Part A

Whitney sat back and ran a hand through his hair. It was now a year since he’d been wounded in the line of duty. It was hard not to think of the date, but so many people he’d known had been wounded far worse than him; some had died. A hand dropped to trace the scars around his knee. He could feel them even through his trousers and he frowned. He hated that he was so morose over things he could not change, but he was still haunted by that long campaign. His Congressional Medal of Honor was an honor, but he’d rather have been whole and perhaps carrying a clipboard on some college football sideline. ‘If wishes were fishes…’ his father would say.

Whitney stood up and stretched from his chair in the den. His shoulder didn’t bother him anymore and he was working out again like he used to, but it wasn’t the same. As for even voicing these thoughts to Lex…there was no way Whitney would bring it up. Everything he’d wanted had been taken away and it had been replaced with… ‘And Whitney Fordman, sorry that we closed the door on path one, but behind door number two is a life beyond your imagination.’ And it was a life he’d never expected. But today every time he turned around, pain from a year ago echoed in his mind and body.

It was a little over a month since Lex had escorted him to the Metropolis Press Club and there was no doubt in his mind that he was in love with Lex Luthor. Lex had been an angel of hope and Whitney could not believe how lucky he was. And that was the problem really. He hated feeling sorry for his losses when he’d gained so much. Here was the anniversary of his ‘death’ and part of him was ashamed for lamenting his losses. In the past he’d have gone to the gym or worked out to avoid thinking, but he was different in so many ways now.

The light shined from the windows and Metropolis was far below him. His reflection in the mirrors showed endless images of himself and all he had to do was pick one and go with it, but today he felt like he was all of them and lost to who he wanted to be. Whitney pulled on his longish hair in frustration.

“Are you okay?”

Whitney whirled around and caught the frown on Lex’s face. “I’m fine,” he lied.

“I think that is the first lie you’ve ever told me that is unrelated to your health, Whitney.” Lex walked closer and ran a hand through Whitney’s hair. “I know what today is. That has not escaped my notice.”

“I didn’t want to mention it.” Whitney shifted away and went to look out the window.

Lex moved closer and placed a hand on Whit’s shoulder. “Regardless if you wanted to mention it, it did happen.”

Whitney paused and tried to marshal his thoughts to say something without coming across as an ass. “It happened, yes, but I feel guilty.”

“You can’t feel guilty for living when others died, Whitney. You saved many lives by your actions.” Lex moved back and turned to face his lover.

“That's not why I feel guilty -- at least, that's not all of it. I wish it hadn't happened, but I feel guilty for that as well. I mean I gained more than I lost and I feel bad mourning what I lost.”

“That makes you human I suppose.” Lex pulled Whitney away from the windows and maneuvered them to a couch. “All I can say is, accept what you are feeling and move forward. Anniversaries are milestones that give guidance.”

Whitney yielded to the massage Lex was giving his shoulders. He reveled in it and soon the tension began to ease. “Sorry for being a downer today.”

Lex stopped kneading his lover’s shoulders and kissed his cheek. “Well, it is going to get worse later.”

Whitney turned around and frowned. “Huh?”

“Dad invited us to dinner tonight. He’s in town and he made a point of making sure you would be with me.”

Whitney shook his head and cringed. “Why would he want to have dinner with us? He only calls you when it is business related. And I know he was none too pleased with our last meeting.”

Lex laughed and hugged Whitney. “However he felt, he has invited us to dinner and jacket is required.” He kissed him as an expression of distaste crossed Whit’s face. “We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“No, we should go if only to find out why he wants to see us in a social setting.” Whitney slowly stretched and looked down at his watch. “What time is dinner?”

A slow smile crossed Lex’s face. “Not for a few hours still.” Lex stood and pulled Whitney up as well. Lex turned and started walking towards their bedroom. He swiveled his neck slightly to make sure Whitney was following and was pleased to see that he was.

