feel' them arguing. They get out and are talking rather animatedly.

"Clark you're wrong and get over it."

"I am right so screw you."

"What are you fighting about and why are you late."

"We got sucked into cartoons and we are arguing if Scooby and Shaggy are stoners or not. Whitney says yes but I say no way."

"I want a divorce. We need some Intergalactic tribunal I'm sure but they will understand my point of view without a doubt. Who gives a shit. We are late...lets go."

"SORRY!" Clark and Whitney say. Lex smiles and they head to the airport. Lex can't believe he is actually flying on an airline and not private but he wanted to cut expenses and travel budget is the first to get the ax. The renovations were eating at his current accounts and so was Roger, the Talon and everything. Salvation was at hand once he dumped the ranch in Australia. He would be back in the black.

Saturday, New York

Clark and Whitney could not believe what was being done to them. Whitney's hair was now platinum blonde and Clark now had streaks dyed into his hair. If the light caught Clark just right, then the blue or purple would be visible.


"Don't talk. The make-up must be perfect and the glue for the mask has not set completely."

Whitney groaned but he knew Clark was fairing no better. Their faces were being hidden in ornate designs and the contacts hid their real eye color. The worst was yet to come. The outfits they were going to be wearing would leave nothing to the imagination.

"Now you are done and can go get dressed."

Clark and Whit got up and went into the other bedroom. Lex was waiting for them.


"Lex, we can't see and moving my face hurts."

"Pain for beauty my love, suffer for the beauty. Now please drop your robes."

They boys did that and suddenly Clark felt Lex pulling on his cock. He went hard and then felt something snap around the base. He saw that he did the same thing to Whit.


"Now let me place these on you..."

In a few minutes Clark and Whitney saw themselves in a full-length mirror and cringed. They had on criss-crossed leather harnesses and a leather jock strap. Their dicks were at full size and stretching the pouches to its maximum limits. They had on knee high black leather boots and wore studded leather bracelets and dog collars. Along their sides ran a thick chain, from the harness to the top of their jocks. The power of their young bodies on display, broad shoulders, lean, sleek muscles, and taunt abs. The light/ dark contrast would drive men and women crazy at the Ball. Lex would be hardly noticed with them around.

They both looked at Lex and saw what he was wearing.

"It is patterned after the style during the French revolution." He had on the stockings and the buckled shoes but the breaches were tight thin material and he was as visible as they felt. The shirt was a thin see-through white with ruffled cuffs. The jacket looked heavy but was also light. He was wearing a wig from the same period and he was carrying a hat that would complete the outfit. His face was also painted in an ornate style and his mask was affixed as well. He then brought out the chains and attached them to the collars and to a loop in the back of the jocks. The chains were then attached to a bracelet he wore.

"Perfect. You look great. Don't worry this is a fact finding mission and no one will know who you are. I'm going to be as frustrated as you are by the end of the night. One last touch."

Lex walked up and kissed the nipples of each and ran an ice cube over them before attaching a tit clamp. A minor touch to add to the outfits.

"We are totally exposed! These hurt!"

"It is the Dungeons of Decadence Ball, you WANT to make an impression." Lex grabbed the chains and the three took the private elevator to the basement and the waiting limo. Lex could tell that they were nervous and him reached over and held a knee and told them they were in for the time of their lives.

The Dungeons of Decadence was a social event that few wanted to miss. Masks were not an option. This was about being wild and true hedonism. Condoms were provided for those who required gratification and all kinds of party favors were around for those who liked to partake. This was a major underground event, gay, straight, it did not matter. This was primal and anyone who went was in for a great time.

The limo pulled into a garage and they got out. It was dark. The doors were open and in they walked. They went through another set of doors they saw the Ballroom. They had to descend a grand staircase. It was marble, widely set and ornate. Clark and Whitney took the lead with Lex trailing holding the leashes. They adopted a confident strut, knowing they were the hottest things around. All eyes moved to the staircase and watched the two boy toys descend into Decadence. Lex was envied his position. He could tell that Clark and Whitney were noticing the roving eyes and the lust for them that was not hidden. They hit the bottom and crowds parted for the tall, beautiful young men, who no one could tell their identities. Within minutes, Lex saw the prey, Basil Jaxson was hard not to miss. He was a short, rotund man with wild black hair, liberally sprinkled with gray. He wore a mask but it hid not his identity.

Whitney was caught up in the music. His budding abilities picked up on the mood and he was rolling with it. He noticed a pounding remix of Depeche Mode's Sea of Sin playing and he was there. Lex handed him his leash and he moved to the center of the dance floor and all eyes moved to him.

Clark could feel Whit's pulse and desire. It was hard to concentrate but he and Lex wanted to get the job done and then enjoy the party for a while. There were hundreds of people and many wearing as little as he and Whit were. The dcor was very much a dungeon, but also Gothic. It was amazing. He recognized the music from Whitney's collection. Lex moved and so did he. From the briefing he knew that he was this guy's cup of tea. Truth was he was finding that he and/ or Whit were everyone's cup of tea. Clark moved in on the prey and circled.

Lex followed and saw Basil's reaction to Clark's hidden gaze. Basil was flustered, so much the better. He walked up and delivered a quick injection into his neck. Basil never felt it.

"Hello Basil...see something you like?"

"Oh yes...very much so."

"Well you have to pay the price..."

"Oh what..."

"It is a private issue...something that only you could know..."

"I know everything there is to know...what is the price of this exquisite creature..."

"Who was Nathan Daniels escape contact?" The drug hit Basil and he could not stop himself.

"Out of Portugal, Shearn Phipps. Daniels had some hot info from Kansas. Could be lucrative but word is he was compromised."

"Is he alive?"

"That is the question to which there is no my beauty..." That was as far as Basil got. Lex hit him with a second shot and Basil drifted for a moment. Clark and Lex walked away and in a few moments Basil forgot the conversation ever took place. Clark looked and saw a crowds surrounding the dancing Whitney. He had ensorcelled them with his movements and his luscious body. Clark caught the rhythm and moved and joined him. Soon they were moving, grinding and driving the crowd into a frenzy.

Whitney was picked up a contact buzz from all the ecstasy that had been taken. He was a slave to the euphoria and the music moved like never before. He in turn ensnared Clark and Lex into that web of sensual playfulness and sexual power. Lex moved and joined them on the dance floor. He noticed that Whitney's boots and area's around his jock were full of greenbacks.

The music shifted to pure rave and they got lost in the beat. By 1:30 their combined need forced them from the party. They had been bound for too long and caught up in lust that it had been a great torture. The sea of sin did part for them as the mighty specimens of manhood sauntered towards the exit.

The energy and frenzy of their coupling gave way to long loving passion. Dawn broke over the horizon before they fell into the exhausted slumber of the sated.

Sunday, Smallville

Chloe wanted to go see Dr. Hamilton and find out more on Nicodemus and other things he night be working on. As she was pulling up she noticed the smoke and realized that his lab was on fire. She called the fire department. By the time they got there, nothing was left of the lab. An arson investigator was called out and Chloe was going to keep track of this. She knew that her mystery guy was an unsolved case in Metropolis. She was going to find out what happened here and why.


Then boys were dragging ass. They made the 1:00 flight out and were back home but they had no energy. As they pulled into the castle, they noticed Chloe's car waiting for them.

"Lex, Dr. Hamilton's lab got torched and he is missing."

Shadows in Spring

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