Whitney stretched again as he entered the bedroom and returned the searing kiss Lex suddenly planted on his mouth. Whitney pulled back and smiled. “I take it you know a way to pass the time?”

Lex did not respond verbally. Instead he ran a hand over Whitney’s crotch and placed a small bite at the base of his lover’s neck. He sucked on his mark for a moment, enough to discolor the skin before backing off. He turned and started shrugging off his clothes. Clad only in his skimpy briefs Lex languidly draped himself across the bed.

The sight made Whitney’s mouth water. He smiled and let his apprehension about the day slip away as he slowly stripped off his clothes. He was fully naked when he crawled across the bed to straddle Lex and plunder his mouth. Whitney broke it and moved off of Lex to lie down next to him. The first objective was to free Lex’s cock from the thin cotton-silk prison. Once he disposed of the designer underwear, Whitney ran a hand over freed cock. After he spent a few moments fondling it, Whitney moved back up and kissed Lex’s jaw. He trailed his tongue along the bone and down the muscles to the shoulder. He returned the favor and created a patch of red and purple on the smooth alabaster surface. All the while one of his hands caressed Lex’s taunt stomach muscles.

Lex gasped as Whitney’s tongue started laving one of his nipples. The sudden use of teeth made him groan. He frowned when the pressure stopped and Whitney’s shit-eating-grin was hovering just out of reach. “You looked pleased.”

“You are so cute when you start to babble.” He leaned down and placed a quick kiss on Lex’s lips to silence the objection before it came. It did not take long for Lex to try to resume control, but Whitney had it and was not giving it up. He placed a hand on one of Lex’s slim hips and used it to keep him in place. His tongue began sliding down the center of the swimmer’s chest beneath him. Whitney shifted his position so he could suck the cock under him with better access.

He ignored the moans, groans, and pants as he slowly mouthed the head and allowed his lips to descend the shaft at a crawl. He shifted again and a hand moved behind the ball sack to the smooth spot and he slowly stroked it once his lips reached the base of Lex’s cock. A single stroke on that spot combined with an increase in pressure from his mouth made Lex scream. Pulling up off the whole shaft, he let his tongue linger on the flared head for a few moments while still stroking that spot. Finally he stopped before Lex lost it. Whitney winked at Lex as he reached inside the nightstand for the well used bottle.

It didn’t take much time to prepare Lex and soon Whitney was balls deep inside of him. He kissed Lex deeply before starting the familiar rhythm. Eyes locked and moans echoing, he arched into the haven of love he’d never expected in his life. He paused to adjust he position so he could get Lex off as well; he resumed the pace and winked at Lex again. He increased the tempo of his thrusts and the speed of his hand jacking Lex off. He held back until Lex came in a strangled cry and final let his own orgasm claim him.

He blinked to clear the stars from his eyes and rolled off of Lex. “That was just what I needed.”

“Good to hear,” Lex said with a smile. “However we need to get moving if we are going to make it to dinner on time.”

“We had plenty of time when we started.”

Lex chuckled evilly, “Well you had a little nap after you came. I didn’t have the heart to wake you. But seeing how you're heavy and we are late – GET UP!”

Lex pulled up to the restaurant and let the valet park the convertible Porsche. Whitney ran a hand through his hair and smiled broadly at Lex. Lex schooled his face into the mask he normally wore when he dealt with his father. Brennan’s was the most upscale restaurant in Metropolis and reservations were difficult to come by without at least a month’s advance notice. It was located on the river bend and looked across the Kansas River to downtown Metropolis. This was the oldest area of the city and part of it had been created as the shopping district. Brennan’s had the best spot and had been located there for over forty years.

Lex walked through the garden entrance into the main dining area. He ached in places after the long rough afternoon and he hoped Whitney was up for another one later, Lex was sure he’d need it after dealing with his father. The maitre’d escorted them directly to the waiting table. Lex hid his frown as his father rose to greet them. Lex nodded. “Dad, thank you for the invitation.”

Lionel motioned for them to take their seats. “Whitney... so glad you could join us.”

Whitney didn’t reply as he was wont, instead smiling cordially. “My pleasure, sir.” He sat down and accepted the drink Lionel had taken the liberty of ordering.

“Dad, while I am happy to accept the invitation, I know that you aren’t pleased with me in the least.” Lex sipped his drink.

A smile graced Lionel’s face and it was mirrored in his eyes. “Lex, how can you say I’m not pleased? If you're suggesting that I am perturbed by your choice of partner, I will acknowledge concern about your image problem. However, we shall discuss that over dessert. For now I would like to know how you are doing, Whitney?”

It took a moment for Whitney to respond after the shock of Lionel asking him a question. Their last conversation had been a heated debate over the couple's decision to make their relationship public. Whitney closed his mouth, cleared his throat, and then coughed. “I am doing well. I’m on pace to graduate in two years and I have a clean bill of health.”

Lex sat through dinner and increasingly became concerned at his father’s friendly manner and civility to both he and Whitney. Lex switched to water after two drinks and was happy that Whitney did as well. As the remains of dinner were cleared away and coffee was brought along with dessert menus, Lex’s heart began to hammer.

It was Whitney who ordered caramelized peaches and then started the awaited conversation. “While I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed dinner, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, Lionel.”

Lionel’s face was blank as he sipped his coffee. “Other shoe?”

Lex rolled his eyes and sighed. “Dad, I know you like your games, but seriously; why did you invite us to dinner?”

“Your patience was never good, Alexander. But since neither of you seem inclined to wait; I’ll come to my point.” Lionel met each of the young men’s gazes and sipped his coffee before continuing. “You have a destiny, Lex. And you have a reputation that is ‘loose’ to say the least. You are now in your mid-twenties and more is expected of you.”

An exasperated sigh escaped Lex before he could arrest it. “My destiny is my own to chart, dad. And my reputation has changed some in the last few months.”

Whitney sat back in chair and tried to stay invisible. He didn’t want to have another confrontation with Lionel, but would if this ‘tête-à-tête’ got out of hand.

“Well, you did disappear from the social scene and from the club scene for a few months and then you displayed a hero on your arm. While your choice of public partner shifted, it did not change your reputation.” Lionel shifted forward to get closer to Lex. “And while you think your destiny is your own, you are sorely mistaken. You have a combination of factors that few have ever been given and to squander them in the wilderness would be a crime against humanity itself.”

Lex failed to keep his expression neutral. His father never spoke in such terms. And while there was a blatant critique in his remarks, Lex was amazed at the open compliment. Suddenly he was on shaky ground. “I didn’t know you thought I had any positive attributes.”

Lionel laughed coldly. “One would have to be blind to fail to see the potential in you, my son. However I will not be drawn into a discussion about them when it is obvious that you know you have merit. This discussion is about solving several issues at once and allowing you the opportunity to maximize your talents.” Lionel sat back and smiled broadly. “You, my son, must get married.”

Whitney recovered first. “What!? Here you are talking about Lex having an image problem and he’s publicly ‘Come Out’ and you think him getting married is going to magically make it all vanish? Are you insane?”

Lionel and Lex turned in unison to look at Whitney. Lionel was more impressed with the former marine now than he had been in their last confrontation. Lionel didn’t respond, instead waiting for Lex’s salvo so he could counter them both at once.

It took a moment, but Lex did respond. “Dad, you have some nerve bringing us to dinner to tell me I need to get married! We made the covers of every major national magazine from People to Time and there is no way that the public is going to buy me marrying some socialite you have waiting in the wings. I happen to love Whitney and he’s not going anywhere.”

“Talk about overreaction to a proposal,” Lionel said lightly. “I am well aware of Whitney’s devotion to you; it is your reputation that I am concerned about Lex. I think you need to have a very public ceremony with Whitney. It would show the public that you are committed to this relationship.”

Lex stared at his dad for a moment and then glanced at Whitney. Whitney’s mouth was hanging open and he was doing a fair impression of a fish. Lex turned back to Lionel and was speechless.

Lionel smiled calculatingly at both of them. “I had some polling done and promiscuity is one of the negative attributes associated with homosexuality. A wedding in, say Smallville, will negate that perception and allow you the opportunity to follow your destiny, Lex.”

Whitney sipped his coffee and then cleared his throat. “Those are interesting points, sir, but we have not even been together a year yet. So while it is an intriguing idea, I think we can table that discussion until that anniversary at least.”

Lex nodded and rose. “Thank you for dinner, Dad. I must say this was the most unexpected conversation we’ve ever had and that is saying plenty. I’ll see you tomorrow at the Board meeting.” He started walking and he knew that Whitney was following.

It was a silent drive back to their penthouse and Lex waited until they were in the bedroom to start a conversation. Whitney had stared out the window the whole time and even now was not looking at Lex much. The whole idea had been a shock of epic proportions, but it had merit. For Lex marriage was not something he’d ever given much weight. It was simply an event that was expected of him. But he was actively pondering it with a sense of unexpected joy. “What do you think of the idea?”

Whitney shrugged. “To be honest I haven’t ever given it much thought. The future is not written in stone, Lex. Today reminds me of that more vividly than anything. I should be dead, but I’m not, so I take what life gives me and try to enjoy it. Why do you think I felt so guilty? I can’t take anything for granted -– it’s wrong. So my plans pretty much boiled down to studying, working out, staying healthy, and loving you. Beyond that it I have no right to expect anything else.”

“Well, as much as I hate to say it, dad had a point. I just hate admitting that he could be right. God he pisses me off!” Lex sat down and took off his shoes and started undressing. He noted that Whitney was leaning in the doorframe. His blood raced at the sight and stood up. He walked across the room and placed his hands on Whitney’s hips. “If I asked you to marry me, would you?”

“Far be in for me to interfere with Destiny.” Whitney smiled and kissed Lex. “If you asked, then I would be honored.” He winked and laced his finger with Lex’s. “You wear my dog tags and we share a home already. We have what we have and a ceremony is for everyone else. I said yes in reality when we went to that banquet. But I’m not wearing a dress.”

Lex laughed and pulled Whitney into the bedroom. “I think I shall wear a kilt if we do this. It would drive dad mad and I could get a measure of revenge. Not that us getting hitched would be a punishment, in fact I think I would be breaking the hearts of millions of Americans across the country who’d hoped to get a chance with you.”

Whitney laughed this time. “I think that my cheering section is nowhere near as large as you estimate it.” He kissed Lex again and started to undress. “I think my mother is going to be torn. She’ll be happy to see a wedding, but she always wanted a big church wedding and that is not going to happen.”

After a few moments they were both in boxers and relaxing in bed. They curled around each other and took warmth each had to offer. Lex ran a finger along the Whitney’s sternum, a perfect line between two perfect pectoral muscles. “My father is going to gloat you know. He’ll feel he tamed me and got me to do his bidding. He’s such a pain in the ass.”

Whitney kissed Lex’s head and tightened his grip. “Why don’t you let me deal with your father from now on? He still sees you as a little boy at times and uses that to your detriment. If tries that on me I’ll just kick his ass.”

“You really are my hero. Taking on my big bad father to protect me, now that is love.” Lex suddenly laughed. “I think I’ll hold off on telling Dad that we are going to have a public ceremony.”

Whitney laughed knowing that Lex had something up his sleeve. “And why if I may ask?”

“Just to get on his nerves. He’ll want to know if we’ve discussed it and I’ll evade his questions. I figure I can get at least a day’s entertainment out of it.”

Whitney chuckled and shifted to pull Lex ever closer. “This one date keeps rewriting my worldview. I’m with you wherever you go, Lex. I’ll be at your side.”

Part B

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